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Dark Obsessions- a BTS Jungkook X Reader imagine PART 1 OF 4

Dark Obsessions~ Jungkook fanfic

Part 1

Part 2 is here <<<<

part 3

Part 4

This is my first tumblr post and the first time I have ever wrote  anything like this so I apologise if it sucks idek.


NOTE: Hiii Zinny here, this is a Jeon Jungkook imagine/fanfic where you are both playing at a risky game, him being your brothers best friend and also your “ FWB ”/fuckbuddy type thing that nobody can know about but what he doesn’t know is that you have always loved him and what you don’t know is what dark fantasies he has planned for you tonight…but what happens when your secret gets let out and your two different worlds start to fall apart…Enjoy ;)

Rated: M read at your own risk.

Genre: Smut, (quite rough) fluff, angst

Word count: 5,568




He was coming, you sensed it as you peered at yourself through the reflection of your mirror. You stood in the bathroom in nothing but red knickers/panties and his large black t-shirt that fell down to your knees like a dress. Jeon Jungkooks t-shirt. The forbidden image of him panting next to you, naked with beads of sweat glistening down his face flashed into your mind and you squeezed your thighs shut, goosebumps appearing on your bare arms. Please hurry.

It was wrong, so damn wrong. Of course it was, he was your brothers best and most trusted friend. But he wasn’t just that…he was your own personal fuck buddy that you had just happened to completely and utterly fall in love with. You loved him. With every ounce of your vulnerable heart you loved the dark eyed boy and you always had since that first time you touched; it was obvious that you possessed a love for him that was perilous and unwanted which grabbed you tight around your foolish heart and drew you in  deeper until you could no longer escape it.

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Dark Obsessions- A BTS Jungkook X Reader fanfic Part 3 of 4

Dark Obsessions

part 1

Part 2

Part 4

Note: Hiii everyone! I’ve finally posted part 3 and you may have noticed that i’ve put part 3 of 4. This is because  part 3 is too long and I had to cut it down into two parts, i’m really sorry for any confusion, initially I only wanted it to be 3 parts so yeah, four parts guys.

~Secondly I want to say a big BIG thank you to everyone who read, liked, reblogged, followed and gave me awesome feedback on my last post, it means so much to me that you stuck by this fanfic and I really didn’t expect such a positive response :) Thank you all so so much, ily all, I hope you enjoy part 3, i’m not too sure about it to be honest with you, it’s quite longer than I expected but anyways i’ll shut up now. Fighting!!!

~ Zinny

Dedicated to @hushhushkaneki @bts-sugatrash@timinaf@bae-m0n

Rated: M, read at your own risk

Genre: Rough-ish, angry smut, little bit of angst and fluff.

Word count: 10,770

One month later

Jimin was attacking you with his whisky coated lips resulting in a gasp of surprise from his bold action. You responded, your hands tightly fisting the collar of his t-shirt and roughly pulling him closer so he had no escape. Your mind grew misty with darkness and yet you continued kissing and biting his soft lips with the desperation to feel numb. Forget him, forget him. None of it made sense but you didn’t care because nothing really mattered to you at that moment. Forget him

20 minutes earlier.

The dark shadow passed silently through the cigarette smoke-filled house; eyes wandering around the crowd of strangers. Anxious. Searching. Uninterested glances from the older strangers were sent to your direction as you pushed your way through the pack of sweaty bodies and towards the stairs.

Desperate to escape the toxic fumes and the loud music, you only became more immersed in it as you moved up the staircase of Namjoon’s crowded house.

Why am I here again? Stumbling on the final step, smoke seeped through your burgundy red lips, engulfing your little black dress in its vile poison but you didn’t really care.

Your foolish heart had already been filled to the brim with poison long ago, consumed by the venomous and dirty obsession of one, dark eyed boy. It hadn’t recovered and it never would; he was permanently branded on every inch of your vulnerable body.

He made sure of that.

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BTS Suga X Reader Imagine

Note: Hiiii everyone firstly I want to thank every person who liked my last post, it was my first ever imagine and to see that many likes motivated me to write another one. Thankyou!!!! This is for my best friend who is Suga biased so I hope she, and every other horny ARMY enjoys it ;)

Rating: Mature. Read at your own risk.

~ Zinny


You stepped out of the bath tub with a single white towel wrapped around your clean body. Your fingers wiped away the dry mascara streaks from under your eyes when you had cried, heart broken, after seeing Min Yoongi being touched by that random girl. It wasn’t like you were his girlfriend anyway, but you weren’t just friends either…so what exactly were you to him? 

