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If you live in the USA

and you haven’t done anything to fight for net neutrality, now is the time! We only have 5 days left to stop the government and the FFC. Please call and email people or else blogs like mine and many more will dissapear… Applying for jobs will be harder… Schools and libraries will be at harm… Globalization will be compromised in general, so please take the time to do something.

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Regardless of What Happens Tomorrow, Keep Contacting Your Reps

Your internet will not go black tomorrow if the FCC votes to repeal Net Neutrality. You’ll still have time to fight it.

People aren’t kidding when they say Congress can stop the FCC’s decision. If they vote to repeal NN, that just means to have to strike Congress even harder than before. We HAVE to convince them to overrule the FCC’s decision in that case.

We’re already making great strides. Republicans are speaking out against the FCC and telling them to cancel the vote altogether or put it off for further investigation and review first. Bills are being introduced by Congressmen to save NN. Hundreds and hundreds of businesses - including big name businesses - are banding together to protest, and you can bet they will be suing the FCC up and down if they vote to repeal the internet’s neutrality rules.

The only reason this is happening is because of public awareness and pressure. Asshole Pansy Pai may not care about the public, but our representatives are listening. They’re hearing us, and many of them are acting. We need to keep it up and get more on our side if we’re to ensure NN stays in place.

Whatever happens tomorrow, keep calling, texting, emailing, faxing, signing petitions, and doing all you can to save NN.

And if we ultimately win, whether tomorrow or in the future? The fight doesn’t stop there. They’ll keep coming back again and again unless we can get some permanent rules in place.

There are fights to make internet a state provided utility like water or electricity, provided by your local government rather than greedy ISPs. The few that have these set up in their towns already claim their internet is much faster and cheaper than ordinary internet already is. ISPs hate this, and are working to make this illegal, too. (That’s why it’s part of the repeals they’re trying to pass.)

Whether we go down that route or not, we need to fight to keep this situation from ever happening again. If we don’t, we might find ourselves losing someday.

Don’t let that happen.

When You See Everyone In The Fandom Creating Such Amazing Art And You Want To Contribute But You Can’t Draw To Save Your Life

I envy you guys honestly 😢