My last GCC, for #1542
Included the blank version cos ???????? eh
With this, I’ll be dropping outta the GCC and MDT teams so Jaq can have his turn and apply n v n also because I don’t have time or those q m q

Promise I

Tytuł: Promise

Autor: Kayka

Pairing: Larry, wspomniany Grouis

Bohaterowie: Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles,

Informacje: AU, One Direction nie istnieje.

Banner:   polaroid-picture-in-my-wallet

Informacje: miłość męsko-męska, mpreg

Opis: Harry obiecał swojemu najlepszemu przyjacielowi i ma zamiar obietnicy dotrzymać.

Od autorki: Pomysł należy do Alex, ja tylko go zrealizowałam.

Zapraszam na pierwszą część, mam nadzieję, że wam się spodoba:) Dajcie znać co myślicie:)

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Hi guys I’m starting a new tag! I’m calling the Muslim Outfit tag, so basically just tag your outfit posts with this, it’ll help others who are struggling with ideas on what to wear and how to wear modest clothes and still look gr888888, and I think it’ll also help a lot of reverts/new hijabis who are struggling with what to do with their old clothes!

This post isn’t just limited to hijabis though, sisters who don’t wear it and brothers in general are welcome to do this tag, it’ll be cool seeing everyone’s different fashion senses and the different types of modest wear.

I’m tagging saywa-llahi khaledcantfly bechaara veiledhumor that-ankle-though asantisanasquashbanana stormingminds yourfavmoroccan gazawiyya bird–y lovelyzahra muslimnproud lovelyhawaa braidsnglassesblog goldenveil mmaliika demurings chaatmirchi homet0wn and anyone else who sees this, I’m struggling to think of ppl to tag, so feel free to do this!