EXO Reaction: When they find you practising singing/dancing late at night because it means a lot to you

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I feel like he would be admiring you for a while. He would tell himself he would approach you after this next song finished, but he would keep losing track and getting caught up in watching you practice, he’d forget completely. Eventually, when you finished, you would find him still watching, and he would get flustered trying to explain what he was doing.

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He would wait until you finished, nodding his head along with the music and enjoying himself as he watched you work hard, but as soon as you were done he would come and take your hand. ‘Come on, Baobei, time for sleep.’ He would say, just before dragging you away to bed, not allowing you any opportunity to argue.

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He would be really enjoying watching you work. Like, when he knew you weren’t looking at him, he would just be smiling like an idiot because he was enjoying seeing how hard you worked. The moment you noticed he was there, though, he would hide his smile and clear his throat. ‘Don’t you think you should come to bed now?’ he would say with a fake annoyed tone.

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He would find it really admirable. He would just be so proud of you and how diligent you were, he would find it so amazing and he would consider himself really lucky to have you. He would ask you to come to bed every half an hour, just so he wasn’t nagging you too much, but it would get more and more frequent as he got more and more worried. He’d be happy again the moment you came, though.

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He would insist on staying up with you and staying with you and watching, telling you he would give you tips or anything if you needed and he would help you and give you feedback. However, he would probably fall asleep after one or two songs, causing you to roll your eyes and wake him up so that you could both go to bed.

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He would work really hard to make sure you were okay. He would sit with you as you practised, wanting you to work hard because he knew how important it was for you. He would get a little annoying though, because he would constantly be asking if you needed anything, and fetching you things when you didn’t even need them. Probably trying to massage your shoulders, too, but doing it a little too hard and getting scolded by you.

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This cuddly little baby would be so cute, although he may get a little annoying, too. He would really insist on you coming to bed, since he worried so much about your health and getting rest, but he would do it gently, not wanting to pressure you. He would wrap his arms around you and snuggle into your shoulder, telling you softly that he thinks you should come to bed with him.

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He would stay up with you as late as he could handle. He didn’t want to stop you, because he would respect it’s importance to you, and he would really admire it, but eventually, he would start dropping off where he sat, his head beginning to lull about a little. When he snapped back, he would ask you really timidly if the two of you could go to bed, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

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He would try to be gentle with you, asking you softly if you would come to bed. However, if you refused, he would shut down all of the equipment you were using and take you to bed himself. Once you were settled down, he would probably start to lecture you a bit about the importance of rest and your health, telling you that he just wanted you to be careful and stay healthy.

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This whiny child would be too scared to go to bed by himself, let’s be real. He would start nagging you and messing around. ‘How much longer is this going to take?’ he would say as he grew more and more tired. He wouldn’t stop until you went to bed with him. Once laid down together, he would apologise to you, telling you he knew it was important, but so was sleep.

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He would get a little bit naggy and try to get you to come to bed, since he would be really concerned, but he would be such a softy, because the fact that you were so passionate would make him really weak. Like, you would refuse and he would be like ‘okay, after this one song’, but he would say that every single time until hours had passed. 

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He would probably try and bribe you to bed, to be honest. He would want to leave you to it, finding it really admirable that you worked so hard, but he knew rest was important. He wouldn’t force you, but he would try his best. ‘If you come to bed now, I’ll show you something special’ he would say teasingly with a wink, walking off to bed. He would probably be asleep by the time you joined him, though.

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¡Presentando a... EXO!

Nombre: EXO (De EXO planet, el planeta de donde provienen)

Compa帽铆a: SM Ent.

Miembros: 9 miembros (3 ex-miembros)

Fanclub: EXO-L

Fecha de debut: 08 de Abril del 2012

No s茅 en que mundo vives si no has o铆do hablar de estos chicos. Han roto r茅cords y batido metas y probablemente van a ser considerados los reyes de la cuarta generaci贸n del K-Pop. Su fanbase es de las m谩s extensas por todo el mundo y por eso mismo tienen tambi茅n un gran numero de haters pero si han llegado donde est谩n es por algo. Todos los miembros son extremadamente talentosos, ya sea en rap, en baile o en canto y sin duda el lado de ellos que le muestran a las fans es encantador.聽





