141203 Jongin and Kyungsoo at MAMA ♡ m.yss


(fancam) 141202 D.O. @ Incheon Airport

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Custom BMW airheads are rare in mainland SE Asia, since most owners opt to keep their bikes stock. So this stunning boxer from K-Speed of Thailand is a real delight to see.

It’s called the ‘R100 Bobster’ and comes with a chopped rear end and a floating solo seat arrangement.
K-Speed have slammed it too, by lowering the front forks and fitting a YSS shock out back. An 18” rear wheel’s been sourced to match the stock 18” front wheel. The Bobster’s most distinguishing feature, though, is its wavy fuel tank—borrowed from a Honda TL125.
Other bits include low-slung bars from the K-Speed catalogue, with Takegawa controls, minimal switchgear and a tiny LED speedo.

Follow K-Speed at @eakkspeed and check out the full photo gallery at http://www.bikeexif.com/boxer-bmw

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I worship you almighty DirkJake goddess. I honestly love your art so much and I aspire to be as good as you one day. Love you Sunny!!

Anon:Thanks to you, I ship DirkJake. So, I would like to thank you for that. Also, your art is beautiful like omfg hhh …

Anon:You are the queen of dirkjake. I think you should draw more jake without glasses tbh

!! thank you guys oh my gosh

eheh I draw him without glasses from time to time 8’)

Anon:that college au is so cute sunny i need MORE

Anon: I really like in the dirkjake au thing with the glasses cutie little Jane sitting there being so CUTE THANKS FOR INCLUDING HER

thank youu! I think there will uvu

yss I know I don’t draw Jane very often so I try to include her somehow loll

Anon:Dirk and Jake sharing a scarf in the snow? When you draw them together it always turns out so cute!

I actually have some wintery picture to finish for the next days!

Anon:What if dirk and jake did the pocket game but jake gets embarrassed and shoves 5 in his mouth XD

“it’s a metaphor, Dirk, you put the pockies in your mouth but you don’t actually play the pocky game”

sorry hahah


D.O - 140823 EXO from Exoplanet #1 - The Lost Planet in Singapore - Cute moment

Credit: M.yss.


> As the other sprang at you, you hold your arms out. You laugh full heartedly, draping your arms around him. Indeed you weren’t as small as you used to be.

I have miss youss ass well, friend. How are youss? Sstaying out of trouble, I hope. Hehe. ;D~<

Mnnn…Y have uh…gotten ynto a lot of trouble and a lot of thyngss have happened…but let’ss not talk about that now. Y mysssssed iou…One of mi few fryendss. Y’m sso glad iou are okai. Y…Y alwaisss worri when Y don’t ssee anione. Thyss yss not a nyce planet.

>That hug is a strong one, you’ve got a lot of hugging to catch up on.


Display room UNSC base
I think I’ve got the basics done for this base, I’ve got a pretty good fortified wall with gates for small and larger vehicles. I added a living quarters near the back, a large repair station, currently being occupied by the YSS-1000 Saber, and a landing pad, which will probably be moved around a bit. I do need to acquire some more scenery pieces and floor pieces. It’s also a bit off level on one side, but that because I’m temporarily using the skinny black tables. Soon I’ll replace those with a proper sturdy table at the proper height. Oh I also unpacked Zero Jager and Schneider, let me know what you think!