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Peach Plum Pear

Ichiruki. AU. Not!Angst.

Joanna Newsom | Peach Plum Pear

For @blooming-stars​: ‘rukia as a sassy bartender that ichigo has a crush on ; )’!

This is loosely based on the idea that they would find each other in any universe and both just know that they were meant to be. (So, soulmates, I guess…) Enjoy! Thank you for your patience! 1286 words.


Work is good.

Work is that kind of monotonous printing-press process, right now, and it’s good. It’s good, isn’t it? It’s getting him money. It keeps him busy - keeps him up at 6 AM every morning and until 12 at night - and really, that’s all he could ask for.

Other things? Less good.

The feeling that his one-person apartment was a two in a past life, and that the cupboard in his bedroom used to be full of dresses and sunhats and some colour, and maybe something artsy - not like his monotone business suits and dress pants (and that one old t-shirt from his childhood that reads nice mood, or something).

Work is good for the next few months.

Then, even work begins to feel misplaced. As if for all the daily routines he does he’s still missing 5 hours of something that should have been there next to him to begin with. And, yeah, Kurosaki Ichigo has never been a man of fate (or faith, for that matter). But he did grow up seeing ghosts at 3 AM cowering underneath his bed covers so, yeah, he thinks that he can handle a little bit of…

Déjà vu, he could call it. Yet he has a feeling it’s a little more unavoidable.

(Maybe, a little more catastrophic).


Déjà vu is still the only explanation he has for why he finds comfort in the wooden beams of a bar a few blocks from his workplace.

It’s on one of those days where the rain mixes with the scent of asphalt to create a heady, warding concussion, one of those days where he feels the burden of something inexplicable. (One of those days is becoming most of those days, but he doesn’t want to title the unexplained just yet).

      He breathes.

There is a tingle of embers under his skin as he walks through the doors, so he thinks that, maybe, the downpour has drenched his nerves, too.

(Or rather, until he catches sight of a 4”8 figure of regal lethality, he realises that he has previously had few embers to compare it to).

She starts a wildfire.

      He sighs.

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Loss Countdown Day 11: Yamato’s Best Outfit in Tri (So Far)

Definitely his musician outfit oh my god I melt just looking at him <3 <3 <3

But he needs a French flag!

Space Mom

Summery: Stiles and the Pack have a special Memorial Movie marathon in memory of Space Mom

Requested by @animeelover1

As soon as you opened Tumblr you and saw the posts you knew Stiles would be hit pretty hard by the news. You quickly called Lydia and cancelled your day with her, asking her to arrange some things for you.

You hurried to Stiles house and found him teary eyed sat on the foot of his bed, snuffling softly. You threw your arms around him and he buried his face into your jumper, sighing when your hands carded through his hair.

“She…” He started but trailed off and you nodded.

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Calming down after a fight. 

Im not sorry.

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who's big time rush?

Oh my god this hurts

They were a boyband that was big a few years ago, got put together by Nickelodeon for a tv show that was about 4 boys becoming a boyband

They were great, sounded great live and acoustic and their songs were really nice, and unlike some other boybands they never got into any fights with other celebrities, just all around angels

But Nickelodeon dropped them to kiss 1D’s ass and so with no more show and no Nick to support their music either they all went their own way

Reylo Fic Rec Post

For @ninjajedihobbit

So I have a particular type of Reylo I like. And I am not ashamed but it might not be your cup of tea? With that said, I think all these writers deserve credit for the awesome stuff they have contributed:

From the Ashes by @teaguewrites
​Uh yeah, please read this. Because its fucking amazing. And i fucking love teague. And the role reversal of Kylo and Ben is just….. Hnnnnnnnngh.  Just read it. Please. Beware this fic ripped my heart out multiple times. But maybe it won’t for you.

The Beauty of a secret by caisha
So I think this was abandoned, which is a fucking tragedy, seriously. Because man, even though it says it’s Ben, this is basically Kylo here. And SO MUCH SMUT. Also read A Thing Most Wanted. Definitely heed the tags, but it’s totally worth it.

Retreat by @ms-qualia
Never fear! This is not abandoned, only on hiatus! I love the interplay of the characters and the setting and I am so a sucker for apocalyptic stuff and MSQ’s writing. If you aren’t shy of things with Hux as a main character I also very much recommend Patron.

In fact, if you like Hux/don’t mind him/are cool with Reylux that’s a whole different fic list, fam. And BOOOOOOY DO I HAVE RECS FOR THAT.

Anything by @cracktheglasses but particularly The Beast You’ve Made of Me and A Balanced Tribute, in fact I don’t normally do historical set pieces but ABT is so. Goddamn. Good.

Wings by blissey
Stream of consciousness kind of trippy Reylo? Yes please. This is really really good and I don’t want to give any of it away other than its really really good and you won’t be disappointed.

Anything by @littlemanicmonday (thelittlescrimshaw) but I think especially Pandemonium is stand out.

Same with disasterisms, but you must MUST read Shatterpoint. Also i saw you in the wild (you were nervous, you were furious, you were very sure-footed).

Forms by trebia
This is classic. That is all.

Ten Years of Rey by @articianne
​Its a shame this doesn’t look like it’s gonna get finished.

Never Tell me the Odds by @stoptakingmyhandx (Aqua)
AU where Ben is not force sensitive and he’s sooo adorable and I love this fic and I love Aqua and please go read it omg.

