Pinky makes life
  • <p> <b>YD:</b> Pink, what are you doing?<p/><b>PD:</b> Just creating my new gem: Rose Quartz.<p/><b>BD:</b> And what powers will she have?<p/><b>PD:</b> I'm still undecided....<p/><b></b> (PD accidentally pours the "resurrection and healing powers" bag onto the new gem)<p/><b>YD:</b> Would that be a problem?<p/><b>PD:</b> Nah<p/><b></b> (Centuries later)<p/><b>Rose Quartz:</b> Long live Pink Diamond<p/><b>YD:</b> I knew it<p/></p>

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YD x Rachel, QR, 56. ~~~missing QR and SL, as always!


He’s irritated that Rachel just sent a text and didn’t call him directly. He’s out of the country, working on a resort hotel and its property in Thailand, when it comes, but he really wants to be called when problems arise at school with the kids.

So-Young got into another fight. This time Min-Jae was involved, too. It’s unclear who started it but she definitely finished it. The other girl has a few broken fingers. I’ve scheduled a meeting with the school, their teachers, and the parents of the other girl the morning you get back. I haven’t paid for anything yet. Tell me what you want to do.

Young-Do closes his eyes and tells Hyun-Shik to rearrange his schedule so he can talk to Rachel now. He briefly wonders if his father cared enough to call anyone when he got in fights in middle school. 

She answers on the third ring. “What does she say is the reason for the fight? Why did Min-Jae get involved? Was someone bullying Eun-Chae?”

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So anyway here’s a doodle comic I started but just… can’t… finish…

I probably have like a year before this variation of Pink and White Diamond are shot to bits so lemme have some fun.

I think if we were stuck in the ice age, penicillin wasn’t invented and people lived until they were 30, I could put up with marrying a man and creating children,” she says. “People say ‘life is too short’ but really, life is too long.
—  Heiress, Gigi Chao’s response to her father offering money to any man who would marry her and get her to end her lesbian relationship.