I've been making myself look like a fool lying asshole to this by who I reeeeally liked lol not so much now cause he def not feeling me

And u can’t even blame him 🙁lol I just regret *chking him Lmaoo that’s a waste we about to stop talking smh wXe

im gong to delete this dacebook in a coup;le months but ill message you the newx one” no?? no?? i dont wxant it?? i hate indefvinitely i nefver wxant to talk to you again claire i dont like you i dont wxnat to talk toyou i dont wxant to be your fvriend thats wxhy wxe both mutually decided to stop;?? takling?? wxhy the fvuck does it hafve to be ndefvinite wxhy cant it be p;ermanent wxy cant you leafve me alone wxihout making me anwxious wxhy do you hafve to make it good fvor you and bad fvor me wxat the fvuck??