This is probably one of my favourite scenes from the show. Ever. It tells us so much of the way the Diamonds interact with one another and how they interact with the gems around them. 

When BD is rearing towards Steven, Yellow Diamond knows exactly what’s coming. She knows she’s about to be hit with a wave of Blue’s sadness.

Her eyes widen and she leans but doesn’t get up because she knows she can’t outrun it (without looking like a fool at that). 

Instead, she braces herself so that she can maintain her composure even as the tears come out.

And she never tells BD to stop crying. She lets the latter keep at it. That says a lot about the YD we know, who is running ragged because she lets Blue mourn while she works to pick up the slack for Blue and Pink Diamond.

It’s interesting too that Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl aren’t caught unaware by the wave of Blue hitting them. Rather than express shock, they’re trying to maintain their composure as well. 

They’ve likely seen this before and have experienced it as well.

Blue Pearl more than Yellow, which might be why she can hold it together a little better.

Even the Zircons below don’t express surprise the way Steven did when BD’s tears first started coming out of his eyes. At the same time, they’ve sobered up and we’re left without the taunting and face-making from earlier in the episode. This means they’ve either heard rumours of or witnessed this in the past.

What I do want to point out is the reverberating sound that comes when Blue cries. That unique ding is probably what induced the crying and Lars is unaffected by it.

That must mean that Blue’s powers, and similar gem abilities work with the use of sound waves that affect other gems via their gemstones or light bodies. 

PD’s descendant is CONNIE

Wow. Just wow.

Stranded was one of the best reveals I’ve ever seen in a cartoon.

Too bad everyone misunderstood it.

Note first and foremost who we saw playing the role of Yellow diamond in Stevonnie’s dream. Priyanka, not any woman in Steven’s life, but Connie’s own mother. In retrospect, it kind of should have been obvious seeing as this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a maheshwaran woman with diamond-shaped pupils

It’s not even the first time today

And this has been going back as far as season 1A

Note that this isn’t a stylistic thing. Steven’s eyes are stars when he’s excited. Only the Maheshwarans have those lucy-in-the-sky eyes

That’s not the only diamond resemblance either

Nor is it a secret that Connie is a future world-leader

Steven: “Because dad, I can’t stay a kid forever, when Connie grows up and becomes president what is that gonna make me? First Boy?!”

Steven’s Birthday

You want to know just how un-subtle this is?

Pink Diamond is literally the lord (well, lady) of Rose Quartzes like Steven Universe!

I mean, come the fuck on, look at the facts! Look what this explains.

Q: “Why can Connie fuse with Steven despite being human?”
A: “Because she’s gem-hybrid”

Q: “Why can Connie hold a sword made for an 8-foot woman with super strength?”
A: “Because she’s a fucking gem-hybrid!”

Q: “How did Rose know she was going to die in childbirth?”
A: “Because Connie is a fucking gem-hybrid!”

Edit:  To clarify, I don’t think Connie is half-gem or Priyanka is Yellow Diamond. I think that they both are the distant descendants of Pink Diamond and a human. At some point there must have been a (possibly male) descendant who couldn’t pass on the gem through childbirth

Edit 2: Look at this art Steven Sugar (former storyboard artist, basis for Steven and Rebecca Sugar’s brother) drew not too long ago


BD and YD have arm ships, we all know this.

There was a lot of debate on whether this was a leg ship or a hand ship knuckles.



Some people say this is a ship but I disagree. I say this is WD’s ship. So that means we have a head and chest ship and two arm ships. Meaning by process of elimination that IS a pink leg ship in the desert.

Still don’t believe me? Well let’s look at the mural.

The gem placements line up with these ships. WD’s is on her head, she has a head and chest ship. BD and YD’s are on their chest, which is where arms start, ergo they have their arm ships. And PD’s is in her hip area, so she has legs.

What does this mean? Maybe these ships combine? I dunno really. But it must mean something.

Here’s how I think it happened

It should be obvious that Yellow Diamond was involved in Pink’s assassination, but what you might have forgotten is that Rose could not have done the dirty work. If Pink was in fact shattered with a sword then Rose’s sword would have been useless since

Bismuth: “I designed this sword for a fair fight. It can cut through a Gem’s physical form in an instant! Destroying the body, but never the Gem.”

But you know who does have a sword that could shatter PD?


