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I saw you did MBTI types for the agency, can you do that for the Mafia too?

You got it! Another word of caution that I’m not an expert on these and I’m just basing my observations/theories off what this site offers. There’s also a bonus Odasaku and Ango since I didn’t know where I’d want to put them, so enjoy!

(Here’s the ADA’s MBTIs for anyone who missed them.)

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With your earlier response you mention Louis using D to "leave" the rock star life and I've been puzzled about this for hours. Did you mean "live"? Do you feel he is building his celebrity status or returning to hermit boyfriend (a la Eleanor)? 😘

Oh my, I meant LIVE, anon, of course! I’ve fixed it now, thank you!!

I don’t think we’ll ever get Louis pushed back in a corner, praise the Lord, but this continuous and mostly useless exposure can’t last forever…I mean, we see him almost everyday doing the same things over and over again, with no real aim, no real status building (if we exclude the very annoying and out of character lad lad lad straight football lad that is far from his more complex and round self) and especially no project or professional image to promote, which?! The shady and questionable stuff for Simon can’t be really it, can it?

I hope things settle once and for all, he gets some time to just disappear and recharge, and eventually comes back with a decently handled new image that is neither the weird kind of boyfriend that was then and now, nor the former boybander pushed in the press for no interesting reason. But the business man he has the huge potential to be, whatever field he chooses :)