5 Years Since Harrys Audition

I saw this on my dash and knew that it looked familiar but I couldn’t quite put my finger on who it was so I was staring at it for 5 minutes trying to figure out what the heck going on and then it hit me what the hell I”m gonna poop

Stereo Kicks: Gig & Single Review

Remember on X Factor last year when the judges put together an 8 piece boyband and then decided there was too many? Well it seems they were wrong to doubt them!

James, Tom, Charlie, Casey, Reece, Barclay, Chris and Jake, better know as Stereo Kicks, completed their first UK headline tour last night at Islington’s o2 Academy to a massive turn out. At each date fans were taking over pavements just to make sure they were front row for the band, who were The X Factor’s most tweeted about contestants last year.

From singing songs they did on X Factor such as ‘Let It Be’ and ‘Run’, to doing acoustic covers of ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Fix You’, there was no song that didn’t get a crazy reaction from the crowd of fans.

In Oxford, on the opening night, they debuted their new single ‘Love Me So’ written by Tom himself, and just 10 days later in London, The Stereo Kicks Army were reciting the lyrics back and had it trending worldwide on Twitter. The single is due for release on 21st June, but pre-orders have sent them flying up the charts, most likely the work of their 270,000+ Twitter following.

There’s no doubt every girl will have this song on repeat; it’s massively catchy and the vocals are flawless. 

It’s safe to say if last night’s crowd was anything to go by, Stereo Kicks are going to be around for a while.

Check out the lyric video to ‘Love Me So’: 

never worse but never better

by sky_reid

louis knows all the tricks to make harry squirm.

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I've been thinking about Liam's future solo career. You know when he nails the notes, the crowd cheers? He has to sing material that lets his voice shine first and foremost. I was looking at a performance from 2011 X Factor tour and Liam looked like a confident frontman. They were doing some small choreo and he actually looked a lot more comfortable on stage dancing with direction than with 1D's pop-rock walk around the stage stuff. They need to revamp their sound for the next album.

HONESTLY, the greatest disappointment in Liam’s life is probably that he joined the one boyband that doesn’t dance. HE TOOK DANCING LESSONS TO PREPARE!!! I mean, c’mon, LOOK AT THAT BOY MOVE. He’s dying for some choreo, regardless of his ability to handle said choreo.

I think the nature of 1D’s performances actually lend themselves pretty well to Liam’s performing style. The sort of fluid/totally unscripted nature leaves lots of time for Liam to just be a hype man. (That said, I do personally find the energies on stage to not always fit all that well.) But yeah, I see Liam as someone who kind of always wants to put on THE BEST SHOW and kind of sees “the best show” as “BUT CAN I DO MORE TO BE ENTERTAINING???”

NONE OF THAT HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR QUESTION/STATEMENTS, but I do what I want. I agree/disagree with the point about him doing material that lets his voice shine being the primary objective. I mean, I certainly love his voice and would love for any music he makes to do its best to highlight it, but ultimately I recognize that the sound of the song is so much more important than the vocalist in pop music. And I think regardless of what type of music Liam makes, it’ll ultimately have -pop tacked on to the end (dance pop, pop rock, R&B/pop, etc). 

And I’m ALWAYS UP FOR 1D’s sound going back to bubblegum UAN/TMH days, so I don’t know that I think they need a sound revamp. And I think anyone expecting a sound revamp is going to be sorely disappointed. They’ve settled into a (relatively) focused group of writers now and have developed their sound to the point where they’re only going to go deeper now. So as much as I would like to forever abolish the aggressively twangy folk guitar lines and the just straight up awful who-slipped-in-the-xanax ballads, I’ve resigned myself to the reality that they will outlive me. 

You, me and Jake (Chris/James)

So I got a request from shoham101 to write some Chris/James. And I got the idea to write about the apartment they moved in pre X Factor tour. And I also took the movie You, Me And Dupree as inspiration, it’s actually nothing like it but yeah.



“Nice isn’t it?” James said while carrying a box with his stuff in it, Chris following him.

“Yeah, definitely better than the X Factor house.” Chris said putting down the box he was carrying and stretched out a bit.

“Especially the part of not having to hide away as soon s someone comes.” Chris continued. James put his box down and went to stand in front of Chris.

“Mm,  especially cause I can do this.” James said pulling Chris closer and kissed him. They both smiled into the kiss, because they literally didn’t have any problems right now.

“Ew, you don’t have to suck of your faces in front of me.” Jake said. Oh wait, they still had one, Jake Sims. It looked like this guy was against any form of PDA. He once poured water on them when they were kissing under the window. Fun fact: the water was ice cold. And one time he shouted at Chris to keep it in his pants in the middle of the night when he wanted to sleep with James. Never again they swore. Reece was probably traumatized for life.

“And there’s still some crates in the car.” Jake said while running to his room. This will be a long night.


