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“ i got bit.. by a dog. or a raccoon. i’m not sure. “

The ash blond medic’s expression was careful, even so a slim brow furrowed as he tilted his head at the mangled bite mark, latex gloves fingers gentle and mindful of the punctured skin. Very clearly it was an animal bite and not an undead one, but…

“What about after the bite? Were you traveling through wetlands or forests where a Zom could have spilled fluids that could easily contaminate?” Mismatched hues lifted to regard the impromptu patient, ignoring the guards who had guns aimed at the stray survivor. Save that ominous threat the walled off settlement was cheerful, it was the first full day of summer sun after weeks of rain and storm.

when you realize your previous Good Realization can be used to your benefit


do you think the Zing Zom-Bone and the Sapphire Dragon are somehow related to each other?


both the Zing Zom-Bone and Sapphire Dragon have the ability to put people in zombie-like states, so…………


tfw you’re trying not to fall asleep in class but it’s so BORING

Here is another picture of Lokadora with the third misfit in my series, Vince.  Vince is basically frankenstein.  Brought to life by a scientist named Dr. Ipli, he was the first man made-life ever in the country of Zom. Unfortunately Vince wasn’t well exepted among the people of Zom.  They rejected him and saw him as a monster. During a public humiliation he was rescued by Lokadora who then took him to one of her customers, Dr. Aster, for safe keeping. Believing his own existence to be a mistake he has tried to end his life numerous times, but was unable to because of the extremely advanced science that brought him to life, making him nearly indestructible.  So far Lokadora, who he considers to be his only friend, has been the only one to keep him going on living.  Ever since that day Lokadora saved him, Vince has taken quite a liking to her, and she has taken quite a liking to him as well. 

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5, 6, 10, 16, 21, 22 & 30 for the OC most likely to ask? I hope you are having a wonderful day! :)

5. most likely to get a really crappy tattoo and immediately regret it

Okay, this def has to be Ra (Zom Zoms), he’s an purple alien prince and likes pretty things? He doesn’t really get the idea of permanent 

“Becky, what do you mean that this thing won’t come off? Why must you humans constantly seek things to last forever? The sun rises and it sets, knowing when to end, knowing when to–”



“Shut up.”

6. most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse

HAHAHA. I HOPE THIS WAS A FUNNY QUESTION. because it made me laugh. 

Gabby & Park (Zom Zoms) happen to just live in the zombie infested East Coast in Pennsylvania :) 

10. most likely to look really good in a kilt

Marco from mind jumpers because he always looks fantastic!

16. most likely to get into an argument with an animal

Vaughn…or the narrator…or both. Most likely both together. Vaughn is a bad influence honestly

21. most likely to get attacked by a bird

…Valora. She’s a gay space bee. 

22. most likely to sleepwalk/talk

I want to say…i don’t know. lol 

30. most likely to have had an embarrassing middle-school emo phase

the narrator from my story called don’t be afraid. she’s a writer who is afraid of writing so her characters bother her instead. 

but yeah…she had a VIVID middle school emo phase…..

(and omg thank you, i am well, yes!)

Meet, Alicia (right) from the Terry Fox Library in Port Coquitlam! Alicia doesn’t specialize in YA but she was able to recommend a paranormal book that I hadn’t even heard of yet: Zom-B by Darren Shan. Said once she started on it, she couldn’t stop!

Fun Fact about the Terry Fox Library: it’s (obviously) named for Terry Fox, Port Coquitlam resident and Canadian hero, and one of his artificial legs is on display at the library. If you come visit it in a few years, you may get to check out the brand-new $10 million rec complex that the library will be moving in to soon!