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Girl, Liam's Dubsmash with Sophia has me shaking my head. Here we go. Time to stock up on stunts after those pics

rogueziam said:
I just saw Liam’s instagram video, and all I can see is Shade. As long as I’ve been around, FRIENDS, especially characters Ross and Rachel, have been linked to Ziam. With the ’#friends’ and dialogue in the video, I’m hoping this is a step further in preluding a breakup narrative for Sophiam. And even if none of it was meant to shade (which I find unlikely with Liam’s track record of throwing it), at least I can sit back knowing that eventually we’ll see that “Fine by me.” in headlines. Along with the fact that we haven’t gotten much for our usual Wednesday Shitstorm and the video was posted roughly 4:30 pm Central Time, the whole thing could be very telling.. 


Anonymous said:
Sasha, for the love of xmas lights, I know you got ur inbox totally packed rn BUT I AM SCREAMING AT LIAM’S ATTEMPT TO WARN US ABOUT SOPHIAM BREAKUP. Sorry, I am calm now. No, I’m not!!! I want them over so bad that I just might be seeing things… 


Anonymous said:
Rolling my eyes all the way to the back of my head. Can Sophiam and Zerrie be any more transparent with the dumbass helium and dubsmash vids? Is that ‘Liam’ making up for his sour face the entire France trip to show they’re all good? Or are they using a Friends quote to hint at the fact that they’re over? Pfft if only. I’m just really tired of these contrived relationships being shoved in our faces. I never thought Sophiam would have to resort to Zerrie tactics to prove their real-ness. 


Anonymous said:
CDAN has a One Direction blind item up and people are guessing Liam. Do you think this is break up seeding? 


Whew. We got some Liam action today. I contemplated all this while I ate dinner. Let’s see if we can make sense of this latest round of chicanery, shall we? LOL


Ok, first, dubsmash is most definitely Modest brokered promo. We last saw that when Perrie was pretending to spend quality time with the Maliks last Christmas. It’s silly, cutesy crap that’s designed to appeal to kids, as usual.

Second, Friends/Ross/Rachel is a well established Ziam thing. They’ve referred to themselves as Ross and Rachel. Their bandmates have too. 

Third, I know my Liam shade. That was shade. A Ross and Rachel reference is meant to recall Liam and Zayn always, period. Since the sound clip refers to breaking up, it also ties in to that CDAN blind item.

Fourth, here we have a blind item which seems to be accusing Liam of cheating. Of course, it’s good old fashioned heterosexual vagina loving cheating. It’s then answered with the “happy couple” mocking the rumors. This is pretty much recycled Zerrie stuff and we all know management has a long track record of recycling stunts. So we have another 1D member who can’t keep it in his pants. We also have another clueless, pathetic, possibly golddigging girlfriend doing the stand-by-your-man thing. And 90% of the fandom swoons. Sound familiar?

Last, both the dubsmash video and the blind item are very Modest. I’m thinking Liam may really be getting “punished” for shouting out Zayn at the Billboard Awards. I think the new team was all for it and Modest was not. Modest is attempting to slow down the reconciliation narrative for Perrie/Little Mix’s sake but the new team is ready to get on with it. It’s war.   

rogueziam asked:

[1/2]Hey! I saw where you said that Perrie flaunting a ringless hand surely isn't the only bs we'll get for our usual Wednesday Shitstorm. To add onto that, Liam posted a video on his Instagram about 4:30 pm Central Time with Sophia quoting the tv show FRIENDS in which Sophia plays Rachel saying "We are so over" and Liam, as Ross, says "Fine by me!". All I can see is Shade (and we all know Liam loves throwin it). Firstly, because FRIENDS (specifically Rachel and Ross) has been linked to Ziam for

[2/2] the longest. Secondly, the ’#friends’ is eye-catching, especially since a lot of people (their audience of tweens, namely) are likely not to understand the tv show reference. I can’t help but see this as prelude to a future Sophiam breakup. And, hey, even if I’m reaching and it wasn’t meant for laying out a breakup narrative, at least I can laugh because I know the headline “We are so over!” will eventually be in endless headlines.

