Fic Aesthetics: Riptide

Wow, where do I even start with the genius that is the Terra Firma series by @malibusunset-xf-blog – and rest assured that her latest installment, Riptide, does not disappoint. In fact, I may be low-key obsessed with it. Which is why I had to make this! I was inspired by the beautiful setting of the Martha’s Vineyard lighthouse I fell in love with in the series. This story is sure to break your heart, then put it back together again and make it three times larger.

I also put together a short playlist of songs that reminded me of Riptide. Hope you enjoy!

1. Lapsley, Hurt Me // 2. The National, About Today // 3. Tegan and Sara, Where Does the Good Go? // 4. The xx, Chained // 5. Florence + The Machine, Shake It Out // 6. Sia, Footprints // 7. The Shins, Simple Song // 8. Mumford & Sons, There Will Be Time


   So this is the product of alcohol and the chat/re-watch of “Ice”  I am sorry in advance for this disaster but here it is…….

You.  Who do you think you are?  Inserting yourself not only into The X-Files, but my life.  You were just suppose to be a visitor, a passerby, just another face that laughed at me, told me I was crazy, then moved on.

  Now here we are in the arctic, set adrift from not only the science you hold so dear, but the safety net of all your theories.  Surrounded by violence, tamped down by accusations and innuendo.

  What is it I am suppose to feel when you place your delicate doctor’s hands on my neck, silently pleading that I haven’t become infected.  Should I deny the rousing inside of me, telling me to trust you, hold onto you, never let you go.  Or should I lash out, deny you, tell you that you are just like them, trying to implicate me, destroy me.  It would be the smart thing to do Scully, the right thing to do.  Someone sent to spy on me, who in a cruel twist of fate is asking for my trust.  Whether out of habit or simple need I believe in you.  Damn the consequences, damn your agenda.  Because tonight when I felt your hands on me, I felt the truth.  That you were going to be the only person I could rely on, not just now, not just in this case, but in my life.  I trust you Scully.  I feel the confession reverberate through my veins, tormenting me not just under these desolate arctic stars, but beneath all of the cosmos.

  We have to make it out of here alive, I tell myself.  Not just for the sake of survival, not just for the sake of the truth, but for the sake of you. 
You are my new X-File Scully.  I will not give up until I have solved you.

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