So, classes were cancelled ‘cause of the whole - well you know.  But contrary to rumors, the party at Delta Lambda is still in full swing tonight. You can think of it as a wake. Time to celebrate life. Anyone who knew him personally, your drinks are on me. 

So I’ve sort of been sitting on something for a bit and wasn’t sure how to announce it. Come this fall, yours truly will be transferring to finish up my degree at UC Berkeley in, bio and chemistry double major. Kind of a big moment and shit. From there I plan to go to UC Berkeley, School of Medicine.

So as I have already known from before; the back of police cars are obviously grand fun. Note that I am being entirely sarcastic. Also looks like I’ll be doing some voluntary community service next month in exchange for nothing getting added to my record.
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Notes: If you’re into ByaHisa at all, please check out this oneshot @arrowsbane just posted, it’s beautifully written and lovely and just gives me so many feels in general, it’s amazing. I don’t really know what else to say except that it takes all the elements of canon ByaHisa and makes it a hundred times better.

How does someone know if they’re going on a date or not? Suddenly I realize that even as I am nineteen years old and have had dating experience, I know very little. In other news, hit five hundred subscribers to my podcast today.