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How much do I have to pay you to draw either or both of YD suplexing White and then White revenge-carrying her around on one hip for the rest of the day. Serious inquiry because that's the funniest shit I can casually imagine.

I’ll do both for $50


i appreciate ur enthusiasm anon! sorry for taking so long to carry thru

i’ve been working and reworking this design for like, months now
can’t find something that fits for me but this is the closest one i guess??

idek how this au would work out…

(ask box is open)

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Is Onyx and Howlite real or fake? Does Yellow Diamond come to Earth sooner or later and get poofed in an epic battle and White Diamond sends Onyx to get info about Earth and why YD hasn't returned or not? What about Howlite? Is she a guard in a prison holding Steven and Pearl? If both of them are a hoax, which new types of Gems are coming this season?

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Why has no one mentioned the cherry blossom myth in the game? It says that if you confess your love under it on a Friday, your crush will accept it? Like it's meant to be a myth but it seems like in the YD version of the game, Senpai WILL accept it if he doesn't know you're evil or no one likes you. I want a thing where he's unsure and you need to spend the last week being real kind and shit so he can see what your like... Or atleast have a thing where he'll say no even if you've done all that.

Thats a good idea tbh


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seeing all this discourse reminds me of how I got into dc fandom as a minor, and "learned" that j*yd*ck is basically canon and the only true ship or w/e, and it was literally impossible to avoid being exposed to other harmful ships/content bc they were all connected. so even tho I don't know these ppl at all, I know enough to say they are harming minors like I was harmed back then by adults supporting and producing content for bad ships. it's upsetting to see nothing's changed since then :/

im so sorry that happened to you. unfortunately yeah, the fandom is still nasty (tho i wouldnt know how it was back then since i got into dc pretty recently), tho it seems ppl have moved from j/yd/ck to j/yt/m…the fetishization is so so creepy and minors hav been trapped in mutuals w these gross adults bc theyre afraid to speak up abt it.

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What would each Diamond do/feel if they were suddenly the only Diamond left? If they were alone?


Yellow Diamond would go back to homeworld and run the place from there, try to keep things together. She’d be scared and alone because its been a long time since there wasn’t another Diamond with her. There will probably be a huge shift in the gem caste system as YD recruits others to help her run all the colonies. This could end good or bad since the higher gems like being higher up. She’d be stressed and miserable and things might change too quickly for her to keep track of.

Blue Diamond would stay where she was. She’d try to gain control over all the colonies, keep together and such but it’ll take a long time for her to do it. The other Gems feel neglected and rebellions may start. The pressure of running everything and the threats to her life and her eventual paranoia would drive her to run away with a few of her favorite/loyal gems. She’s the only Diamond who’s never been alone, the other three were with her when she first emerged.

White Diamond is the oldest of the other Diamonds by far. She was alone the longest and she didn’t like it, she wouldn’t want to go back to that. She also has the most experience in running things so she’d have the colonies under control. However, she’d want to keep that control. Gem advancement would probably freeze and she wouldn’t notice her Gems becoming miserable under her over the next few years, she’d be just so busy trying to keep them in existence because that’s all she knew from the last time she was alone. Any gem that goes out of line is purged from her frozen, perfect world.


The Goddess of Apples1

Wow, this project has been waiting for too long at every step of the process. I knit this cardigan in the summer of 2015. Then it waited until winter 2016 to be photographed. And now, a full year later, it’s finally ended up here on the blog.

I got the yarn, 9 skeins of Drops Alaska, at the closing sale of a local yarn shop for the whopping price of 1€ per skein. I would’ve wanted a full ten-skein bag but, alas, nine was all that was left. To make the yarn go the extra mile, I combined it with a single skein of a now-discontinued yarn in a lovely deep pink/fuchsia. Trawling through Ravelry and the search came up with this colorwork cardigan that had been in my queue for quite a while.

This is the first time I tried steeking. It was scary but I survived using Kate Davies’ steeking tutorial. She uses crocheted steeks but I wasn’t convinced the edges were not going unravel so I did both crochet reinforcing and machine stitching, just to be on the safe side.