Anonymous asked: about the sophiam thing today (lol…) it’s interesting to me that they’d specifically use the ross and rachel thing when i’m assuming the majority of the fandom has viewed it as a ziam thing up until now. i wonder if all this hardcore stunting and attempts to erase ziam going on right now means 1) we really are close to the resolution of this mess and 2) liam’s role is going to be significant in bringing zayn back which is why they’re going to so much trouble to “"clean”“ his image up before it

That Sophiam video is shady.  Liam might not even be in Monaco right now.

This is M!M.  It was released late in the day after we got Little Mix/Zerrie bullshit.  Liam might have been instructed to post the video or M!M did it themselves, partly because LM news is tanking pretty hard.  Also, it covers for how flagrantly unhappy Liam looked in Monaco.

Dubsmash is also an M!M pushing promo.  They recently used it for Zerrie:

Whether or not this is Liam throwing shade is hard to gauge.  It is well-known that the Friends and “Ross and Rachel” thing is a Ziam thing.  So if this is indeed shade, then Liam snuck it in past Sophia, who either simply does not know or does not care about the reference, and past M!M, who does not know either:

And I think that is very possible.  Liam is known to hide shade even when he plays by the official narrative.  I imagine he was instructed to record a video of a “cute” Sophiam moment and chose this very conspicuous reference.

Personally, as per your suggestions, rogueziam and Anonymous, I think this video’s purpose could go either way:

  • If Liam is throwing shade, since he references a “break up” scene from Friends, he might be alluding to impending Sophiam drama or even a break up.  There are signs that suggest Monaco is Sophiam’s Bondi Beach.
  • This video might be “100% not gay” bullshit to prep Liam for a major plotline, especially if it involves Zayn.  Liam is still the big player from 4/5 in the stunt’s narrative.

STOP THE PRESS!  I just saw that that-regular-chick has already covered this.  She has a slightly different take from me and I highly suggest you read it.  She suggests that Monaco might be Liam’s punishment” for the BBMAs, and that there is unseen conflict there between M!M and new team, and I think she is right.

bakagamieru a good point that Wednesday Bullshit might not just include LM, but the news about Louis and Niall.  And now Liam.

The thing about Liam is, he’s still the one with the most spotlight.  The fandom will pay attention to all the boys, but the media—which is what the general public sees—is still focusing on Liam.  BBMAs, last Wednesday’s Zerrie, Sophiam in Monaco, and right now, Liam singing “Wonderwall.”

Since last week M!M and the new team have both highlighted Liam, but in different ways: M!M hedged him into Zerrie.  New team hedged him into what looked like a ready-for-reconciliation narrative.  M!M keeps stalling to promote LM through Zerrie, but they are slowing down the “quitting” stunt.  And the new team has continued to move towards reconciliation, in bursts (the Ziam explosion in American media last week) and slow waves.  The new team seems to be pushing for the narrative to move, and they want Liam to play a part in it.

I sense there are a lot of behind-the-scenes power struggles and backstage wrangling going on.  I strongly doubt that the boys don’t want to rehearse—I feel they are either rebelling because of backstage drama with M!M, or their arms are being twisted to do more stupid stunts.  The boys all not being in the same place, conveniently when Harry arrives in the UK, and conveniently on Wednesday, and conveniently letting us know all of it—it smells like more of the “OT4 is a hot mess” and “Harry vs. Nouiam” crap we’ve seen before.

If we were moving towards reconciliation faster, this is a good time for Zayn to swoop in and save his boys—but again, things are stalling because M!M keeps prioritizing Little Mix.  I do think the new team will clap back, and we might we see it play out in the press.


this is so unfair

And all the roads we have to walk are winding

And all the lights that lead us there are blinding

There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don’t know how

Because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me

And after all, you’re my Wonderwall