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Cry for Help


Gone for a week now on the road,JJ and Alex keep on the search for Tank and the Abandoned Lab JJ pictures in his linked dreams. After sometime JJ grows worried about him not being honest with the people he cares about and most importantly with himself. Alex soon after reassures him that Joshua is doing the right thing and to just needs to trust himself and her on finding out the truth.


sorry about the font changes just new stuff limits me from doing new things lol. But we back though this gonna be great and i thank everyone for being so patient with me really thanks guys~

sophisticatedloserchick  asked:

I'm fairly confident now that Grant was unfortunately hacked this morning. Go see my recent post for the receipts. My god this is such A MESS.

I saw! I saw that follow earlier. This is the same Grant who couldn’t sleep last season because of a storyline in which Candice’s character died. You’re telling me he goes through HER comments to like a comment saying her character should die when CANDICE will see it? What? I’m tired of people thinking others are making excuses when all of this doesn’t add up. Grant is sensitive, and if he known he did this — he would’ve unliked the comment, posted a 6 page apology to everyone and to Candice, Times New Roman, MLA, 12 point font!