This is the most time ever I’ve used on finishing a knit. The steeking itself didn’t take that long but what came after it. To make the edges neat, I added an i-cord edging all the way up one front, round the neckline and down the other front. Then I painstakingly hand sewed grosgrain ribbon on the inside of the fronts to hide the steeked edges. Finally, six crochet button loops and, viola, a steeked cardigan!

1 … is what Wikipedia tells me of Iðunn: the goddess of apples and youth.

Pink Diamond

You know what would be amazing?

If Pink Diamond is more than just a newbie dictator who Rose beat to free everyone.

Imagine if she was a loving Diamond, excited about her first colony. Belly gems are associated with love, joy, and whimsy, like Navy or Steven. She’d be excited, newly formed and wide-eyed at the world around her and at everything she sees. She’d be enthusiastic to do her best, and to be a great Diamond…like the others.

We think of the Diamonds as cold and unfeeling and mean, but YD seems enraged at the existence of Earth. What if it’s because of what she lost?

Imagine three beings that are separate from their society suddenly getting a new member. Someone who was like they were once - someone new they can mentor. Imagine it like discovering you have a new, baby sister.

Imagine YD being overwhelmed by how excited and curious she is. Answering her questions about Homeworld, and delighting in her joy at being shown how to make new Gems, or at a new tower being built by a Bismuth team.

Imagine BD being stoic and pretending to be annoyed at the constant questions, the giggling and the jokes and the optimism, but secretly loving it and the attention, and seeing this new planet in a new light because of it.

Imagine WD preparing everything back home for her new Sister, who she met and instantly adored. Imagine a new grand Palace for Pink, a new Diamond Symbol, a new set of statues for the now-four Diamond Authority.

Imagine all of them talking about how much they want to show her, and telling her stories of other worlds. Imagine her glee at this, constantly asking the Pearl WD sent her about where she’s been, or telling her newest experiment, Rose Quartz, about all she’s seen, as Rose gets irritated that she’s talking about other worlds and not the one she was born on, the one she’s on now, with all its wonders she’s about to forget…

I wonder who told them. The three Diamonds at Homeworld’s Galaxy warp, waiting for their new Pink Diamond to step out and onto the Homeworld landing, to step into their greater Galaxy.

I imagine it was Jasper, stepping from the beam instead of Pink Diamond. The others know immediately from her face, as she walks, faltering, but still showing the discipline and deference ingrained in her. She utters “My Diamonds….” with a cracking voice. BD whispers “No….” YD is silent. WD is gone.

WD never orders the destruction of the new palace, though the statues and gone, the symbol left as it was, three. She hasn’t been seen in millennia. She refuses to take any new Pearls.

BD sometimes looks around, wondering why it’s so quiet. Why there are no questions. Before she remembers.

YD buries herself in her work, ignoring exhaustion and barking orders. She keeps a tab open to Earth, now a failed, abandoned colony, and the Cluster project germinating within. She’s planned the date and the perfect distance to park her ship for when it erupts, pending a certain Peridot. She wants to see it emerge in its glory, tearing free of that rock.

She’s waiting to whisper something she’s wanted to say for 5000 years.

“For you, Pink.”

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If steven did die on the ship I imagine YD would just like casually whistle and push him out into space hoping no one saw

omfg she would not ._.


my jasper pearl again

jasper absolutely condones incessantly pestering any yd subject that was never under pink diamond

they have a molasses slow relationship progression but they love and support each other


Notice the yellow background and the way their shirts form a yellow diamond? I’m starting to think Steven isn’t just comparing himself to Rose.

Jasper, the Eyeball, Yellow Diamond herself, they hurt people. That’s the role the Yellow Court has in Steven’s Life. Likewise, the most violent, abusive person Connie has ever met was Jasper, who wore the insignia proudly in the same place Stevonnie has theirs.

