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I’m seeing a lot of young transgender or non-binary people out there freaking out or going completely silent and removing all their info from their bios in light of the recent news in America. And I get that, I really, truly do.

But I also want you guys to know that it’s safe to come talk to me if you’re feeling pressured or scared or angry or whatever you’re feeling. If you’re comfortable with talking to me, go for it. :)

Secondly, if you’ve spoken to me about your gender for whatever reason, and are feeling scared about someone else finding out or you being being outed for any reason, please know that I will never reveal anything we have spoken about, anything you have sent to me or asked me about (as an anon or not) to anyone. What we discuss is private, and unless you give me permission to respond publicly or speak about it to others, it will stay between us. Always.

Clearly I need to find a better apartment..

Same guy who just offered to worship my feet if I let him sleep with me, is now drunk his ass and knocking on my door and all the landlord said was “Go to sleep or turn up your TV, it will go away on its own.” Clearly it’s not and I am so close to calling the police.

I just want to binge watch my favorite shows and take advantage of my free weekend, but that’s not happening so if anyone is up for some company I guess I am available.


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Taking a chance that you haven’t seen this one yet lol

I had not! That’s so heckin’ rad omg :ooo

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Hello! I have a story that's been in the works for awhile that centers around two siblings, Rowan and Raelene. They're child soldiers, their father is the general- dictator of a militia/small nation that arose after an apocalypse. They have a very close relationship, Rae is 18, Ro is 16, and the plot takes place after they leave their father, and deals with them trying to learn how to live like normal people, despite their trauma. Do you have any ideas to help me portray their relationship well?

Hey! Wow, okay firstly, your profile picture is simply gorgeous and I think we can all agree on that. Secondly the names Rowan and Raelene are simply gorgeous and such amazing gender-fluid names! Sorry Iโ€™m getting over excited XD.

Okay so weโ€™re talking about portraying a sibling relationship? I answered one a little like this a while back and that might help, but seeing as your characters are soldiers/ex-soldiers, Iโ€™ll do a separate on for you! To find the other sibling relationship help/tips just tap Here.

Anyway, onwardsโ€ฆ Having both characters in a state of trauma is always hard, especially while theyโ€™re relying on the other heavily. This is a really interesting concept actually, it reminds me that Harry Potter should and would be mentally traumatised after everything he dealt with. When your two lead characters are in a state of trauma and there arenโ€™t many other characters around them to rely on, they willย rely on one another. Letโ€™s jump into it ;) :

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I know the quality isn’t the best, but this is the latest drawing I’ve made! It was supossed to be Valentines day themed!~ ♡♡♡
U-uhm… I really like your guys’ art and I look up to the both of you, so, I was wondering if you could please give your honest opinions on this drawing? Please give some criticism to the drawing if there is some parts I could do better on! That’s how I will learn to grow!~ ☆☆☆

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Hello, I'm writing a fanfic story on a character whose going to go through some trauma and his way of dealing with it. I've started the story with his inner monologue about why he's following the rules of his father, but then I don't know where to go from there.

Ooh, sounds good! So it seems that a lot of the time he’s coping with a lot of inner turmoil, so maybe we could look at where to go after an opening of inner monologue :) So I was thinking about how you said he was following rules set by his father and was wondering how, apart from the inner monologue, he dealt with it. Is he rebellious? You could maybe have a look at that, but let’s see what we can move on to after the internal monologue:

  • Friends- Does he talk to any friends about is father?
  • A normal day- this helps the reader to get an idea of what is unusual or usual for him.
  • Dialogue between the father and son- showing their relationship and how they deal with living in close quarters (assuming they live together XD).
  • Things that makes your character(s) happy- friends, material things (TV shows, movies, electronics), late nights?
  • Give them something to look forward to- a party at the weekend, a particular person he may be seeing that day, food?
  • Things that makes your character(s) sad- Arguments, gloomy weather, watching the news?
  • What scares/frightens your character? Can it be something that he faces everyday- school, bully, certain teacher (Sev Snape…), thunderstorms? 
  • Think about what time of day you want to bring the reader in at: Early morning when they’re worrying over school that day? Late evening when they’re probably supposed to be in bed, but just one more episode? Midday when he meets his friends (or enemies) at school? It all depends on setting and atmosphere!

I say this every time, but writing and rewriting is really helpful at this stage. It’s my main go-to when I get to a dead end- write a paragraph of crap and how you don’t imagine it going, then rewrite it how you do imagine it going and tweak parts. It all depends on where you’re hoping for the story to go and what you’re planning, what’s your endgame? By outlining the main plot in bullet points you can then start to look at mind-mapping the characters traits, quirks and how you imagine them. Look after your OC’s, even your antagonists, they deserve all your love for the story to go well!

I’m not entirely sure on what else to tell you, but message me if you have anymore requests. I realise that sometimes when answering these, I don’t grasp the correct concept or intentions for the story so feel free to call me out when I get it wrong, I’m totally okay with that! Good luck darlin’, lots of love from Yasmine xox