if you haven’t, you should (part xxiii)

Twenty-third  installment of my Olicity-centric Arrow fanfiction recommendations, parts: I, II, III, IV, V, VI,VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI,  XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI, & XXII.

  1. A Soul Lost at Sea by TinaDay3W. Olicity historical romance AU written by one of my faves. I’d die of happiness but then I wouldn’t get to read @tinaday3w‘s latest endeavor and that would make me sad because I love each and every tale she has gifted us with and already this one is absolute perfection and a must read.
  2. Piece of Always by @so-caffeinated & @dust2dust34. FICoN lives on this inter-connected collection of future one-shots. Married Olicity with their awesome kids, oh hell yeah!
  3. god knows we’re worth it by callistawolf. A certain nosy reporter tries to make trouble for Oliver and Felicity. S5 compliant/speculation three-fer. @callistawolf knocks it out of the park as always.
  4. Only One Thing by SuperSillyAndDorky06. In case you missed it @supersillyanddorky06 is back. Hallelujah. Praise the dear lord baby Jesus. And not only is Matty updating her WIPs (FIREBIRD most recently thank goodness!) she is delighting us with marvelous S5 inspired one-shots like this one.
  5. Current!Verse series by adiwriting. I love @adiwriting‘s Mutant!Felicity verse. It is magical, awesome, moving and if you’re not reading it for shame. Most recent installments include Surrender and Heavy, along with a collection of pre-Arrow timeline Mutant!Felicity vignettes: Undone.
  6. Little Bird Blue by AlexiaBlackbriar13. AU. Oliver finds a wounded kestrel in his lair that he nurses back to health having no idea that the bird is actually a shape-shifted Felicity Smoak. Such a beautiful and humorous tale. Once again @alexiablackbriar13 nails it.
  7. Geas Wolf by SquidbillyBritt. Werewolf AU. Injured and trapped in his wolf form Oliver Queen thinks death is imminent. Then he is unexpectedly rescued by the woman who just so happens to be his mate. Too weak to transform, he must wait to track her down. Or alternatively Felicity Smoak has no idea what to do with the hot stranger who approaches her at a party.
  8. Canaries by kyrieanne. Magical realism coffee shop AU. Oliver and Felicity meet at the new coffee shop Canaries owned by Laurel Lance, her sister Sara and Sara’s girlfriend Nyssa and sparks fly.
  9. Earth-X series by smoakenarrow. Earth-2 Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are very different from the counterparts we know. What happens when the two sets of Olicity meet?
  10. Our Version of Events by geneeste, MachaSWicket. Celebrity fake dating AU. Pop star Felicity Smoak needs to shed her teenybopper image, while bad boy actor Oliver Queen needs to appear more wholesome. Their agents think the perfect solution is a media relationship between the two. Such trope-y goodness with not so hidden depths from @geneeste & @machawicket.
  11. we used to be friends (a long time ago) by DemiC. A Veronica Mars inspired twist on Arrow. Yep, it is just as amazing as it sounds.
  12. When Did I Become A Cliche? by A_BadSpellr. Season 2 AU. To help prop up QC and get the Queens back in the Dearden side of the family’s good graces, Oliver needs to put in an appearance at family wedding. One problem: he needs a date. Thea and Moira think Felicity is the perfect companion and if they have their way things will finally stop being platonic between the two partners. Scheming Queen ladies is so much fun!!!

Sort of a shameless plug, but @alexiablackbriar13 and I are co-writing fic chess together. If you haven’t been keeping up with our individual rounds here on Tumblr you can find the collected rounds on AO3 as Ipso Facto. We’re writing a back-half of season two AU and we’ll be posting chapter 2 once Lexi gets back from vacation.

Siel: Part Fifteen


Authors Note: This is the first time I’ve EVER written anything like this so please be kind!

Finding living quarters in the mountains, they decided to camp in the caves for the night, leaving for ornyth in the morning.

When they were finally alone, Sam confronted Ciel, “Why didn’t you tell me that we were mates?”

“What was I supposed to do? Just go up to you and say “oh hey, I know we’re only twenty-two and nineteen but how about we just share our immortality for the rest of our lives?’ No. I wanted you to live life however you wanted. Without the pressure of a mating bond weighing down on your heart. I wanted you to want to be with me because you chose it.  But about the bond, what do you want to do?”
He looked into Ciel’s eyes. He was radiating heat. Of want. Of something deeper. But he knew he wouldn’t do anything if Sam didn’t want to. He’d wait. Decades. Centuries. He knew it.
Sam had his answer, You.”

And that was all it took.


Ciel shredded Sam’s clothes and he shredded his. Raking his gaze down the length of him, Sam grinned. He was pure warrior.   He gently, gently grazed his canines up Ciel’s neck, biting his earlobe. Goosebumps lined Ciel’s arms as he arched his back, breathing, “dick.”

Sam chuckled darkly.

Ciel pushed Sam back onto a bed, and mounted  him. His claws cutting into Sam’s chest, drawing blood, marking him as his, “You’re mine,” He kissed down along the marks, working his way down. Sam’s skin started to radiate heat, his magic making his skin glow. He arched his back, I’m yours.

Keeping his eyes on his, Ciel slowly trailed his tongue down the length of him and took it into his mouth. Sam let out a curse.


Sam reached around Ciel, grabbing his cock, his canies narrowly biting into the v of his neck, “Your mine,” he murmured

“I’m yours.”

Ceil turned around and Sam wrapped his arms around Ciel’s legs, hoisting him up and pressed him up into the wall. Ciel wrapped his arms around Sam’s neck clawing his back.

Thier lips connected, he tasted blood, as he entered. Ciel groaned into Sam’s mouth. The mountains around them quaked as he released.

‘Cute’ Couples

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x (Female) Reader

Warnings: None? Fluff

Word count: 1,226

Summary: 10.XIII - Our best friends are that awful ‘cute’ couple that make-out in public and call each other “sweetie” and “sugar” and “babe” and god they’re awful let’s talk about how awful they are – develops into “shit we’re the awful couple now”

A/N: So Rhodey is dating someone named Harper because I don’t recall him being involved with anyone or him having a specified sexual orientation? If he is let me know and I’ll make adjustments!

@midnightinkdreams, thank you for requesting!

You never, NEVER mean for it to happen. It can’t happen. You aren’t that kind of person. Neither is he. It wouldn’t happen in a million years. Right? Right?

All you did was say what you disliked.

“Y/N, come on, get up.” Bucky tapped your calf, trying to rouse you from your very comfortable position on the sofa.
“What? Why?” You buried your face deeper into the pillow.
“It’s almost dinner time.”
“So?” Bucky lifted up your legs and sat down, letting them come down to rest in his lap, his fingers curling gently around your ankles. “We promised Rhodey that we’d go out with him and Harper.”
“Why did we do that? They’re such a gross couple.”
“I thought you said they were cute? Isn’t that the general consensus?”
“It was until they started calling each other “baby,” and “sugar pie,” and “stud” in literally every sentence. It’s so annoying. Like, if he’s your age, he isn’t a baby.” You turned over so you were laying on your back, legs still propped up in his lap.

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