Medical side of Tumblr, I am in need of your assistance!

Ok I started my period, that’s all fine and dandy, but recently (note: this didn’t happen AT ALL before except for last month and this month) I’m starting to feel like my body both wants to rid itself of my uterus AND all the contents of my stomach, intestines, etc by vomiting. I have cramps that make it feel like I have for poisoning and throw up like I do too. This only lasts the first day (thank goodness) but I’m worried it will get worse.

Any ideas of what’s going on? Help me!

WWch Final G3: One step from the title

WWch Final G3: One step from the title

After the nervous wreck that was game two, with errors and mistakes belying the nonchalant face both players displayed, game three was a different beast altogether. The two finalists duked it out in a Semi-Slav, sidestepping the Meran for less chaotic waters, and succeeding to a degree. It would go down as an uneventful game, were it not for one move.

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