*your skin is...very fair...*

Get Down Pt. 2

The second part of the short BR smut, this time with MINSU. (Warnings: blowjobs, language)

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For some reason, there was something very addicting about the gaze of the person now sat across from you. So this was the “someone else”, huh? Your new supervisor had very fair hair and dark eyes. His skin was pale, which made his red lips stand out. Every now and again he would look up at you to check on you, before returning to his phone.

You could only be grateful that you weren’t restricted of movement, sight or speech this time. You looked over at the young man in front of you. And you had an idea. There was no way you were going to let Suwoong think you weren’t special to him, not after taking an interest in you. So what better way to lure him in than to make him jealous? “Hey,” you said, arms folded.

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“Well, stranger, you are not bad looking– to women, at least, which is what you came to Thebes for. Your hair is long– you don’t wrestle – curling down to your cheeks; very seductive! You take care to keep your skin fair, not exposing it to the rays of the sun, but keeping it in darkness when you hunt Aphrodite with your beauty.” -Pentheus to Dionysus, Bacchae Welcome to the Cult of Dionysus