Say it with us: Mik-KEEL HOUSE-man. The breakout star of this season’s Game of Thrones makes his US cover debut in a stunning summer-themed shoot by Caitlin Cronenberg and Rushka Bergman #manoftheworld #magazine @michielhuisman

I kinda want to continue that WWZ crossover where Arthur and Francis were fighting zombies outside a London Tesco outlet with medieval weapons tbh. Like all of the older nations are just grimly dusting off their old weapons, taking them off hooks over fireplaces or smashing them out of museum cases with the whole, ‘well, just back to basics then.’ ‘oh, just like old times’. Yao would be pretty handy with a guandao. Nice long reach, no need to go near those ghouls. 

Whereas like Alfred would be so unused to this, he’s so much more comfortable with guns rather than swords. (‘You can’t, Al, the more noise you make the more of them you attract!’) Like alternatively, he’d rather beat the shit out of them with his bare hands but he can’t because that just splatters the infected bodily fluids all over… 

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噛み合わなかったけど良い櫻葉(`・3・')(*‘◇‘ )#相葉雅紀 #櫻井翔 #櫻葉 検証してみると確かに相葉さんはしょさんにキスを迫っているwwz

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