“First things’s first. Thank You for 300+ Followers!

To be truthful I never believed that this blog would get far and for that I thank all of you. Everyone here has been so supportive and thus Mun has come to a bypass and decided to let me, Kaitou KID, hold a heist!

Now here is where you all come in. Find out when my heist is-No worries, Mun’ll name the gem, my note however has the time, and date hidden into it.

If you guess correctly Mun will make a full story post on my heist. If not-you’ve just let the great Phantom Thief collect another reward (ke ke ke).

See you next illusion.”

Heist Rules

      Liking this post (or reblogging it if you’re a sideblog and I’m following said side blog) means you’re a-okay with me making random starters for you; popping into your inbox in-character and generally just giving me permission to be a pestering roleplay partner <3 Sometimes I might be silly when I do things for/with you; other times it might be angsty or serious, but over-all I just wanna use this as a way to let me know who’s comfortable with me doing things out of the blue with them : >

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(Side blog)Bloodredmedic: “Watch where you’re going.” ((Hello!))


Scout did indeed bump into the Medic. It was his fault, but he wasn’t going to outright admit it. Besides, the remark the older man made forced his mood to be much more sour than it was. He gave a glare to him and raised his bat, trying to look much more threatening than he actually was. Oh, how he hated doctors. He hissed loudly at the man.

“No man, I think you need to watch where you’re goin’! You need to replace them glasses of yours since they suck so bad, just like you!”

Well that was a fun treadmill run!!! I ran non stop for 1.17 miles trying to finish up before the thunderstorms moved in!! Then I immediately hopped in the shower just in case we lost power!! =)
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Phantom Traveler (Part 3): Just Try to Shut Up

[Part 1] [Part 2]

A/N: OKAY WOW. This took a lil longer to put up and that is because of many reasons that you’re probably aware of if you follow my blog hehe, but here you go, babies <3 I’ll hopefully return to my usual routine now ayy. With that being said, keep your eyes peeled for that one shot that you voted for!! As usual, there’s still one more part to go but I am opening requests for the next episode that is Bloody Mary and you can send those in right here! Word count’s 3087! Enjoy, cuties <3

-Chrissy x

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Dead, I'm sleep deprived and annoying but listen. Lem and Dark eventually become gruff friends, and they really get along (Especially after a few (hundred) shared beers) but they still stab each other. And it eventually becomes a game XD

Sounds legit.