You fucked every now and then but you knew more about him than anyone else, more than that girl ever could. You knew him since you were just kids and had grown up together, until one day you had sex by accident whilst you were both drunk however from that night you were addicted to each others body and fucked continuously for the fun and pleasure of it. When he was angry he would find you and when you were sad you would find him and you would both fix each other up again. That’s how you worked.  

The thought of her hands touching him made your blood boil in jealousy…why wasn’t that you? Why did you care? I don’t care, I don’t care at all you convinced yourself. You stepped out the bathroom and into your hotel room, pinning your hair up with a clip whilst searching for your pyjamas in a draw when you recognised a familiar scent behind you. Before you could turn around, lean arms were wrapped around your waist and you were pulled into a hard chest, your eyes widened. Min Yoongi. 

“ Cute towel,” he whispered seductively into your ear, “ But I’d prefer it on the floor.”

You frowned and pushed him away from you, turning around to face him in nothing but a towel. “ Leave, now.” You commanded, trying to muster up all of your dignity. Min Yoongi narrowed his eyes and stepped towards you but you placed your hands on his chest to keep the distance. 

“ Have you been crying?” His fingers quickly tilted your chin up so he could look into your eyes. The contact made your heart skip a beat but you shook your head: “ No, of course not. You should really leav-”

Suddenly your body was slammed into the wall and your wrists were pinned on it either side of your head by his hard grip, you gasped from the sudden impact. What was he doing?

Min yoongi lowered his eyes, studying your face and flipped his mint green hair out of his eyes: “ You’re really fucking bad at lying Y/N. Why have you been crying?” 

You looked away from him, ashamed, and he could already read your expression.

 “ Tell me…was it because I was with Nari?”

You violently shook your head, assuming that Nari was the random girl who was touching him.

 “ It’s nothing, leave…or else.” You threatened, looking at him hard in the eyes. 

He didn’t move. Instead, he smirked and tilted his head to the side at your annoyance. His eyes glinted with a wicked thought.

“ Leave where, baby?” He grinned, his cold lips attached to your wet skin.

“ Here?” 

You squirmed under his grip which tightened around your wrists when you moved,  I can’t let him You thought, Not again.

His lips lightly traced up your neck, brushing softly against your hot skin. “ Or here?” He whispered into your ear. 

You bit your lip to hold back a whine, your heart was beating outrageously fast and your cheeks were blazing hot. 

“ I want you to leave Min Yoongi.” You had to practically force the words out, knowing deep down that you didn’t want him to. And he knew that.

“ Is that what you want babe?” He released your left wrist and tauntingly slid his hand down your waist, hidden beneath the fabric which he wanted to tear off, grab you and fuck you mindlessly against the wall. 

“ Or is this what you want?” He taunted, his teeth biting into your skin, sucking hard with his lips whilst his warm tongue flicked out and twirled around the wet patch. 

You gasped from the sudden contact as his left hand daringly hiked your towel up your thigh so his fingers could trace patterns on your skin.

“ I-” You swore as he sucked harder, grazing his teeth into your wet skin.

“ You what? You want me to leave babe? Is that it?” He growled lowly into your skin sending electric vibrations through your body.

  No Min Yoongi, I want you, I want you so fucking bad it hurts.

“ Please Oppa,” You whimpered as his finger nails pierced into your upper thigh.

 He grinned into your skin and continued sucking.

“ Please what? Tell me to leave Y/N and i’ll leave.” You didn’t want him to though. 

He stopped assaulting your neck with his lips and locked his black pearl eyes with yours, searching for an answer but all he could see was pure lust and need.

“ Say the words and i’ll be gone.” He breathed quietly, already knowing the answer. 

Fuck Min Yoongi, you thought angrily to yourself, why is he shaking up my heart so much? Why can’t I hate him? 

You were a total sap for him as he was for you, that’s why.

“ Say them babe, say the words.” You shook your head and pressed your hand against his chest, sighing in defeat.

“ I want you to fuck me, hard and fast, and then forget, not mention a single word about it tomorrow, that’s what I want Oppa. Happy now?” You blurted out to him. Min Yoongi’s eyes darkened and he let go of your other wrist.

“ Very, now jump.” He ordered and you complied, coiling your bare legs around his waist. He dropped you onto the white bed sheets and crawled on top of your trembling body, his hands tugging the towel. 

