I love how the farther they are from under the spotlight the less shit they give.

For every Martin panicking with a string of “I don’t know” and benedict babbling incoherent things there is an Amanda that goes straight to the point (mary is a psycopath) and a David Arnold and arwel wyn Jones going wild

According to Arwel he laughed so much because the troops seen in the background - they were training. And well everyone knows that they are not allowed to move in a way that they aren’t supposed to.
So they all walked past, and you could watch how one after another did a double take and had a hard time not turning their heads to look when they realised who was standing there. So they just kept staring as long as they could out of the corner of their eyes…


Won’t you let us play with him too?

Jack carrying his sleepy son Wyn to his lair, but gets taunted by those pesky ghost-canines every so often during his walks. Seeing Jack has his hands full, they dare to tease him from a smaller distance than usual.

Painted with fine watercolors, gouache and masking fluid on Daler Rowney paper.