If Pearl was Pink Diamond’s, and still was when the shattering happened, she would have been able to approach undetected because she was supposed to be there. That wouldn’t be Pearl’s only qualification: as a Pearl, and a defective one at that, Pearl had no rights. Yellow Diamond could have her shattered on the spot and it wouldn’t have been worse that breaking her sister’s hair brush. Futhermore, if Pearl told Pink Diamond, she Pink wouldn’t believe a Pearl over her sister

If Yellow Diamond ordered her to shapeshift into Rose Quartz and kill Pink Diamond, she would have no choice. Of course, the minute Pearl realized she was the only loose end she would have been forced to flee anyways.

Everyone: “Pearl can’t shapeshift!”

Can’t she? We’ve seen Pearl change her outfit on screen before, and according to Peridot their clothing is just a part of their bodies. We’ve seen Pearl change her outfit, but she always comes up with an excuse when it comes to changing her form. What if the reason is that she vowed never to use it again after using it to kill her diamond and frame Rose

Despite all the speculation about Rose being evil or at least a sociopath, do we have any doubt that Rose would forgive Pearl on the spot? She was coerced into framing Rose for something Rose probably planned on anyway!

Rose would take responsibility for the assassination and for that act of kindness Pearl would devote herself to Rose on the spot.

Everyone: “But then why didn’t Pearl and Garnet tell Steven?”

When have the gems ever been honest with Steven? Do you really think Pearl would admit to her own son that SHE murdered someone in cold blood and then let his bio mom take the rap? For all we know, not even Garnet knew the truth!

So where does this leave us? Is this all speculation? No, look at the facts again

  • Yellow poofed her own lawyer to silence the truth
  • Pink was killed by a sword that cannot have been Rose’s
  • Someone Pink trusted must have killed her
  • Her Pearl did not warn her in advance
  • Pearl uses a sword despite her gem weapon being a spear
  • Pearl can shapeshift but makes up excuses not to
  • Pearl was the ideal assassin, because she was supposed to be there and easily coerced

Can there be any doubt that Pearl is our culprit?

I rest my case your honor

Huevember - day 1 
My brilliant, opulent, radiant, glimmering-!

as I promised this year I’m gonna make huevember! yep! and I’m gonna focus on the gems (since we actually have quite an interesting variety now)! Huevember is quite simple to understand, much like inktober, you have to make one drawing per day and each day has one main hue. you can find the original post here! I made my own color wheel with colors that suit me better, but the challenge still the same! WE CAN DO THIS!

Basically what happened in The Trial
  • <p> <b>Blue Diamond:</b> So. Who broke her?<p/><b>Everyone:</b> ...<p/><b>Blue Diamond:</b> I'm not mad. I just wanna know.<p/><b>Steven:</b> I did. I broke-<p/><b>Blue Diamond:</b> No. No, you didn't. Yellow?<p/><b>Yellow Diamond:</b> Don't look at me. Look at this Ruby.<p/><b>Eyeball:</b> What? I didn't break her.<p/><b>Yellow Diamond:</b> Funny. How'd you even know she was broken?<p/><b>Eyeball:</b> Because she was sitting right in front of me and she was broken.<p/><b>Yellow Diamond:</b> ...Suspicious.<p/><b>Eyeball:</b> No, it's not.<p/><b>Zircon:</b> I-if I may, the traitorous Pearl was Pink's Pearl...<p/><b>Yellow Pearl:</b> What are you talking about? She wasn't even under her authority!<p/><b>Zircon:</b> Oh, really? Then why is all of her things associated with pink?<p/><b>Yellow Pearl:</b> Because she was gay for Rose Quartz, everyone knows that, ZIRCON.<p/><b>Steven:</b> All right, let's stop fighting, I broke her, let me be executed, Blue Diamond.<p/><b>Blue Diamond:</b> No! Who broke her?<p/><b>Everyone:</b> ...<p/><b>Blue Pearl:</b> My Diamond... White Diamond has been awfully quiet recently.<p/><b>White Diamond:</b> REALLY?!<p/><b>Everyone:</b> [loud incoherent arguing]<p/><b>Lars:</b> ????<p/><b>BD [while no one is listening]:</b> I broke her. She wanted to save the Earth so I shattered her. I predict everyone will be at each other's throats in five minutes. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.<p/></p>