30 day X-men The Animated Series Challenge!

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Introducing the X-men:TAS 30 day challenge!

When I was a kid I was obsessed with the 90’s show of X-Men. I had several Wolverine action figures. I had the old Blackbird toy:

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I mean look at this thing! It was amazing!!! You bet your ass I was fighting Magneto and his evil forces in that bad boy!

Anyway, I was looking at some other blogs doing infamous 30 day challenges. I mean a month long of their favorite thing in the world, floating out on the internet for all to see? I’m game! So I wondered if there were any 30 day X-Men TAS challenges.

There was not. There was one for X-Men Evolution, which I totally loved as a tween, but this 90’s cartoon man. It needs that love and awesomeness.

So here are the rules:

Day 1: Favorite character

Day 2: Favorite friendship 

Day 3: Favorite relationship/romance

Day 4: Favorite episode

Day 5: Favorite power 

Day 6: Something epic

Day 7: Favorite story line

Day 8: Character/s you would like to have seen more of

Day 9: Favorite season

Day 10: Favorite villain

Day 11: Favorite voice actor

Day 12: Favorite moment/scene

Day 13: Favorite group (Brotherhood, X-Men etc)

Day 14: Favorite male character

Day 15: Favorite female character

Day 16: Favorite team Leader

Day 17: Least favorite relationship/romance

Day 18: Least favorite storyline

Day 19: Least favorite character

Day 20: Favorite Guest Mutant (Colossus, Nightcrawler, etc)

Day 21: Whatever you want

Day 22: Something random

Day 23: The character who is most like you

Day 24: Favorite quote

Day 25: What do you love most about X men TAS? 

Day 26: Favorite/ Best costume

Day 27: The most powerful character 

Day 28: The best form of transportation

Day 29: Favorite Toy from the Series

Day 30: Did you like X-Men  90’s Cartoon or Evolution more and why

So stick around!