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On The Run, Scully’s Journal

Entry 1

I guess in so many ways we belong in the dark.  Running.  Our lives together it would seem always reflected that. That we are in some way undeserving, less than, not allowed the  same chances everyone else receives when it comes to love, happiness and normalcy.  But then it wouldn’t be us if we were allotted any such a luxury.  As I sit in the dark of yet another motel room watching you sleep, cursing you and worshiping you all at once.  Blaming you for a life I so willingly chose so long as I stood at your side.  Trying to tamp down the voice in my head telling me, you aren’t enough.  Not compared to everything you made me leave behind.  My mother, William.  Always William.  The wound that will never close, I would never allow it to.  Then I curse myself, because without you what will I have left.  What will have been the point.  So maybe it is just selfish need that keeps me clinging to you.  Clawing at your heart trying desperately to hold it in my hands, that I may justify everything. Something tangible, a payment so to speak for all I have lost.  Squeezing and squeezing until I’m certain you are suffocated by the same pain as I.  Fruitless and damaging I know.  The problem is the pain is starting to overshadow the love, and the only thought I’m left with: HERE LIES THE WORLD’S GREATEST LOVE AFFAIR.  IT KILLED THEM.

Entry  2

Entry 3

Entry 4

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Entry 6

Entry 7

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Entry 9

Unofficial pre-WE coffee huddle!

The past 9 months, I’ve been lucky enough to meet, via fandom, women from all over the world who have become some of my closest friends. With people flying into my city from all over, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to connect with more of you!

I can’t hang about after the event but if anyone is around in the afternoon and would like to come and share a drink and a moment, to talk about the book and their life and anything else that comes up, I’ll be in the BFI cafe all afternoon, super casual, and would love if you dropped by.

Fandom not required, just positive female energy! Message me if you’re worried/shy/have questions and I hope to see lots of you.

( @dangerscully @chileananderson @so-called-xfiles @scullbagg may also be in attendence, schedules allowing!)

TXF rewatch

@xfile-cabinetx @sure-fine-whatever-nerd @kateyes224 @mobygirl21 @defnotmeyo @imasquint @thethirstisoutthere @lepus-arcticus @i-just-knew1013

So I know @startwreck is doing some screen caps (because she loves us) but tonight was epic and I had time so I found some non episode related rewatch quotes. Flor you are on here way too much. 

Jen_xfile-cabinetx: I may or may not have had an afternoon delight
Bailey Jo_sure-fine-whatever-nerd: MOM YOU KNOW I AM HERE

Lila_startwreck: when I first dipped my toes into the fandom there were two legends of fanwork that I was immediately made aware of: 1. chili’s fic. 2. msrafterdark


Jen_mobygirl21: If Hank Moody was your spirit animal you would have just fucked him then and there

Flor_Defnotmeyo: However I did take my frustrations out on a gentleman named Daniel, who I don’t specifically remember but who left me a very nice note the next day.
Flor_Defnotmeyo: The note said, “Hi Daniel, we had sex. I didn’t steal anything. Call me. XXX-XXX-XXXX”

Clarice_contrivedcoincidences6: Mulder probably has slide shows that he uses as foreplay
kristin_kateyes224: Dramatic slideshows = foreplay

Jill_imasquint: Scully can point the laser pointer where she wants his mouth
Jill_imasquint: Or put it on mulder for her mouth

mel_thethirstisoutthere: y'all notice how the evolution of scully’s suits is like… she wears suits s1 waiting for mulder to make a move and its clear he wont
mel_thethirstisoutthere: so she just wears pantsuits until s7 when they fucking and then its skirts all the time?
leigh_lepus-arcticus: skirts are easier access mel

Flor_Defnotmeyo: Hand veins and forearm veins do it for me.
Flor_Defnotmeyo: And bicep veins.
Flor_Defnotmeyo: And penis veins.

Flor_Defnotmeyo: Scully hates his scruff in season 1. It’s not professional. In season 2 she hates his scruff because it means he’s worn out and tired. In season 3 she hates it because they’ve hard a hard case. By season 4 she hates it because she can’t picture it anywhere else but scraping up her thighs.

juli_i-just-knew1013: This is the one where I get to see my *current* bathroom tile(because it’s that old)

Sorry if I missed something funny you said. You guys cracked me up tonight. @therobbinsnest I didn’t have you on here specifically but your responses to everything tonight made me laugh so hard! 

.:*☆ scully icons .:*☆

You can use for whatever and you don’t have to credit me, I just made these because I was having a panic attack and needed something to do to distract myself lololololol

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