OKKKKKK so these are the things that keep me successful in school ~

make ur notes as interactive + memorable as possible!!!!!!!!!!

ways to do this include: summary foldables / mind maps / revision notes / how i take notes from textbooks [humanities] + [sciences] / math lecture notes / science lecture notes / improved flashcards /  youtube playlist of my personal note taking methods

if ur procrastinating ~ try the touch it once rule

this rule LITERALLY saved me from the void of procrastination: i explained it in this video [among other procrastination tips]

make it a priority to prioritize

learning to manage ur time well is THe most important thing a student can do to succeed in school: i personally use a bullet journal but there are lots of other method [like in this post]

over lean + overstudy information!!

over learn the information. study so u can comprehend not only definitions, but the connections between terms. be able to explain the entire chapter or topic to someone who has no previous knowledge of the subject. if u can teach it to someone else, then u will definitely ace that exam. [also try brain dumping the night before a test]

get. some. sleep. pls.

i didnt rly realize until this year what an impact getting enough sleep can have on my studies but its sooOOOoooOooOOOOo important ok: tips for getting rest / how 2 wake up early / more early waking / even more earlies / sleep infographic / balancing sleep / importance @sleep / go 2 bed early af / tips 4 going to sleep / sleep calculator !!!!!

+ masterposts

hope this helped someone!!! i also have study ig and yt channel! xoxo sareena

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