Steven and Connie are so caught up in these emotions not just because they’ve hurt people, but because they’re comparing themselves to the threats they’ve faced in the past: ones who lashed out not because they were scared or confused, but because they genuinely had no issue with hurting those around them

We know they’re not like that, and they do too, but the nagging feeling that you’re a threat to others, that you might unintentionally hurt the people you care about – or worse, do it on purpose – is a sick, maddening feeling. You become hyperaware of every violent or hurtful thing you’ve ever done or thought.

I’m glad Stevonnie managed to heal this episode and move past their issues by singing a song and falling a few vertical miles. If only real life were that easy for some of us

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If Steven came across a cardboard box and hides in it Metal Gear style, who will and will not notice him in it?

Amazonite and Peridot would be completely oblivious.

YD would just be very confused about what he’s doing.

When Yellow Diamond finally invades Earth

*Yellow Diamond’s ship lands in the middle of Beach City*

Crystal Gems: *pull out their weapons* Everybody stay back!

Mayor Dewey: Let me through! This is a “take me to your leader” sitatuation isn’t this?

Pearl: Wha?

*Yellow Diamond walks out with her Pearl*

Yellow Diamond: Who is this foolish human?

Mayor Dewey: I am… ehem… I am William Dewey VII, and as the leader of this little piece of Earth, I am here to give you this. *he hands YD a bunch of papers*

Yellow Pearl: What is this?

Mayor Dewey: Parking tickets. For 30 offenses of double parking. I mean, c’mon, your ship is huge!

*Yellow Diamond makes the face* (you know the one)

Yellow Pearl: My Diamond, this human is insulting you? What shall we do?

Mayor Dewey: “My diamond?”, what are you, her slave? You can’t do that! This is America. You’re on American soil, you can’t just own slaves here!

Yellow Pearl: You can’t?

Mayor Dewey: Noooo! My great-great grandpappy didn’t single-handedly win the battle of Beach City just so a bunch of magic ladies could come waltzing to America and bring back slavery.

Yellow Pearl: Well, you heard the human. I’m out of here! *Yellow Pearl gets off the ship and flips YD off on her way down*

Yellow Pearl: Where can a gem have a vacation around here?

Mayor Dewey: Here, I’ll show you!

Mayor Dewey: And don’t forget about the tickets, big piss-colored lady!

*Yellow Pearl and Mayor Dewey walk away hand in hand*

Yellow Diamond: What the hell just happened?!

Garnet: *wipes tear* democracy… *Star Spangled Banner plays in the background*

My Guess At The Weapons of the Homeworld Gems

As of Bubbled it is now confirmed that gems of the same kind do not necessarily have the same weapon. Given that most of the homeworld gems we know have been duplicates, this is some pretty interesting news.

Before I go, here are some of the rules gem weapons seem to follow

1: The term weapon is not necessarily literal: helmets, yo-yos and shields are all valid weapons
2: If a gem’s gemstone is too small or too awkwardly placed for them to reach into the weapon will simply appear in a flash of light. Since they don’t need to be drawn being removed from the stone, they are often much wider than other weapons
3: Weapons usually have a symbolic connection to their user, such as Ruby thinking with her fists, Steven wanting to protect, or wild amethyst having the weapon of a beast-tamer

Okay, let’s begin!

Yellow Diamond: Sword

This one shouldn’t be surprising. Swords are the oldest symbol we have of warfare. It also forms a sharp contrast against Steven’s shield. The sky arena even features a statue who some believe to be Yellow Diamond.

Interestingly enough, in the tarot suits and modern western mysticism, the swords are often a material symbol of elemental fire, and are used in place of an easily extinguished candle or as a ritual implement. Yellow Diamond herself seems to employ exclusively hot-head, and her mural in the Pyramid Temple shows her wreathed in a heraldic sun.

Blue Diamond: Bottomless Goblet

In The Arabian/1001 Nights, sorceresses were frequently depicted casting spells on hapless victims by splashing them with water from a chalice of crystal or silver.

