Christina Aguilera fighting against double standards and slut shaming.

Now, I’m old enough to remember when Dirrty was released, everyone from celebrities to critics to yo mama called her a slut, skank, whore, hooker, etc. just because she was dancing provocatively and showing more skin. While the song and video didn’t do so good in the states (only reaching 48 on the Top 100) it was top 5 and number 1 in many European countries. I see some of the criticism Beyonce is facing and can’t help but be reminded of what Christina faced. She was labelled a slut because of her image, the way she dressed, the way she represented herself, and that everything she did was for men and was pushed aside as another “sex sells” pop bimbo. Some people even said it was an insult that she would use feminism as an excuse for her “sluttyness.” She was called a bitch because she spoke her mind about subjects that were considered taboo at the time. But she has always fought against the stigma that everything a woman does is for men and she continues to fight against double standards and continue to not give a fuck about what people think of her.

Christina has and will continue to be ahead of her time.