“James! James! Oh come on mate, you gotta help me get out of this!” Jake yelled from the dish-washer he was stuck in. James was taking a picture of the scene and Chris was standing in the corner laughing out loud. The neighbours could probably hear it. But underneath that, Chris was jealous of Jake for taking away his James. But it was still a funny scene to watch.

“Okay Jake, we’re going to pull you out on three. Chris please come here and help? He might be small, but he sure id feisty.” James said.

“Hello, I’m right here you know?” Jake said.

“Yes we know. Okay Chris? One, two, three, PULL!” James yelled and both him and Chris pulled hard.

“Ow! Guys I think you’re going to rip of my leg!” Jake said and shook the boys of.

“Can you please hang in a bit longer? We almost have you out.” Chris said.

“Yeah, but if I dislocate my hip, you’ll be the one explaining to the paramedics what happened.” Jake said and Chris swore that he’ll tell them the whole story, if it comes to it, because Jake was seriously getting on his nerves, so he deserved to get embarrassed. 

“One last time Chris?” James asked raising an eyebrow.

“Now!” They screamed and tugged one last time. Then Jake just slid out.

“Oh thank God, I thought I would never get out.” Jake said and James saw the moment.

“The rebirth of Jake Sims. And the proud mother.” He said and closed the dish-washer.

“Oh come on, it wasn’t that weird!” Jake screamed in defence.

“I dunno bout you two, but it looked more like the birthing of a calf to me.” Chris said from where he was sitting on the kitchen floor, leaning on the counter.

“How the hell do you know how that looks like?!” James yelled.

“Biology class.” Chris responded.

“Irish people are weird.” Jake added.


“I saw your picture in the paper and I just wanted to see if you were okay.” Ally said on the TV. They were watching the notebook, well just Chris and James. Jake was in his room, probably listening to music.

“Why are we even watching this?” James asked, sitting up a bit, lifting up Chris who was lying on his chest.

“Because it’s romantic and we finally have Jake of our hands.” Speaking of the devil.

“James! James! Come here!” James was starting to get up, but Chris protested, slowly pushing him down.

“I can go, probably some stupid prank again.” Chris said whilst getting up and walking to Jake’s room. He didn’t wait for any approval of going in Jake’s room and just opened the door. Big mistake.

“Orange attack!!” Jake shouted and soon Chris saw small orange balls, which were oranges, why did he think of them as that, flying in his direction. Surprised by the attack, it only took one to his leg, for him to loose his balance and fall to the floor.

“Learn your name Chris!” Jake said during a fit of laughter. 


“What did he need?” James asked looking up from the movie he was watching.

“Want an orange?” Chris asked tossing it on James’ lap, sitting down next to him.

“Orange shower?” James asked and Chris looked at him confused.

“How’d you know?” he asked and James showed him his phone, playing the video of Chris falling.

“The idiot posted it?! I swear I am going to kill him!” Chris yelled and James started massaging Chris’ temples.

“Now now, no need to go all Reece over him.” James said and Chris gave him that are-you-serious-after-all-he-had-done-today-I’m-supposed-to-calm-down look.

“Why didn’t we just close him in the damn dish-washer?” Chris asked.

“Because we aren’t that mean and I have something to show you.” James replied, took a hold of Chris’ hand  and led him to his room.

“I don’t see anything special here, I mean Jake can just come in at any given moment.”Chris said and James went to lock the door.

“No he can’t. Cause we can lock ourselves in here and he can’t come in.” James said.

“Smart thinking.” Chris said and James came closer again.

“Now, where were we?” James asked and kissed Chris.



Oh God I am feeling so bad now, because my nose is running and there is no sign of my voice anywhere.

Anyway, hope you like it shoham101.

Love you all who read this to the moon and back <3.

Luke Friend @ The Borderline!

There was a sold-out crowd packed into The Borderline, London for Luke Friend’s final stop on his Hole In My Heart Tour! The show started off with a quirky performance from Fiona Bevan, who has written with the likes of Ed Sheeran and 5 Seconds of Summer. She warmed up the crowd with songs, such as ‘Blue Denim’ and ‘Little Things’, which she co-wrote with Ed Sheeran. 

Luke Friend began his set with ‘Take On The World’, which was extremely well-recieved, and had most fans screaming at the top of their lungs. Luke began the set with his band and then transitioned into an acoustic set with just him and his guitar performing an acoustic medley of popular cover songs, such as ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘Waiting All Night’. He also dedicated his song ‘Don’t Panic’ to his fans which, as you can imagine, went down well with the crowd!

Luke also performed his next single ‘Dynamite’, which is insanely catchy, and ended his set with his top 40 hit, ‘Hole In My Heart’, which was a real crowd pleaser. Luke gave a really energetic performance that captured the audience’s hearts!