Thanks for all great characters, Gene Wilder.

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Deep Love

Doesn’t everyone want this……

You know, until now my life has been nothing but a meaningless world of silly parties. 
But I always sensed that something was missing. Love. 
And I’m not talkin about puppy love either. A one night stand love or
cheap love. No, what I’m talkin about is-oh, what’s the word I’m looking for-ah, yes.

 Deep love. At last I’ve found deep love. 
Been searching for deep love, for all of my life. Long love. Incredibley long
love. A constant and strong love, that rids me of strife. Firm love. 
A gentle, but firm love. An unyeilding firm love, for this my heart cries. 
Deep love. At last I’ve found deep love. Now I will keep love forever inside.

Deep love. At last I found deep love. 
Now I will keep love deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and
deeper and deeper forever inside! Forever inside!

I realize that these are lyrics from a very funny song that I have manipulated but the truth is….who doesn’t want that love that is something more…

HPC2013 - October 9th - Wild Card

Day 9 - Wild Card

Elizabeth: “Honey…honey I hope you didn’t find daddies little party too boring. I mean he did it just for you and he meant so well. Say you liked it.”

Monster: “Mmhmm.”

Elizabeth: “Honey….did you seeee? I put a hamper in the bathroom just for your shirts and the other one is for socks and poo poo undies.”

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