i miss liam with his hand around zayns shoulder. i miss zayn staring at liam shamelessly without even blinking. i miss them sitting next to each other. i miss them laughing together, singing together. i miss them being dorks on stage and during interviews. i miss zayn talking about liam. i miss ziam i miss them so much :(


So I’m going to the One Direction show in Edmonton, Alberta (canada) July 21, and was looking for tickets to the show in Winnipeg, Manitoba (canada) on July 24.

Zayn is listed in the notes for the event. (first photo) as well as their Facebook advertising (second photo)

I work in Digital Advertising and PR, this shit is easy to change. This is sloppy work if it was left up “by accident”. I assume this is seeding, and they are planning a Zayn return for the North American leg.

Ticket sales are brutal, they are doing buy 2 get 2 free tickets right now because they cannot fill their venues. PRICES HAVE INCREASED BY $100 since yesterday. ZAYN IS COMING BACK.


Since I haven’t seen one for Liam I decided to creat my own shit! So I put myself through the agony of choosing 10 of some of my favorite pictures of Liam and now I’m gonna tag the squad to get this shit rolling so we can make people’s dashes look all the more better ;*

So I tag: chastityandperversity giggleshrug freeballinpayne echoziam fourchevrons liamwayne liammix parchedforpaynis leims paywnes LETS DO THIS!


fucking harry and louis think they can just go to la at the same time and expect me to be OkAY?!!!!???!? HARRY BROUGHT TWO FUCKING BAGS AND WORE THE Coin bRaceleT AND LOUIS ONLY BROUGHT A SKATEBOARD. They think We dOnt know they Have a place together in LA  but THEY  are in love and i need to lie down

Masterpost of Ziam moments in OTRA

Hey all, I wasn’t originally planning on doing this because the masterpost for the WWA tour took so much time and I just couldn’t keep up with all of it but, well, as it turns out, there was a limited amount of Ziam moments this time around so I decided to put this together. I’m still working on it but here’s what I have so far. If you know of a moment that’s missing, please link me to it! If one of the links are broken, please let me know. Thanks and enjoy!

The link to the main page is here but here are the shortcuts:

2.07 Sydney, Australia
2.08 Sydney, Australia
2.11 Brisbane, Australia
2.14 Melbourne, Australia
2.15 Melbourne, Australia
2.17 Adelaide, Australia
2.20 Perth, Australia

2.24 Osaka, Japan
2.25 Osaka, Japan
2.27 Tokyo, Japan
2.28 Tokyo, Japan
3.01 Tokyo, Japan
3.02 Tokyo, Japan
3.11 Singapore, Singapore
3.14 Bangkok, Thailand
3.18 Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Times when Liam has mentioned Zayn after he left:
3.25 Jakarta, Indonesia
4.04 Dubai, UAE
6.06 BBC Summertime Ball

Hi tumblr. So me and my mom have this ongoing fight constantly and i’m turning to tumblr for help. basically wearing these muscle tanks are my favourite’s. They are comfy and its always hot outside so it’s a nice cool breeze against my sides. I always wear my sports bras under them, too. but everytime i try to go out my mom makes me change, saying they are “trashy”. she thinks if I wear these i’ll start being a trashy girl when really i just want to be comfortable. i’m just going to throw in that my brother wears them all the time. so help me out and reblog this if you think wearing these ARE NOT TRASHY ON GIRLS. thanks x.