ive got some emojis requests and this is the moment i shyly admit….i have …never…watched …..the x files
all my xfiles knowledge comes from that simpsons ep….

Ode to the Fandom

‘Twas the summer of revival and Philes were scared

They bombarded their tumblrs with all they despaired

From wig gate to O’Malley, the spoilers leaked

And collectively everyone totally freaked

“Oh god no! Don’t do this, you bastard CC!”

“Why must you fuck with our one OTP!?”

They cried and they drank and they screamed at their screens

They could not even laugh at Duchovny’s memes

Do not despair fandom, please I implore

You know that we‘ve been through this shit before

Remember the train car and gunshot to the head?

Remember when we thought that Mulder was dead?

Recall that one time the office burned down

And Scully’s face when The Fowl One came around

Remember brain surgery, abductions and death

Before I add William, please take a breath

We’ve been through more hell then I can list here

The point is that there is nothing to fear

Our agents always come through and survive

Even in darkness they manage to thrive

So focus on Gillovny ‘cause that shit is rad

Forget about spoilers and darkness and Tad

January will come and you all will see

MSR will come through to grace your TV

Watch on rebel901.tumblr.com

Short video of DD filming today in Vancouver

David Duchovny Set Photos - X-files Revival

David Duchovny Set Photos – X-files Revival

From yvrshoots.com

There are also several set photos floating around on Twitter/Tumblr. It’s unclear who originally took those photos but we won’t repost them here without giving photo credit. We know a lot of Xphiles and Duchovniacs were stressing out yesterday over rumors from spoiler leaks. Hopefully this will help ease the pain..and remember TRUST NO1!

Mulder G-Man hair on fleek!


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