Śmieszna sprawa z tym przedmiotem.
Żałosna w swym szczęściu.
Rozpisana od M do Ć przez miliony.
Na miliony sposobów.

Fizyczna i psychiczna.
Ciekawsza i psychiczna.
Przyziemna i psychiczna.
Potem się nudzi i psychiczna.

Dla mnie neutralna.
Jak życie, życia niewarta.

Last night I dreamt you. I dreamt us.
We lied on a couch, your fingers running through my hair, my eyes closed.
I don’t exactly remember what you said,
but what I do know is that you took one deep breath
before you leaned down and kissed me.
I felt it because your breath was hitting my face and I just stayed frozen in place,
but as soon as your lips touched mine I couldn’t even try to stay still anymore.
After a moment of letting each of our hearts melt against one another,
You pulled away for a moment and kissed me again.
I felt alive.
I felt like I could take on every single fear of mine every time your hands found their way behind my neck.
I lost my mind when you touched my face and how only by pulling me closer you caused a hurricane inside of me.
My thoughts raced to every single part of my head, trying to think how I could ever get over you if you keep doing these things.
I haven’t felt like this before.
I haven’t felt something this strong, and let me tell you;
most things in my life aren’t clear and not many things are true and make sense,
but you are the only thing that does.
You are right, you feel right.
Even if I’m scared to talk to you because I come off too strong with my emotions,
You will always have a place in my heart.
You will always have this ability to put me together and in the same sentence just rip me apart.

I don’t know why I remember it all so well, or why you felt like just heaven came down and crashed right into my chest, or if this will ever really happen, and I’m full of doubt,
But there is one truth to this.
You are all I dream about.

—  there’s a lot of things I keep to myself, but not you. never you.