Singularity of Absolution by cassanah
Uhm the references in this fic, the parallels. Yesssssssssssssss.

Before the Saber Swings by WaterLilyRose
Also ouch. Please read this though because your feels. You need your feels to get hurt but it’s soooooooo goood.

Annnnnd i think that’s a good wrap for now. More in the future I suppose ;) please tell me if I missed tagging any authors on tumblr, I want to give them all the credit!

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Hey paps tell us about your self we should now your CHARActer Maby even a tuTORIAL on how to make SANS of you




sin-free headcanons

•when Hux finds Ren lying frozen in the snow he drapes his greatcoat around his shoulders before picking him up, even though he was cold too

•Hux forces Kylo to listen to all of his speeches and basically the only way that Kylo could make him shut up is to kiss him, although Hux sometimes still muffles some parts even during the kisses

•Although Kylo appears to be a cold hearted mask, he really is fun and easygoing when there’s no pressure on him. Hux appreciates those moments more than he ever thought he would do when they’re alone and joking around in their quarters

•When the rescue landed on the ridiculously cold planet that Kylo and Hux crashed on, they found them asleep and cuddled up with each other under a fort made out of Ren’s robes and the general’s greatcoat

•when they first met, Hux’s first thought on Ren was that he was constantly acting like a child, getting sick at least once a month and sulking in his quarters all day long with his nose running and voice wrecked. Now he finds him really cute and literally can’t miss the opportunity to treat him lovingly like a little child and spoil him with thousands of blankets and pillow forts

•the first time they’re alone and Hux undresses, it takes all of Kylo’s will power not to laugh at how tiny the general is without his intimidating greatcoat that was always draped around his narrow shoulders and skinny body

•ok but now what about hUX HELPING KYLO DYE HIS HAIR OMf


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Hey guys! About the Valentine's Day mini game: when you completed all the Senpai & Sensei (besides redecorating the chocs again!), does anything happens (Bonus gems, or some random prize)??

Owen: no, but you get a you tried star from me

Pypey teaching Ezra the ithorian language in return for Ezra teaching him Lothali.

Oora being a total mother figure to all the Ghost crew because she never forgot how they saved her child.

Ezra telling scary Lothali ghost stories to the younglings.

Ezra brushing too close to the Dark Side and Pypey being the one to bring him back.

Ezra having to instruct Pypey to bend down so he can lecture him at eye level.

Pypey going through ithorian puberty and neither of them having any idea what’s going on.

Sabine painting murals of the two of them.

Ezra introducing Pypey to Zare and Jai.

People looking at this big ithorian and little human and mistaking Pypey for the Master.

Ezra taking Pypey to get his lightsaber crystal and waiting anxiously for Pypey to emerge safely.

The trials showing Pypey images of his Master abandoning him, his Master replacing him, his Master dying, his Master as an Inquisitor.

Pypey emerging victorious with a crystal in hand and Ezra trying really hard to hide his relief. (He doesn’t succeed)

Pypey and Alora becoming best friends.

Ezra trying to teach Pypey to connect with living things. Pypey accidentally compels a loth-cat to attack Zeb.

People calling Pypey “leatherneck” and “hammerhead” and Ezra subtly using the Force to trip them or set loose a flock of angry animals.

Pypey struggling to master the Jedi Mind Trick.

Ezra telling Pypey his middle name and Pypey struggling to pronounce it.

Pypey being awed at how well Kanan and Ezra fight together and hoping to achieve that same connection with Ezra someday.

Pypey being nice to the other younglings but also possessive of Ezra because he’s HIS Master so go get your own, Susan.

Ezra and Pypey bonding over their mutual abandonment issues.

Ezra using Pypey as shade on hot planets.

Ezra having a Force vision and waking up to see Pypey hovering frantically over him.

The two of them developing a battle tactic that involves Pypey physically throwing Ezra at oncoming enemies.

Ezra having nightmares of the Inquisitors taking his Padawan.

Pypey getting hurt and Ezra standing over him singlehandedly fighting off enemies until backup arrives.

Ezra struggling to place an arm around Pypey’s shoulders like Kanan does to him.

Pypey watching over Ezra while he’s in a healing trance.

Young Pypey getting sick and refusing to let go of Ezra, so Ezra has to spend two whole days with his Padawan clinging stubbornly to him.

The same thing happens again when Pypey gets older, but now since he’s bigger, Ezra can’t go anywhere.

Pypey going undercover on a mission and Ezra trying horrendously to pretend he isn’t worried.

Ezra still being small enough to crawl through vents and Pypey being irritated that he can’t.

Ezra being captured by the Empire and Pypey teaming up with the Ghost crew to get him back.

Ezra being tortured and blocking Pypey out to protect him. Pypey senses this and is agonized that he can’t help his Master.

They finally get to him and Pypey scoops his Master into his arms and carries him to safety.

Pypey seeing a picture of Ephraim and thinking it’s Ezra at first.

Pypey and Ezra trading “mom stories” about Oora and Hera (and sometimes Mira.)

Pypey asking about Ezra’s scars, especially the ones on his face.

Pypey and the other younglings trying to celebrate Ezra’s birthday and not understanding why Ezra is upset.

Modern stormpilot au where Finn brings home stray cats and dogs constantly and Finn finds homeless feral teenage Rey who he drags home to Poe, and pretty much Rey tries to fight them constantly but she never leaves and she is best friends with their fat calico cat.