Remember the YBC and how we always had theories about what would happen next and what it all meant and the memes I miss 2013/early 2014 just because I had something to be excited for every few months

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I am not opposed to sub!Patrick, but I just can't get on board with dom!Pete

Yeah, dom!Pete is… ehhh.

But I’m not exclusive to the Peterick so that’s fine. I enjoy sub!Patrick in het pairings. Or Patrick getting abused by a third party and then comforted by Pete (again, I blame The Phoenix / Alone Together for this.)

I’m also down with Patrick as a dom though (and I blame the latter half of the YBC for this). I just prefer Patrick tied up and squirming.

When it comes to Peterick though I’m good with anything. The only thing I dislike is if they have sex several times in a fic and never switch (unless there’s a reason in the story why they don’t switch, like in this fic or this one). I do have a preference when it comes to blowjobs though: if only one of them’s gonna give head, I prefer it to be Patrick because, well.

(Basically: it’s the YBC’s fault. All of it.)

That fake kitsu was cherie who was called out for sending gore to people and faking their race and DID, and was also the admin of edgecult… Also it’s not funny when ppl make ybc joked when they actually abused people so can you all stop lol