God, how he wanted to just rip it off to reveal your sexy body to his hungry eyes.

He bought his cold lips to your hot ones, pressing them hard and you responded, teasingly biting his lip with your teeth as he pushed his tongue into your mouth, exploring it. Your hands trailed down to the bottom of his black t shirt and pulled it off over his head, revealing his perfectly toned chest to your greedy eyes. 

He knelt up and undid his skinny jeans, the clanking sound of his belt hitting the floor making you squeeze your thighs shut as memories of him spanking you last month flashed naughtily through your mind. 

Min Yoongi placed both hands on your waist and you bent your legs up so he lay in between them, grinding onto your pelvis. He rocked his crotch against the fabric of your towel, jerking his hips forward to tease you. You whined, wanting to slap him for killing you like this, which only made him grind harder onto you. By now you were soaking wet and you tried to shut your thighs but he held them apart, wide, with his hands and you moaned in desperation for him to fuck you.

His cock was growing hard from the vision of you moaning under his touch and his hands seductively rolled your towel up to your waist, revealing your wetness to him. 

His eyes feasted on the sight and he pressed his wet lips to your inner thigh, leaving butterfly kisses on your skin until he met your centre. His tongue darted out and stroked your wet clit, slowly, and you tried to shut your legs but he only pushed them apart farther so that you were fully exposed to him. 

“ I love how you’re always so wet for me, you want me to fuck you hard yeah?” He pushed his hot tongue deep into your clit and you mewled, struggling under his contact. 

“ I can’t fuck you now Princess, not yet, not until you’re begging for my cock.” He said, bringing his tongue back then flicking it back onto your clit, rolling it up and down your soaking wet centre then stopping and rotating it in a circular motion around the wetness. You gasped loudly, opening your eyes to see his head between your legs, pushing his tongue deeper into your clit until you couldn’t take it anymore and latched your fingers into his mint green hair, pulling hard at the strands.

 He groaned and pulled away, inserting a slender finger into your dripping wet clit then pumping in and out, in and out. 

“ Oppa please, fuck me, I can’t handle this.” You groaned as he slowly pumped his finger in, keeping his eyes on your face. The view of you, damp hair messily sprawled out around the mattress, whimpering from his contact made his cock grow hard each second, 

 He shook his head and entered a second finger in, pumping hard and fast, Shit, it felt so fucking good.

“ Say my name baby, say it.” He commanded, moving his fingers in and out faster until you felt your walls start to tighten around them. 

You cried out his name and he felt his cock grow completely hard from the moaning mess that lay before him.

Without a second of hesitation, he tore your towel off and threw it carelessly onto the floor, drinking in your exposed body. He removed his fingers and placed them to your lips, wildness and excitement evident in his dark eyes.

“ Suck.” He demanded, you obeyed, not thinking straight as your mind was clouded with steaming hot lust and sex. 

You wrapped your lips around his fingers and sucked hard, Min Yoongi instantly wanted to fuck you. 

He tossed his boxers away and placed a condom on his large length, not wanting to waste any more time.

He grabbed you and placed you onto his lap, lifting you by the waist above his awaiting cock. 

“ I’m going to fuck you, hard and fast,” He said, his eyes studying every feature on your face. “ I want you to scream my name.”

“ And what if everyone in the hotel hears?” You breathed hotly into his ear. He shivered at your deep sexy voice.

“ Let’s be real babe, when have we ever given a single fuck about people hearing us?” He chuckled lowly and you laughed along with him.

“ Never.” And with that he slammed his hard cock into your core. 

You cried out from the hardness of it and instantly grabbed his hair with one hand whilst your other held onto his back, your finger nails digging into his skin leaving deep red marks. He loved them though, they were a reminder of you. 

He thrust his cock into you, with his fingers piercing into your waist, sure to leave new purple bruises, he pounded his cock senselessly into your wet core, groaning as you gasped his name and contracted, rocking your ass harder against his pulsing cock. Your finger nails punctured marks into his back as he bounced you up and down on his cock, his lips leaving sloppy wet kisses against your burning skin. 

The only thing that could be heard was the slapping noises of his sweaty skin against yours echoing from the four walls of your room. He jerked his cock faster into you, fucking you hard as you cried out his name, desperately clawing at his back to stop yourself from collapsing.