Given her three motifs of water, fantasy and arabia, it seems natural that a goblet would be Blue Diamond’s weapon. Her supposed mural in the pyramid temple shows her bending water and ice in the same manner as Lapis, and a bottomless goblet would give her a limitless supply to work with

Just as swords are used as symbols of fire in tarot and mysticism, ornate goblets serve the same purpose for water, usually containing holy water, rose water, or wine

Blue Pearl: Stiletto

Blue Pearl’s given her slavery to a monarch, her sheer outfit and arabian theme, I think it’s safe to say that Blue Pearl is meant to resemble a concubine (here comes the hate mail) despite the fact that gems don’t technically have sex.

History and fiction are littered with tales of concubines and sex slaves taking up a stiletto and using it to cut the throats of their abusive masters while they sleep. We know little of Blue Pearl’s personality, but if her expression is anything to go by, she is not happy being the toy of a vile queen.

Yellow Pearl: Letter Opener

Whereas Blue Pearl may wield a knife made for regicide, Yellow Pearl would be armed with something a bit more suitable for the life that’s been forced upon her. Introduced answering her master’s phone in a nasally 1950′s accent, I think it was the intention of the writers to depict Yellow Pearl as more of a secretary than a sex slave. While I doubt homeworld uses paper envelopes, they do still use melee weapons and a sharp letter opener is lethal in the wrong hands

Doc: Breastplate

When I first started writing this theory, I originally thought Doc would get a revolver, for no reason other than a dirty harry reference (Did I fire six shots or just five?). That said, the Ruby crew were sent as a group for a reason: Rubies are relatively weak soldier intended to be fused together in order to fight, hence why they are always deployed in groups. With that in mind it stands to reason given their large numbers that the five rubies would be deployed with compatible weapons in mind.

In this case. Doc would come armed with a chestplate, and her companion rubies would fill out the suit (except for Eyeball, who provides the actual weapon)

(Also, retrospect Xiaolin Showdown was really goddamn racist)

Army: [Spiked] Pauldrons

Given her brutish personality, I originally thought that Army would wield a club. However, with the new armor model in mind, spiked pauldrons make more sense, and would allow her to bull-rush her enemies.

Incidentally, it should be noted that in the cases of gems like Army, our Ruby and Leggy, their armor need not be asymmetrical. As we’ve seen in the past, gems are capable of conjuring multiple weapons at once, and in the cases of Garnet and Pearl, they may summon both left and right-handed versions of their weapons

Leggy: Boots or Thigh Plates

Given her gem location and anxious depiction in Hit The Diamond I can’t imagine Leggey with anything other than a weapon that would let her run away. Given that Garnet and presumably Ruby’s gauntlets can fire off like rockets, I can imagine Leggy’s boot would allow her to fly around. Of course without a second boot it probably wouldn’t be possible for her to steer, but for the sake of our entertainment let’s hope she doesn’t realize that

Of the original ruby armor set I envisioned, Leggy having a boot is the only one I felt certain about. However, given her gem location it’s still very much possible that she would have a thigh plate, however, this is conditional on what weapon Navy comes armed with

Navy: Tasset or Shield

While shorts may be comfy and easy to wear, shorts made of plate steel are not. The tasset on the other hand was a more convenient protective garment. Roughly speaking it’s a skirt made of interlocking plates of metal. Given that Navy is the most feminine of the Ruby squad, I don’t think she’d have a problem wearing an armored skirt, one which would likely come up to her navel due to the given how small her torso is relative to her gemstone. In this case, Leggy would have the boots

Alternatively, Ruby could have a shield like Steven or Rose, with whom she shares her gem placement. Given her non-violent nature this is possible, but I personally like the skirt better

EDIT: I forgot to mention. The Navy above was not my own drawing. Oddly enough, a fellow fan had the same idea today, but they are a much better artist than me.

With the the five rubies combined, the resulting pentaruby would be armored shoulders to toe, with Eyeball providing the sole weapon. As an added bonus, on the off chance Jasper is uncorrupted and redeemed, she herself could easily end up leading the ruby squad given their respect for her, with her helmet topping the fusion off.

Interestingly enough, this fusion would also be compatible with our own Ruby, whose gauntlets would complete the set.