Chapter 6 - Mafia

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AN: Okay I have some explaining to do, I can’t write unexpected bonds this quickly, I need a little time because I can’t think of a good chapter and plot right now. I’m not getting any good ideas so these chapters are a replacement I know people like that story way better, but it’s going to be out soon. Just not this week the week beginning to 20th I’ll try to upload two chapters. 😁 Sorry again guys. It took long to write. Spoiler *cough* it’s interesting. As usual, I hope you enjoy this chapter,

This is just a warning to anyone who is going to be reading this series. This scenario shouldn’t be read by anyone, under the age of 18 purely because it has some really violent scenes, that are not suitable for a younger audience. It also has vulgar language and does have some really depressing scenes. It has distressing descriptions and some do have trigger warnings. If you are triggered by violence, depression, death, rape (it doesn’t have any but just incase you are), vulgarity and just things that are dark and disturbing kindly DO NOT read this series.


Sleeping was out of the question you laid in bed rolling around for hours. All you could think about was Ji-Yong, his scent, his touch, his smile and his presence. You wanted to cuddle and just talk to him but sadly you couldn’t.

You wanted to tell him you forgave him, and that you wanted to move on, but you knew that you’d be scared. Too scared to even look at him, if he did show up in front of you right now; you needed time till the fear it cools down. You knew that if he saw you were scared, he’d get pissed and guilty this would leave you to be not scared again, another month without Ji-Yong.

If you could barely pull through a day how would you manage a month?

The insomnia, had started as a kid; no one was able to figure why it happened exactly. But what they did know was that it stemmed from your fear of the dark. You’d always been terrified of the dark and you didn’t have a story behind it. It always puzzled you, even as a kid you’d shy away from dark corners and you didn’t really know why. You were just thinking about random things, when you got an idea of how to kill your time. To get a puppy or maybe kitten you weren’t sure why didn’t you get both?

Tomorrow you’d go and get one or two you really weren’t sure but you needed something to help you forget about insomnia and Ji-Yong temporarily.

Yes, that’s it, you went to your room and got out your computer searching for nothing really. Ji-Yong had scolded you multiple times, telling you not to do this because you’d always waste your money. But you then decided to look up pet shops that were near you. You found two and you were sure to visit them that is when you noticed you had an email from your boss. Why was there work to do when it’s their daughters birthday, it was too much, this would take you a whole day to do, instead of complaining, however, you just did it.

Soon morning arrived, you were just window-shopping online at this point, you grew tired of all the paperwork. You didn’t really find anything apart from a shirt and a pair of jeans. You made your way to your living room turning off all other lights, you knew that daylight would be here, illuminating all the rooms of your apartment. You put your laptop on the kitchen island completing work as you made your breakfast, it was hard but you completed all of your work, you had a headache, you glanced at the clock and realized why. It was ten, it’d been twelve hours. You were thinking of going to get some insomnia pills now, since no human could function without sleep and your headache was slowly getting worse. So you looked through your handbag and saw that the old prescription was still there so you went to the place and got the tablets.

As you walked home from the pharmacy, you felt someone’s presence behind you. You looked behind and surprise, surprise the figure was gone.


“Listen, this isn’t funny okay? Leave me alone.”

You yelled at whoever it was, but then you assessed the situation, you were the one without any sleep. Were you imagining this, it wasn’t the first time this was happening, you remembered the first time you came to the pharmacy, you’d forgotten to take the pills for two days the same thing happened.  You laughed it off as you walked through to your complex, before going to your floor and into your house. You hadn’t felt the presence after you called out, of course, it was in your head what did you think?

You set out to take a nap by taking the pills out, you poured yourself a glass of water for the tablets.

Your doorbell goes off. The nap will have to wait.

You knew who it was it was the delivery guy. Making your way to the door and opening it you see that you were right. He said your name and you smiled.

“That’s me.”

He handed you a pen and the notepad.

“Please sign here.”

He smiled back. You signed it before taking the package.

“Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome miss.”

He bowed as you closed the door and left.

Making sure you were gone he made his way back as someone called him.

“Boss she’s the one and you got the address right.”

Boss: Tomorrow is the day and tell them not to fuck up okay!

“I won’t, I promise.”

Boss: She should come straight to me. Understood?


They hung up the phone as he left.

The day went on without much action and you didn’t really do much. You took a two-hour power nap, after eating the pills, and felt rejuvenated when you awoke.  

You’d gotten a call from Youngbae. Not to worry him you called him back.


You said in a sleepy voice.

“Are you alright you didn’t pick up the phone.”

He sounded worried and mad, you smiled, he really was your older brother.

“Yeah I was sleeping I got the tables finally but I got up literally now, and I have something to tell you.”

The frown on his face had disappeared when he heard you say this and he visibly relaxed.

“That’s my bad I should’ve texted you but did you enjoy your sleep?

You also sound excited what happened?”

“It’s okay, I had a good sleep, the reason I’m excited is that I want to buy a puppy or kitten that what happened!”

You said excitedly. Youngbae laughs at this.

“When are you doing this?”

He asked curiously,.

“It was meant to be today but I’m doing it tomorrow. I’m too tired I need to sleep more.”

“That’s reasonable. Are you going all by yourself because that’s what a loner would do.”

The both of you chuckled as he said this.

“I was going to call you, but it slipped my mind anyways do you want to join?”

“It would be my pleasure; I was thinking about visiting you tomorrow anyway.”

