Black Widow is hands down my favorite Avenger. She is so funny and badass and resourceful. How can you not love her? This was so fun to shoot and I love this costume. I still have a few more pictures I can’t wait to share!! Oh and be sure to check my page and site over the weekend, i’m doing a print giveaway for my birthday!! (February 9)





I’ve given these badass historical ladies a bit of a makeover in honor of a very special project I’m working on, which I am super excited about!

If I forget to post anything for a while, it will be because I’m very busy with that as well as other work, and I’m sorry in advance.

I’m linking to the original posts I made for them, incase you’d like to compare the old with the new:


Amelia Earhart

Ching Shih


Let’s be real

Am I the only one that thinks Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is going to result in a SHIT TON of Infernal Devices videos? I mean come on - 


in gorgeous period clothing

and killer fight scenes 

PLUS it even has Douglas Booth, THEE Will Herondale


I just really want either a reveal fic (or hell, even the actual reveal!) to be Marinette running out of time and transforming back while fighting an Akuma and still fighting out of costume because of what Tikki said, because she is still Ladybug with or without her costume (preferably with only chat around but what are the odds)

and having Adrien not only realize who the love of his life is but to really see Marinette kick ass since she’s badass either way (even if she doesn’t always feel like it)

I just really want this, okay