Also is she gonna talk about all the shit lifetime put her and the girls through cause that I would read. How’s she gonna play it though cause she can’t do that ya know so is she gonna go with all the stuff that went down like oh Yh I was Abby’s favorite! I dunno man did that make sense

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ahh i meant for more than two seconds! (just because i liked the 2014 bits and last year it was that short and i want to watch it and feel incredibly proud of them) but you're right of course, i mean we'll get enough content in any case (it's slightly overwhelming but amazing) and THANK YOU i forgot the bloopers already as well can you believe. i also saw ppl speculate that the jackets look like stranger things so i'm definitely looking forward to all the things the week will bring

haha, yh its so overwhelming! Im living for it but its simultaneously killing me! And we’re all forgetting the bloopers. I think gamingmass is just a ruse to make us not spam DnP for the bloopers, tbh its working very well. 

And i also am kinda with everyone with the Stranger Things theory, I present my evidence (further providing evidence for you that I am indeed overanalysing trash):

Idk maybe I’ve become hard hearted but I am too old to put my effort on people who don’t care about my existence this is the new wave this coming year. I will pour all my love to people who care about me. I’ve spent way too much time chasing after people who clearly don’t care about me so Yh I’m done. Took me a while but I’m done

DEATH IS A PLACE. but i forget where it is . . .

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There should be no boundaries to human endeavor. We are all different. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. While there’s life, there is hope.