Chapter 141 just showed Yona is no mere princess, but a FUCKING QUEEN (she owns it)

She’s the reincarnation of King Hiryuu, and thus have the support of all the 4 dragons (and the heavens, excuse me)

She also has Hak, former general and known as Thunder Beast, one of the strongest warriors in the kingdom by her side, but she doesnt hide behind him, instead facing the king and his army with only one person by her side (and just because she knew Hak would be more at ease if she were accompanied by somebody)

Let’s remember she also tells said king right at his face why his father couldn’t be king, exposing him to the son that loved him so much

She also has the support of one of the leaders of Fire Tribe (and many villagers who know her by her close work with them in a moment their own government didn’t help them)

She’s one of the closest friends with the daughter of the leader of Water Tribe

And just won the support and gratitude of the people of Water Tribe because of her efforts in helping them when in crisis (risking her own life while doing it)

But the most beautiful thing about Yona is that, even if she herself doesn’t know that yet, she already forgave SooWon, and probably still love him (even if not in a romantic way), and still trust him and believe that he’s not cruel, even if he’s the person that killed her father and even tried to kill her

After all this I would like to reiterate and say she’s not a queen, she’s a GODDESS, ALL BOW TO YONA, SHE’S SO FUCKING AMAZING