The Erlenmeyer Flask - Episode 24. We’ve reached the end of season one, X-Philes! For the thrilling finale, I went with a classic vibe. It was fun creating the cartoonish Mulder and Scully peaking out from behind the flask.

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the signs as weird shit my bro has said ((inspired by asexualls))
  • <b>aries:</b> *quoting south park* RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH<p><b>taurus:</b> do you ever smell your own farts<p><b>gemini:</b> im so disappointed in batman<p><b>cancer:</b> *sighs dreamily* I love anime<p><b>leo:</b> mom, what's a nutsac? dad said I smelled like one<p><b>virgo:</b> *whispers* dont talk to him, he's a hippie<p><b>libra:</b> dont tell mom I swore, but. I fucking love harry potter<p><b>scorpio:</b> *replying to character on tv* ooh tell me what big boy<p><b>sagittarius:</b> you didn't know blockbuster like I did<p><b>capricorn:</b> I love aliens so much, I might die (we were watching xfiles jesus christ)<p><b>pisces:</b> it's over 9000!!!!! *farts*<p><b>aquarius:</b> *whispers* levi ackerman..<p>

Sometimes I can hardly remember the sad world we lived in without the announcement of The X Files revival. But sometimes I wake up sweating thinking it can’t possibly be true.

anonymous asked:

what tv shows have you watched/would suggest (other than the xfiles, because you obviously like that one)

shows that I watch currently are: broadchurch, downton abbey, halt and catch fire, hannibal, haven, marvel’s agent carter, marvel’s agents of shield, sherlock, and the fall

lol i enjoyed that episode of x-files

mulder: could be witchcraft

scully: well i don’t see any sign of it

mulder [hoping she’d need his help]: maybe you don’t know what you’re looking for

[scully launches into extensive and detailed list of different types of witchcraft]

mulder: marry me

and then he’s pining for the whole episode, calling her up, trying to go for the “scientific” explanation in order to show that hey, he can switch roles too scully please, please, please need my help, scully