hands down will always be the greatest birthday present i will always cherish💓☺️

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Seb is trending on Tumblr again, I think he might actually end up being the most reblogged actor this year.

oh he will 100%, he’s been top 3 for almost the whole year this year and top of it more often than not, so like yh, watch him claim the top spot this year from Chris last year

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ur so gud to me,,,. im goth so have this yall: halloween jojian?? jojis dressed as an angel and ians dressed as donnie darko n they just cuddle in bed n eat candy while watching smth like the shining together n when it ends they kiss all messily and get fake blood everywhere n ian keeps calling joji his angel and pulling on his hair fuck.,

Hell yh I’m goth too and I love this sooo much

But idk who donnie darko is

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i scrolled down to the image you tagged as "my fur..." and i thought it was cotton candy at first which is also fitting

WOAH ..!!!!!!! yh thats me !!!! myfur is cotton candy …… imagine green cotton candy thatd b like apple flavoured heckn woah i hope that exists ………

@okokbarnes I mean I’m from the UK so like, cross country flights are nothing here. But yeah, my mum is sound, I’ve flown to mainland Europe before, she encouraged me to go out travelling next year so I’m visiting the states and also some of Europe too. But yh, my mum just wants me to experience the world and stuff.

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Bruh my bf is ace and followers your blog I think I've just told him about what happened on your blog and his reaction was woop friends!😂😂 keep doing whatever the fuck yh want I love your blog


DEATH IS A PLACE. but i forget where it is . . .

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