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Who’s in the mood for a little Fassbender-Special?? 😉❤️✏️

PS: Next one’s in the making. Sketch is finished, now starts the colouring. 👍🏻

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Charles: Aren’t you cold?

Erik: I grew up in Germany.

Charles: Well, I grew up in New York.

Erik: Obviously, not as cold as Germany because you’re shivering.

The Germany thing is totally because I was in Germany the past ten days, which explains why there weren’t any uploads. BUT I’M BACK! Going for once a week at least here.

(I love this gif it’s so adorable😫)

Erik lehnsherr dad head-cannons!:

•Erik used to talk to your bump and kiss it goodnight

•Erik helped you through the pregnancy, got you whatever you wanted when you needed it

•When you gave birth to yours and Erik’s child he was so proud of the both of you

•Erik cherished your child the most as you were the only relationship where he truly loved the mother

•Erik likes to multitask with your child so when he/she is eating he uses his power to feed him/her with the spoon whilst he does another thing

•Erik can’t help but buy a new toy every time he sees one he thinks would be good for your child

•Erik likes to help him/her draw and likes to play with the toys he had bought her/him

•Erik likes to play outside with your son/daughter and so he built a park in your back garden

•Erik reads bed time stories to your son/daughter

• he carries him/her to bed every time she/he falls asleep somewhere other than her/his bed

•as soon as your son/daughter was old enough, Erik helped him/her control their powers

•Erik likes to show off how beautiful your baby is and shows him/her off around the mansion (especially to Charles)

•whenever your son/daughter has a bad dream Erik goes and lies in their bed until they fall asleep but by that time he falls asleep too

•you get to watch both your babies sleeping and cuddling together

•Erik does anything for your child and doesn’t let anything ever happen to them

(Let me know if you want a fic from this, I just thought head cannons would be better?)


Here’s another art in progress, as you requested. 😊✏️
Since everybody is talking about that bear head scene, I decided to choose this one. 😄😄😄

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