Zero Dark Thirty’s director and screenwriter had a long and controversial relationship with the CIA, who wanted to look as awesome as possible in the movie, so they let the filmmakers see reams of stuff Uncle Sam otherwise wanted to keep hidden. Some of what they did was standard film industry protocol, like buying agents lunch and bottles of tequilas in exchange for insights on the script. (Side note: We will also read your script in exchange for tequila.) But the ZDT team also got crazier privileges, like access to classified documents, in exchange for one itty-bitty concession: The movie had to made torture look effective.

5 Creepy Changes The Government Forced On Movies & TV Shows


Been a while since the last movie on my Mark Strong movie marathon list, but I managed to squeeze in Zero Dark Thirty today. It was brilliant, intense and deserved every bit the recognition it got. If you have yet to watch it, do try to - it will be worth your time.

ZDT: Part 1