26-02-2017 @民间艺人金博洋: first asian winter games 🥈 hahaha i have regrets, the difference was just one point 😓 but i popped the 4S and gave the opportunity away, i’ll take it as a lesson 😂 in a month at the world championships, go all out again, fight again 💓 i know where my weakness are, a stronger and more complete me is a me that won’t give in [doge emoji] see you in a month at the world championships [doge emoji] only your own strength is true strength 😳😳😳 go, folk artist [doge emoji x3]  💓💓💓

Okay but



Mikuni : Ah, Abel! Forgive this sinful me! My very existence is too perfect for this world! With just one look can fascinate everyone. I have a handsome face, a good lineage, and I’m smart too!

Tsuyuki : Your personality is bad, though.

AAAAAHHHH I JUST LOVE THESE TWO SO MUCH XD Thanks again to @canthydefromthelicht for sending me the link! x3


“Well, there was a blind Mudkip named Snufkin who was a friend of my dad. Unlike all my other friends, he taught me a lot of things. I think he was very wise. He found a trainer some time ago, but I know he’s well wherever he is. Because of him, I started to draw. He loved to draw how he imagined the world now because before he wasn’t blind.”

“I think Mudkips are always very cool! I like to hang out with them when mom allows me to do it. We even took a photo of ourselves!

@mudkip654 @occasional-mudkip

“Seriously, we are just good friends you all”

(Hey, hmm, Marshie’s mod and I were talking about all the shipping situation, and to be honest, we feel kind of uncomfortable with that. I know that it is normal for most of the people on Tumblr and other social media to ship characters and all, I get it, but please don’t do that with them. Also (if we talk about the character) Misa wouldn’t be in a romantic relationship with anyone because she can’t stand constant physical contact, hugs, kisses and all. We mods just like to draw them together, as friends, and that’s all. x3 -And in my case I love Marshie, so I found an excuse to draw them constantly. x3- So we would appreciate if you can stop sending asks about that. We hope you can understand)

Tiny jerza baby: Sieg Scarlet, enjoying a nap curled up in his crip x3. Created by my dear @bellagill92 whose name was a very long awaited revelation in which i have a hand since I cheered her up to keep Sieg’s name for the little redhead <3 (I think is the perfect name!)

You can find stories about this cute baby over here, very recommendable if you want to put a smile in your face and lots of cute fluffy feels in your heart (it’s like watching kitten videos!)

Hope you like this dear! <3

Coming Out (x3) || Core Four

Prompt from anon: hey there! could you do a lil fic (however long you want) or a oneshot or somehthing (im not sure ahout fanfic terminologies im so sorry) where someone from the core four comes out which spurs jughead to come out as ace and so does the reader? (ace reader just in case that didnt make sense im sorry) thanks in advance, and if this doesn’t fit the guidelines, im sorry, also have a good day!! x :D

A/N: I’ve never written a coming out fic before, so I hope this is okay. I hope I did this prompt justice. If anything’s offensive in it, PLEASE tell me so I can fix it/take it down. Again, I’ve never written anything like this before so I don’t know if I got the internal thoughts correct. I’d like to thank @siriusly-lupine for basically giving me all the ideas for this fic. I had no idea how to write this prompt and she came in and saved the day. Thank you, Diana. 

Gif by @joelshammonds


“Okay,” Veronica began, mouth filled with fries. “I’m just gonna say it. I’m bisexual.”

You choked on your drink.

What? She just told everyone? Just like that? You could barely form the words “I’m asexual” in your head, let alone speak them.

Betty rose her eyebrows at Veronica’s words.

“Really?” she asked.

Veronica nodded as she grabbed her milkshake, taking a sip. Betty thought about this for a second, smiling bashfully as she remembered the kiss the two of them shared. Maybe it actually meant something.

“Wow, Ronnie, that’s great.” Archie said, smiling, not really sure what to say. He was Archie after all.

Jughead smirked a little and looked down, beginning to fidget slightly. He cleared his throat.

“Well, since it looks like it’s show-and-tell today, I guess I’ll come out as well. I’m asexual.” he said.

This time Archie was the one who choked on his drink. Betty’s eyes widened and Veronica grinned. Your breath caught in your throat. Jughead was asexual?