 You were both in heaven from the delight of the contact between your skin but the pure ecstasy and numbness in both of your minds created a fusion of both heaven and hell, and you fucking loved it.

“ You like this baby, you like my cock fucking you hard don’t you?” He growled into your ear, biting into your skin to stamp deep love bites into your collarbone.

 You moaned a “ Yes Oppa.” and he bounced you on his cock faster, feeling your walls tighten around him.

“ i-Im about to come Oppa, please fuck me harder.” You choked on air as you rotated your hips, he groaned at this.

“ You’re so damn tight Y/N, come for me.” He panted,burning hot beads of sweat dripping down his face as his skin slapped against yours, fucking you harder. 

After a few thrusts you came and he lifted you off his cock, you thinking that it was the end but Min Yoongi hadn’t finished with you yet. Min Yoongi wanted more, he needed more.

“ Get on all fours,” He directed, your eyes widened but his expression was hard and dark. 

You gulped, he was going to fuck you hard, for real this time. He was going to do a fast Min Yoongi fuck on you.

“ You thought that was it huh?” He smirked and wrapped his hand around your damp hair, twisting it into a pony tail. “ I’m not done yet baby, i’m not going to let you go that easily.” He pressed a delicate kiss against your shoulder blade before lining his throbbing length against your dripping wet clit.

“ Ready?” He asked.

“ Always.”

with his right hand holding your hip and his left wrapped around your hair, he hammered his cock into your centre, releasing a loud cry from your lips.

“ Fuck!” You cursed and he fucked you harder for it, yanking your head back to increase the hardness. You felt a sharp burn in your centre and you hissed, enjoying the pain and cherishing the sinful pleasure that washed through your hot body. Push, Push Push, In out In out, thrust thrust, harder and harder he drilled his cock ruthlessly into your seeping wet clit, earning his name to be called out repeatedly from your dirty lips.

Harder?” He gasped as your fingers gripped the white bed sheets, a stream of sweat trickling down your temple.

Harder Oppa, fuck me hard.” The wicked words escaped your swollen pink lips and he complied, pitilessly driving his large length deep through your walls until you screamed and swore, crying his name out until you felt like your arms were going to give away and collapse.

“ Shit i’m about to come babe.” Min Yoongi hissed as your arms gave up on you and your face was pushed into the mattress, he continued roughly fucking you with every ounce of force and drive left in his body until he came undone, spilling himself into the condom then throwing it into the bin.

You both collapsed onto the pillows, completely out of breath, panting and drenched in sweat from head to toe. What a waste of a shower, you thought.

Suddenly you both burst out laughing, you didn’t know why but you did, maybe it was just because you were both fucking crazy as each other but you laughed and laid tangled in the blankets. 

Min Yoongi grabbed your weak body and pulled it into his chest, your hand resting on his beating heart and you realised that his heart was beating as fast as yours was. You looked up at him and analysed every feature of his face and without thinking, you kissed him on the lips. 

He looked down at you in his arms and raised a questionable eyebrow.

“ What was that for?” His voice was husky and low.

You blushed and traced patterns on his chest. “ I’m not sure.” Was your reply.

Min Yoongi stared at you for a minute, taking in how beautiful you were and how lucky he was to be near you. His fingers glided over the love bites along your collar bone and neck and he smiled. 

Secretly he had always loved you, even when you were “ just friends.” he loved you with his whole soul and to see you crying, it completely tore him apart. You weren’t just a good fuck, you were his everything and you completed him.

He paused, “ You’re cute babe.”

 You looked up at him and a small smile played on his lips.

“ Oppa?” You whispered as he looked at the ceiling with one arm coiled around your waist and the other crossed behind his head.

“ Yeah?”

“ Do you like her… that girl Nira, I mean.” You asked, watching his face. He didn’t move and stayed silent for a moment.

“ No.” Was his reply.

“ Then why would you touch her if you didn’t like her?” The question fell out of your mouth before you could stop yourself.

He drew in a breath and thought for a moment, not wanting to tell you the truth that it was to make you jealous. You were the only girl that ran through his mind and to see you jealous gave him the small piece of satisfaction that you might love him too.

“ I’m not sure.” Was his reply.

You weren’t impressed with his answer but brushed it off, burying your head into his chest, he switched the lamp off and you were immersed in pitch black darkness.

“ But all I know is that she wasn’t you Y/N, just know that I love you okay?” He whispered quietly and pressed a soft kiss on your temple. But you were already asleep.