The thing is, this started off really kind of adorable… and then Dean actually went to confession and it turned out, it really had been too long. Dean wanted confession and he needed it- the release, the forgiveness, the absolution. Of course, he’s not Catholic and he doesn’t believe in a God who listens.

But he does believe in his brother.

phanapocalypse asked:

They've obviously put a fuckton of work into this book, it's not just them jumping on the bandwagon! They said months and months ago that they've been working on a lot of cool things that they're really excited to show us, and jfc, people are so unappreciative, I don't understand?? Like, if you don't want to spend money on the book, don't buy it! If you think the tour tickets are too expensive, don't go! Other people will instead! You know?

very well said, my friend.

what makes me laugh is the thought of people thinking dan and phil would allow someone else to work on their book. like come on, especially dan here, as if dan howell would be okay with that, he’d be so against it it’s just laughable. and phil is very, very creative, with a degree in english might i add, so i highly doubt he’d let someone else do the work.

people are jumping to such shitty conclusions without thinking about who the hell dan and phil are 

Dean and Cas sitting in heaven after all is said and done.  

Dean turns to Cas, “It was like it wasn’t written the way it was supposed to be.”

Cas sighs a little and tilts his head, “Well,” he reaches out and takes Dean’s hand, “we’re writing it now.”

Neither pulls their hand away.  It’s like the universe and the scribes of fate had finally allowed their happy ending.  It is a beautiful thing.  Especially since they both know Sam is looking for them.  He won’t make the same mistake twice.

This isn’t an ending.  Fuck that, they’re Winchesters.  

Biting his lip, Dean smiles.  “Castiel Winchester.”  He says it low; reminding himself that Cas is a part of this, a big part of this, whatever it is.  

Winchesters don’t die.

Dean squeezes Cas’ hand harder.  “This isn’t over.”

Cas smiles at an oncoming darkness, something that screams pain and reality in the bright oasis of the heavenly realm.  “I know.”

The both are hurled back to earth, Cas falling all over again and Dean holding on for dear life.  This time, neither of them letting go.