The youngest member of tq’s girl group LVSH held a small fan meet to announce her up coming youtube channel with label mate Seojun and talk about the web drama with CO:HRT’S  leader Early.  Fans appraised her for her many projects with her labelmates and asked her if she would do subunits with her own group members. The young idols responds left fans speculating that the recent rumors of the her feud with LVSH’s Zinnie ( @zinnieha ) may have some truth to it. Given that the young idol didn’t mention Zin in her commentary, the idol stated that. “I would love to have a song with me and Eden unnie – Sei unnie would be fun to invite to do one of those youtube challenges because her reactions are so lively.”

When fans asked about Zin, Beau simply stated that. “Zin unnie is quiet busy, I won’t want to bug her with my stuff.” The idol quickly changed the subject back the launch of her youtube channel. “The channel is called Seori Station, where me and Seojun oppa will be dropping songs we did together and challenges. We also are going to take questions and do give aways.”

 Netizens went wild online claiming this only fuels the claim that the two girls are are bad terms.  Many wonder what is the reason for their feud? Some speculate that the two girls will patch things over in no time. Fans hope that both Zin and Beau work together soon to quiet down the rumors.