  • El grupo est谩 dividido en dos unidades, la coreana (K) y la china (M).聽
  • EXO-K: Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, D.O, Kai y Sehun. / EXO-M: Kris, Luhan, Lay, Xiumin, Chen y Tao.
  • Aqu铆 tienes los s铆mbolos que representan a cada miembro, adem谩s de eso cada miembro controla un poder.
  • Odian que en las entrevistas les pregunten sobre los poderes.
  • Han cantado varios OSTs para muchos dramas.
  • Algunos miembros aparecen en el MV Twinkle de TTS.
  • Supuestamente todos sus MVs son parte de una historia, aunque es bastante confusa y ni ellos ni las teor铆as aclaran nada.聽
  • Baekhyun estuvo saliendo con Taeyeon de SNSD y en estos momentos Kai est谩 saliendo con Kryistal de f(x).
  • Los tres miembros que dejaron el grupo lo hicieron por lo mal que les trataba la SM, por las pocas oportunidades que les daba debido a su nacionalidad y porque sus contratos casi parec铆an de esclavitud.
  • Luhan y Kris siguen teniendo contrato con la SM pero no son ni volver谩n a ser parte del grupo. El caso de Tao aun est谩 en proceso y no se han dado detalles.聽


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bloodied up pt.2

member: kris wu + appearance of suho

summary: as he held you in his arms, he thought the unthinkable. what would’ve happened to you if he wasn’t there?

genre: lil bit of angst + fluff + action

word count: 645 

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previously: clinging tightly on your dear life, kris tries to figure where you are as suho holds you hostage 

with endless talks from suho, the heat in the warehouse was getting to you. your vision gradually became impaired and beads of sweat were trailing down down your face. yet, you knew you had to do intervene all of this, whether you were going to get hurt in the process or not. 

soon, suho left the room making you the only person in the area. “stay put, or else i will make sure you’ll be surrounded by a pool of blood,” he warned, attempting to scare you. now that he had left you an open opportunity, you tried to quietly manoeuvre yourself towards the table that the knife had been laying on all this time. not only that, but, you had eyed the gun on the table to which compelled you to remove the ammunition in case in the near future he decided to kill you with it. 

after successfully grabbing it, you sneakily returned back to your previous position, acting as if nothing had happened. sticking to your instincts, you immediately try to cut the taut rope that had been restricting most of your movements. fortunately, you were able to remove it before he arrived. still placing your hands behind your back, you watched while he was stocking up his ammunitions and variety of weapons. 

knowing that you had to avert him from commencing his plans to murder kris, you put up an act of yourself in pain. loudly groaning in feigned discomfort, you shut your eyes tightly. as the impression of footsteps nearing you got stronger, you clutched your knife tightly in your grasp before opening your eyes. within in a flash, you headbutted him and stood up, positioning yourself to defend from his imminent attacks. 

hissing from the pain, he staggered backwards giving you the opportunity to kick him right in the diaphragm. having gotten the wind knocked out of him, he fell on his back, coughing intensely. slowly he got up and started throwing jabs towards you. being highly skilled with martial arts, you were able to block most of his hits and started to take the lead. however, the heat in the confined place was getting to you and you felt your body giving up on you. 

the more you were trying to throw punches at him, the more energy was sucked out of your body. right when you were about to fall into a heap, you could hear the heavy and rapid movement of footsteps towards you. gradually the area got more boisterous with fighting occurring in the background accompanied by raucous grunts and roars. you could feel yourself in suho’s clutch with his pistol on your temple, close enough to slit your throat. trying to budge out of his grip, it was unsuccessful with your weak physique and his powerful strength.

y/n!” kris yelled at the sight of you. he tried to advance towards suho but earned a threat. “come near her and she dies!” suho howled, causing kris to stop in his tracks. understanding the peril situation, he tried to pacify the impulsive suho. even though kris was persuading suho to put down the knife multiple times, it was getting to nowhere. 

amidst both of them talking, you used all your force into knocking him backwards once again with your head. the knife that you had all along in your hands was now to good use for stabbing him. the movements had already tired you out, making you weaker than ever. 

it’s gonna be okay, you’re here with me,” kris cooed, embracing you tightly, then cradling you in his warm arms. carefully picking you up as if he was almost to afraid to break you in your fragile state, he carried you bridal style, still in deep thought. if he hadn’t arrive in time, what would’ve happened to you? blood on his hands, just like suho said?

it’s 2:30 am gUYS I WANNA DIE. this pt.2 is dedicated to @catching-the-galaxies​ who requested this mafia au for kris. i hope this was an enjoyable story, enough for your satisfaction ;) if y’all have more requests, please do ask through my ask box! 


Imagine Kris wondering why he sinks in water. Perhaps his brain is too dense? Surely, then, that means that it has a greater mental capacity than normal humans… which implies that he can breathe underwater. Yes, of course—he goes to stick his head in his filled bathtub to test this. He drowns a bit before giving up. Perhaps he cannot float because he always swims with weighted clothing…