(NSFW) Quieted - Nobunaga

A/N: I really enjoyed Nobu’s latest event epilogue, there’s a part where he washes the MC’s feet and it turned out to be surprisingly sensual. (Here’s the post). This piece is based on the epilogue - though I haven’t written the reader as a virgin. For those who haven’t read it - summed up, MC gets ‘punished’ by Nobu for worrying him when she finds herself in a life threatening situation. 

‘Please…Milord, I beg you….’ 

Your cheeks were burning not only from mortification - he was a lord, it simply wasn’t in his place to wash your feet - but also because his touch seemed to suggest at things which had nothing to do with the task at hand. Perhaps he was aware of it - perhaps not - but his fingers seemed to stroke your skin rather than rub and his grip was gentle, almost reverent……which was so at odds with his otherwise hardened nature. 

Nobunaga sent a look to quiet you down, a sharp but fleeting glint in his eyes before he lowered his gaze back down to the basin. Left with no choice, you resigned yourself to your embarrassment and watched him through lowered lashes, feeling the heat from your cheeks spread to your body. 

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Because of course they had to do a Trek skit. XD