• Vegard tries to speak Dutch (with translation)
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I saw this clip on YouTube, but without subs, so I thought I’d translate the Dutch people as well as Vegard’s mixture of *alotofGerman-someDutch-andNorsk*. Here you go, enjoy Vegard calling the Netherlands and people understanding him even though it’s pretty much far away from actual Dutch ;)

B: He says that you did really great, but he ties in with the question if you maybe should cancel the room, Vegard?
V: Maybe
B: And he is right with it.
V: It is not some kind of compulsory booking there…
B: No, but still
V: No credit-card involved or something…
B: No, no credit card, but the woman…she was called Sabin?
V: Sabrin
B: Sabrin, she sits there and thinks that se fulfilled the job for her hotel
V: As a nice guest you should maybe do that.
B: I think you should call her and since you didn’t get a punishment last time, so it’s still valid: if you fuck up, punch in the face.  Call Nederland!
Man on the phone: Good day, hotel*hotel’s name*, how can I help you?
V: I…..ehhh…. I am Hans Greitfoort. I have a reservation, 34113462.
Man: Shall I connect you to reservations? One moment please.
V: Thank you
Sabine: Good day, hotel Amsterdam, division for reservations, you speak with Sabine, how can I help you?
V: Good afternoon Sabine, I am Hans Greitfoort…
Sabine: Can I help you?
V: Ehh.. I have a reservation 34113462.
Sabine: Yes….
V: Mhhmm… I don’t want to have the reservation, the room.
Sabine: You would like to cancel it?
V: Yes, yes,  I am sorry for that. I don’t come to Amsterdam…
Sabine: It’s fine, I’ll delete it, no problem. Thank you for calling!
V: Thank you
Sabine: Have a nice day!
V: That were CC Cowboys with come again.
B: Very good, you managed it well again, and cancelled without a problem. Herregud. This language is just a nonsense-language…
V: If there’s someone that needs to do something in the Netherlands…I’m there for you anytime, baby.
B: But Sabine, we did meet the same woman, that was really fun
V: Yes it was really nice…
B: You have a good connection with her.
V: What was funny with her was that she needed so incredibly long to say hi
B: Yes, *imitatinggibberishdutch* with what can I help? Nice!


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