“Hey, can we talk before we go outside tomorrow?”

“Is it serious?”

You asked a little concerned.


“Then it can wait until later, please Youngbae it might help me sleep better.”

He sighed as he rolled his eyes.

“Fine but after puppy or kitten shopping we are going somewhere okay?”

“Can Daesung come it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him.”

“Yes he can, I think he’ll love it actually and where are we meeting?”


“Meet you at four-twenty in the afternoon tomorrow, at my place.”

Happily you hung up the phone. A small smile fell on your face as you fell on your couch tomorrow was the day. You took more medication before you went back to sleep.

Youngbae turned on the coffee machine, as he put in his desired drink into the pod. He turned and played with his phone as it poured out, as he sat down on the table, he saw to the rest of the members who looked at him with curious eyes.

Seungri: What did she say?

Youngbae: She wants to meet up, I’m bringing her back here.

“Who are you bringing back here?”

All of them shut their eyes, before opening them and looking at Youngbae, expecting him to cover up but he told Ji-Yong the truth.

Youngbae: Your girl.

“Are you serious?”

Ji-Yong walked down the stairs as he joined them. From the way he walked, they could tell that he had a bad hangover from last night.

Youngbae: Very, she wants to meet up I’m guessing to not think about what happened.

“Then bring her here I want to apologise to her. For everything, I’m also telling her everything. I don’t want her to find out another way, I can’t hide this forever. Maybe she will run away, maybe she won’t but I can’t lie like this. It’s time she knows. It’ll clear up all the misunderstanding between us.”

They all smiled proudly, you were finally going to be part of their family fully.

The next day rolled around pretty quickly. You didn’t tell Youngbae but you wanted to go around town an hour before you met him. You dressed in a casual way; you didn’t want to bother with makeup or anything. It would make you feel weighted; you needed to be natural sometimes. Plus who were you going to impress?

You walked out into the parking lot as you were walking to your car a strong hand grabbed you by the waist, they placed a handkerchief over your mouth you struggled against their grasp. You grabbed onto his hand digging your nails into his flesh causing him to bleed but you passed out soon enough, you were still aware of your surroundings for solve reason and felt him lift you into his arms, carrying you into a van he slamming it shut the rest is a mystery to you.

So you’re going to bring her here?”

Ji-Yong asked Youngbae.

Youngbae: After she does what she wants to do I guarantee you that she’ll want to eat something.

Ji-Yong chuckled at his friends’ comment thinking of how true it was.

Youngbae: Why’d you want her to come here? Can’t you surprise her or something?

“I want to tell her here, it’s where I started everything. I’m going to be my true self here, I want to start fresh with no lies no secrets only truth and trust.”

Youngbae: That’s fair but she might not react to happily.

“I’ll persuade her.”

Youngbae nodded understanding the perspective of his friend. Daesung walks in.

Daesung: Hyung, We should go now hyung it’s getting late.

“All right but don’t take too long.”


Ji-Yongs’ face scrunched up in confusion, he didn’t know what you guys were doing.


What is it that you guys going to do again?”

Youngbae: You’ll see.

Ji-Yong just sighed as the two men left.

Daesung: Why didn’t you just tell him?

Youngbae: He won’t be as excited as he would if he didn’t know when he sees them, plus he likes surprises just as much as her plus they are going to be their ‘kids’ or 'kid’ for now. Watch a dog or a cat or both will replace all of us.

The men chucked as they hit the road.

Youngbae: Where is she it’s been thirty minutes.

If you said you’d come at a certain time, it was almost sure you would. You were a little unorganized sometimes, but when it came to time you were always on time. Either you were ten minutes, early or you didn’t come at all. He tried your phone and no luck. He was getting very worried now.

Daesung: Let’s go check her apartment.

Youngbae nodded in agreement. The men made their way over to your parking spot and found your car in garage spot, you’d usually only travel by car; this was a bad sign.

Youngbae: Daesung you check downstairs, I’ll check her apartment.

He made his way up and picked your lock it took five minutes but he figured it out, he called you only to hear your phone ringing.


Daesung cursed, he looked around to see if you were pranking them but you weren’t anywhere. Daesung texted Youngbae that there was nothing up there, he told him everything that he’s seen. It had been forty minutes since you had been missing, it was time to tell Ji-Yong this wasn’t good, wasn’t good at all.

Youngbae called Ji-Yong, his heart was beating fast as he’d just ran up and down every level of the parking lot, trying to find you.

“Why’d you call so early is everything okay?”

Youngbae sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Youngbae: Ji-Yong we can’t find her.

“What are you talking about what do you mean by we can’t find her? “

Youngbae: You know how punctual she is right we waited for half an hour she didn’t turn up her phone, car and everything is here it’s just she’s not.

Ji-Yongs’ heart was pounding, what happened to you? He swallowed his saliva as his eyes closed in fear, this wasn’t good his heart was telling him to hurry up or something horrible would happen to you.

“Get to HQ immediately the both of you. Don’t delay.”

He just hung up and Youngbae did as he was told. He met Daesung on the way down. Who confirmed his worst fear, he’d thought that Daesung would’ve found you in the short space of walking down. But he saw the look in Daesung's’ eyes.

Daesung: No sign of her.

Youngbae: I told Ji-Yong already and he said to come to HQ immediately.

They both race down and get in the car, making their way to HQ as quickly as they possibly could. Your life might be in danger real big danger.