Dolph Ziggler x Reader

Dolph gets seriously hurt and reader has to take care of him/ help him with pretty much anything.

For: Anon <3

Word Count:377

“I can’t believe you broke your ankle trying to jump over the top rope” You and your boyfriend of 8 months were on your way home from the emergency room. He had attempted to jump over the top rope to land on his opponent, Sheamus. Sheamus had moved away just in time and Dolph landed on his feet wrong causing him to break his ankle. “I just wanted to win babe…” By the tone of his voice, you were able to tell that he knew he messed up, big time.

“Okay i get that babe but really? the top rope? You know that rarely ends well for you.” Dolph opened his mouth to say something to you , but he knew that you were right. A few minutes of silence went on until you arrived at your house.

“I’ll go open the door, you stay here. Don’t move okay? I’ll be back to help you in a second.”

You climbed out of your car and made your way to the door to unlock it. Putting your stuff down, you make your way to the car to help your boyfriend out of the car.

“Dolph, put your arm around my neck when you step out so you don’t fall” He didn’t argue. He did exactly what you had asked. After jumping down from the car, you grabbed his crutches and slowly made his way to your front door. “Here let me hold the door open for you” You moved past him and held the door as he wobbled in.

“(Y/N), I really appreciate everything. I’m gunna need your help with a lot, I’m sorry!”

“Don’t be sorry babe, i’m here to help no matter what. Now let’s get you to the couch so I can get your ankle elevated”

While getting Dolph more pillows, you hear him yell to you from the living room.

“(Y/N) !!”

You ran to the living room “What?! What happened?”

“Thank you, I love you”

“Don’t scare me like that! Ugh. You’re welcome, I love you too.” You walked over to him and kissed him sweetly.

All donee, enjoy.