Say it with us: Mik-KEEL HOUSE-man. The breakout star of this season’s Game of Thrones makes his US cover debut in a stunning summer-themed shoot by Caitlin Cronenberg and Rushka Bergman #manoftheworld #magazine @michielhuisman

The signs as 'Zombie Movies'
  • Aries:28 Days Later
  • Taurus:Night Of The Living Dead
  • Gemini:Shaun Of The Dead
  • Cancer:Dead Alive
  • Leo:I Am Legend
  • Virgo:Warm Bodies
  • Libra:Dawn Of The Dead
  • Scorpio:World War Z
  • Sagittarius:Day Of The Dead
  • Capricorn:Resident Evil
  • Aquarius:Zombieland
  • Pisces:Planet Terror

The Last of Us Movie should start off with Ellie talking. It will pan to glimpses at the post-apocalyptic city because that’s one of what The Last of Us is known for. Then, she’ll say “I wonder what the world used to be like.” You hear a high pitched sound and it rings in your ears and then it cuts to a scene where Joel wakes up on his bed to his alarm clock. Then he could be making pancakes for Sarah like in WWZ or something idk


噛み合わなかったけど良い櫻葉(`・3・')(*‘◇‘ )#相葉雅紀 #櫻井翔 #櫻葉 検証してみると確かに相葉さんはしょさんにキスを迫っているwwz

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