Hey all, Sorry for being so quiet but I can finally post some stuff from O K K.O.! Let’s be Heroes that I’ve been working on this past year. The first six episodes are out and I had the great opportunity to do the designs for the fist in “You’re level 100″.  Black and white line work is by me, Colors are by Jessica Yost

Also go check out my design partner, Julia Srednicki’s work at http://juliasrednicki.tumblr.com,  she’s been posting a lot of the great work she’s done too!

EXO Reaction when it’s your birthday but you are sad because your friends and fam can’t come visit you

HAppy late birthday Poland anon! Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Prepares a day full of activities and surprises, so even if you aren’t with your family you feel loved and with friends* “So I rented the cinema… we can watch all the movies you want jagi….”


*Takes you to his favorite places and spends the whole day and night with you* “You know… when I miss my home I just lay down and stare at the starry night. The starts, the moon remind me that we live under the same sky… so even if it’s for a little bit I feel at home”


*Prepares a little birthday surprise party for you* “I know it’s not all your friends but… you are very special to us. Happy birthday jagi!”


*Like two days before your birthday* “Prepare your things baobei, we are flying home for your birthday! This is my birthday present for you”


“Can you trust me? I might not be them but… I’ll try to make your birthday a day you’ll never forget. Please don’t be sad, I’m here for you”


*Has a lot of surprises for you but there’s one in particular that he wants you to see* “Hey babe~ I recorded this video thinking you might want to see your friends and family from back home today so… I asked them to send me a video with everything they wanted to tell you in this special day. I hope you enjoy it. I love you”


*Prepares a surprise party… with all your family and friends from home* “I know you thought they wouldn’t be able to come but I didn’t want you to be sad because of it… so I made some arrangements. Happy Birthday babe!”


*He always treats you like a princess but in this day he makes you feel even more special, and loved and appreciated* “Please don’t be sad, you are not alone. You have me, I can be your home”


“Say jagi… I might not be able to bring you family and friends here but.. I want to know what you want to do in your birthday. Let me be your fairy-godmother for one day, yes?” *Will make all your wishes come true*


“Are you read jagi? What do you mean for what? Your birthday, I prepared a day full of surprises for you. Just you and me though, I’ll make this day memorable, I promise” *Gives his all, just for you*


“So I thought we could stay home today. I asked Kyungsoo to help me make your favorite food and I brought your favorite movies and all the sweets you love. I also wrote a song for you and brought so many presents form me and the boys and your friends and family than sent them from home… I just want you to feel at home for one day… I hope you like everything I have prepared” 


*Goes through all your photo albums, calls your parents and friends and prepares your birthday as close as they would* “They might not be here, but they helped me do this all for you. From the bottom of our hearts, happy birthday Jagi!”

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Shit Feminist Icons PT 2

The new and improved, 2017 edition of this glorious list. Some of have been added. Some have been removed. Many have remained because they’ve been shit literally since 2015 when I made the list originally. 

Anita Sarkeesian (renewing her membership all the time)
Hank Green
Linda Sarsour
Lena Dunham
Brianna Wu
Zoe Quinn
Emma Sulkowicz
Sheryl Sandberg
Gloria Steinem
Emma Watson
Taylor Swift
Rebecca Watson


[ENG SUB] 170624 The Rap of China Episode 1 (Kris)

Imagine Kris somehow getting selected to be a contestant on Jeopardy. The regular version, not the celebrity version where he’d be pitted against Reese Witherspoon and Wayne Brady or something. No, his fellow contestants are the real deal, one a rare book dealer and the other an engineering professor. Kris sweats nervously in the green room, tempted to pretend to be ill to weasel his way out of the taping.