“Way to go, Juggie!” Veronica cheered.

Jughead smiled shyly at her words.

“Thanks.” he mumbled.

You, Archie, and Betty offered him similar words.

Jughead was asexual. You weren’t alone. You weren’t alone. You weren’t alone!

“Anyone else wanna come out?” Archie joked, breaking you out of your thoughts and everyone laughed.

Everyone except you.

You swallowed the lump in your throat as you tried to steady your trembling hands. Betty noticed you slightly shaking and frowned.

“Y/N, are you okay?” she asked.

Everyone stopped laughing at Betty’s tone and looked over at you. Jughead frowned.

“Y/N? What is it?” he asked worriedly.

You swallowed again as everyone’s eyes bore holes into you.

“I-I have something to say as well.” you said.

Your four friends were quiet as you tried to speak the words that were on the tip of your tongue.

“I-I’m asexual too,” you finally said. “L-Like Jughead.”

You were silent as you waited for the group’s response. What if they just thought you were copying Jughead? What if they thought you were lying? What if—

“You go, girl.” Veronica said.

You looked up at the black-haired girl who was smiling widely at you.

“Thank you, Veronica.” you said quietly, a smile making its way onto your face.

“I’m so proud of you, Y/N!” Betty said, making you smile wider.

“Ditto.” Archie said.

“Thanks, guys.” you said softly.

Jughead was looking at you with a gobsmacked expression on his face.

“H-How did I not know?!” he exclaimed, letting out a breathless laugh, the corners of his mouth beginning to turn up.

This time everyone laughed, including you. You shrugged as you took another sip of your milkshake.

“Didn’t know with you either. Guess this makes us even.” you said, bumping your shoulder to his.

Jughead smirked and bumped you back.

Archie smirked as he looked around the table.

“So… Anyone else?”


A/N: I hope this wasn’t too short! Please let me know what you thought! Thank you!


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Can i say i am ridiculously happy abt the threadbanger post?! (And yes, rob is more likely to break his own legs sheesh HAHAH) Also have a nice day!! You deserve it for bringing happy to so many people!!!!!!

I’m glad! I’ve been watching a lot of threadbanger lately, haha. Wanted to get them in the blog somehow. :3

Freakin’ Rob should not be allowed to touch anything without supervision. XD

Aw, I hope that you have a nice day, too! Thank you for the kind words, friend. X3

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Goth in a Victorian/Lolita Goth Dress :3
Never leave Jace bored, she will draw dudes in girly clothes XD
Pff, nah i do that anyways :‘3
Hnnn, I'mma draw more Goth in dresses just because X3
Goth belongs to @nekophy

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(Well, first of all, I do the lineart)

(Then I delimit where I want my color. I use the bucket to color when I finish the lines)

(Add the pink things in her hair)

I create another layer above the one with the color, and I use the option “Clipping group” so the shadows won’t go outside my original color)

(In the same layer I add the “effects” using that brush)

(I create 2 more layers. One in luminosity for the necklace and the other for the eyes)

(The last thing I do is to add shadow to the eyes. For that, I create another layer in shadow mode and clipping group. And in the lineart layer I add the white lines)

(I hope you find this useful! I think it is really easy and fast to do, and that’s why most of the time I am able to finish my drawings in around 20-25 minutes) x3

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Welp. Just imagine what will happen if... Lil' Sansy meets your Asriel XD A total disaster I guess? :B

oh my gosh XD yeh…it would be a disaster X3 and if he met my Frisk…I dunno, this Frisk can be a bit of a pyromaniac when startled 


Ok x3 When I found the phrase in the english version, I saw the word “gay” and I couldn’t help it to paint this XD
I understand that “gay” is an old word of “happy”, but in spanish is translated as “colorful”

Anyway, Beloved is beautiful with anything on his head. With a turkey also <3  XDDDDDDD

Hope you like it!

Robin Hobb © Rote

No spoilers, please. I know who is Bee, a part of ending of Fool’s Fate , and a bit details of Fool’s assassin and Fool’s quest. In fact, I know everything that happens to the Fool. I don’t know when will be published Fool’s fate in Spain.