my favorite episode of s1 xfiles is fire b/c its literally just scully watching mulder and his ex snipe at each other and say “yikes” to herself

ES: What are you guys gonna do the night the XF airs? I’m already trying to figure it out. A part of me wants to legit sit there, with snacks, in the dark, by myself (well and RM of course) and just enjoy every freaking minute of it. No phones. No computer. No internet. But the other part of me doesn’t want to miss anything online! This is so hard! 

We didn’t have these decisions the first time around! Our family computer was in a totally different part of the house. You physically could not watch TV and be online at the same time! And why would we want to be? Everyone else was doing the same thing. 

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what are your top 5 favorite xfiles fics?

This is tough to answer because there are SO MANY amazing fics in this fandom!

Personally, my favorite fics are the ones that really make me think, make me question everything. I tend to be partial to old school fics and I’ll try to rec some that I haven’t seen mentioned a bunch of times.

I rec’d The Other Man yesterday. It is one of my all time favorites because it forces you to question everything. Another fic like this is Pentimento. Be ready for some serious recovery after these.

Blinded by White Light is up there. It’s one of my favorite Post-Colonization fics because it is so different. dashakay was nice enough to answer me yesterday about the origins of the idea behind it all. Check out her response after you read it!

Those three are pretty heavy, so I’ll give you a couple lighter ones.

I Have Known A Boy Named Fox and a Man Named Mulder isn’t mentioned often. Mulder gets rushed to the hospital and regresses in age. Scully has to care for him as he ages up again from 3 years old. It is fascinating.

The last one I’ll rec for now is novel length. Erlona’s Heart has Mulder and Scully shipwrecked on an island while Scully battles cancer. There is a mystery to this island, with mist and backstory.

I’ve read so many great fics over the last 21 years, I’d be happy to rec more any time you like, anon!

Happy Reading :)


So here’s a thing I made. 
Should’ve been my senior animation, tbh. 

I want an xfiles episode where scully hugs mulder under his coat and stands on his shoes and buries her face in his shirt. So mulder just buttons up his fucking massive 90s coat and walks around with scully’s legs hanging out and her shoes digging into his loafers. and he has like this muffler of red hair peeking out of his collar and they solve the crime with scully hissing science into mulder’s chest.


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ok so we have taekai as my lockscreen bc im trash and i love that photo lbr and then wallpaper is haku’s dragon form from spirited away and 15 MESSAGES IM IGNORING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE haha haaa hahaha. i never check notifs im terrible lmao….. hmu on snapchat for annoying and constant pics&vids of my cats and xfiles documentations 

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