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hayley. look up the lyrics to david bowies "hello starboy". hello rbb, we've missed you! x

it’s actually “hello spaceboy” but oh my god

(Hallo) Spaceboy,
you’re sleepy now
Your silhouette is so stationary
You’re released but your custody calls
And I want to be free
Don’t you want to be free
Do you like girls or boys
It’s confusing these days
But Moondust will cover you
Cover you

This chaos is killing me

So bye bye love
Yeah bye bye love
Bye bye love
Yeah bye bye love
This chaos is killing me

And the chaos is calling me
Yeah bye bye love


This chaos is killing me [x2]

Yeah bye bye love
Bye bye love
Good time love
Be sweet sweet dove
Bye bye spaceboy
Bye bye love

Moondust will cover you [repeat ad. inf]

this is my own personal list of actions we can take to sustain this resistance. it is personal and small and i am but a wee anxious and depressed 20yo but this is how i see my role.

  • vote. volunteer for your candidate when the time comes. donate. phone bank. knock on doors. reach out and see if the campaign needs anything. there’s something you can do.
  • contact your representatives. call, email, write individual handwritten human letters to your member of congress’s DC office. visit their field office in your district. call, email, and write letters to the field office.
    • repeat this for your state representatives.
    • personally i feel that flooding your senator’s office is less important, but that may be because i’m from california and i trust my senate moms
  • stay updated. know where your representatives stand. i recommend setting up a google alert for your member of congress (and your state representative)(and local city government officials if you wanna get Serious)
  • stay updated x2. connect with facebook/other social media groups that post community/protest/demonstration events in your area. read the local news. find a community organizing group for your community (that sounds hard, but it’s easier than you think - my university’s college democrats club is a great place to meet people involved in community organizing and find out how to contribute)
  • show up. when you can. sometimes it will be hard.
  • if you ever have the good fortune to hold a place of privilege and relative power, use it. do little things. 
  • talk. constantly talk. never stop talking. make everyone hear it. everyone needs to know how important this is to you.
  • protect, respect, and support. your friends, and people you do not know but for whom you care, will have a harder time than you will because of the color of their skin or their country of origin or their citizenship status or a billion other things. protect their rights, respect their experience, and support them even when they’re not there. give emotional support when that’s the only thing you find you have left.
    • be kind. be generous. when you have that which you can give, though it will not always be easy to know when you have something to give and when you don’t, give it. do it. let the energy and solidarity of others who are with you in the struggle fill you up. be moved.

finally, cuz it bears repeating:

  • vote. every election. no matter how small. get informed, show up, and vote. get others registered. make sure they vote too.
  • vote.

Sunday Progress Update (X2…because I forgot to do it last week):

Last week wasn’t the awesomest like I promised, but I have to remember that being active and working out six days a week is not terrible. In fact, it’s pretty damn good. And, this week, I was active every day! And, I’m not that bummed about the snack thing because they’ve been healthy snacks (I’m currently obsessed with mini cucumbers dipped in hummus–so good)! Since instituting this little checklist, I’ve been so happy with the improvement in positive habits!

I spent yesterday at my parents’ house. I’m not ready to talk/post about how that went…but I will say I’m quite happy that I spent today at home. I meal-planned, grocery shopped, had brunch with my little family, and then cleaned and (finally) packed away Christmas.

Now, I’m retreating to my reading corner for a bit while the husband and Conner finish whatever they’re doing in the wood shop/our garage. 😍📚☕️ By the way, those of you who asked, I quite enjoyed 11/22/63! And, I’m now reading Against Empathy…which I totally bought because the title made me curious.


Wardrobe Post 3- Lavender and Ivory JSKs and Black and White OPs
Sax/Navy Main Pieces
Black JSKs

Alice and the Pirates- Vampire Requiem Long jsk (2009)
Alice and the Pirates- St. Mephisto Cathedral jsk (2010)
Innocent World- Antique Violet Tuck jsk (2016)
Angelic Pretty- Day Dream Carnival Tiered jsk (2013)
Alice and the Pirates- Scent of Rapunzel jsk II (2011)
Alice and the Pirates- Paraiso du un Unicorn jsk I (2013)
Metamorphose temps de fille- Feather Cross Embroidery OP x2 (2008)
Moi Meme Moitie- Iron Gate OP (2006)

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Hiya! Ana ( @flowindia ) and I are really excited to present to you the City Awards! We both love travelling and thought this would be a great idea :) we hope you are as excited as we are xx


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  • Lisbon: Ana’s fave
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Hard Carry - GOT7     (x2)

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Name/Nickname: Kat 
Gender: Female
Star sign: Capricorn 
Height: 5′5
Sexual orientation: Bisexual 
Hogwarts House: 
Favourite color: Pink. (Orange is a closeish second.) 
Favourite animal: Horses. (Dragons if they were real.) 
Average hrs of sleep: Ermmm… Six. That’s about the average. 
Cat or dog person: Dog
Favorite fictional characters: No one wants to be here all day so i will skip this one. 
# of blankets I sleep with: One to three. 
Fav singer/Band: No one wants to be here all day x2. Here are a few. Icon for Hire, SNSD/Girls Generation, SHINee, BTS, ect, ect, ect. 
Dream Trip: I used to have an answer for this. Now I don’t know. I typically don’t know things. 
When was this blog created: I had to search for the date, but. April 6th, 2016. (And apparently it was Wednesday, my least favorite day.) 
When did your blog reach it’s peak: I’m going to go out on a limb and say never. Or when I first got 100 drafts. 
What made you make this tumblr: I can’t say I know. I’m always ambitious when making new blogs, just doing it and then questioning it later, but this was the second roleplay blog I ever made, only about a month or two after my first. I just wanted to. It was as simple as that. I liked Kingdom Hearts, and I liked Terra, and I didn’t think I needed any other reason. And I didn’t. Also, while it was nice having one muse it never felt like enough. As it turns out, I got rid of my first muse and moved to this blog. But since then I have gained six other muses. (Seven if you count the one I am currently making.) This was the first blog where I truly learned the ropes to rping, where I experimented with themes, and icons, and formats, and everything. Where I met and interacted with more people, and became experienced in talking ooc, and sending asks, and all kinds of things. What my blog looked like then is so different from what it is now. Some people say not to make blogs for your favorite characters because having a favorite character isn’t the same as having a muse. However, I did it. Just because of favoritism. I was inexperienced, and you know what? I don’t regret it at all. Let me say, you don’t have to follow the crowd. You don’t have to abide for the trends of roleplaying, change your aesthetic, or your blog, or your icons just because others are. You don’t have to abide and be selective, or non-selective, or anything. You don’t have to abide by what everyone might say, if you want to write a character just because they are a “favorite”, instead of a “muse”, then you damn well go ahead and do so. You want to ship a thing no one else does? A ship that everyone might hate? You just do you. The people who matter most will accept you for you. 

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