CatCF and WWatCF Opinion

I feel that CatCF gets so much undeserved hate.

Just because it’s different from WWatCF doesn’t make it bad.

CatCF is actually more true to the book.

Roald Dahl disowned WWatCF because it wasn’t like his book at all. He banned movie adaptions for the sequel to CatCF, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.

Both movies have their flaws. However, lashing out on people who like CatCF better is unnecessary. Same with lashing out on people who like WWatCF better.

People have their opinions.

Liking CatCF better doesn’t make them stupid.

Liking WWatCF better doesn’t make them closed minded.

People who say those things make themselves appear closed minded.

Go ahead, give me shade. I don’t care. I have my opinion. You have yours.

Charlie and the Horror Factory

What if Willy Wonka killed all of the children accept Charlie?
What if he had killed the parents too?
Many people may know the theory behind WW/CatCF.
I will soon present to you, Charlie and the Horror Factory!
The theory may revolve aroung the original, it takes place with the the remake.
Be sure to stay tuned!
Chapter one will come soon!