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What’s your name: kaitlyn
Nicknames: kay, kaitlovely :+), baby doll, etc
Where are you from: pennsylvania, united states
What is your favorite color: pink
Write something in caps: FUZZY DUCK
Favorite artist/band: the killers!
Reasons to smile: marina diamandis, ana banana, buying new clothes, watermelon
Number: 23
Favorite drink: apple juice

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The Killers Questionnaire

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How did you discover The Killers? through my mother, she was a fan and had all the cds in her car when i was younger
Who’s your favorite member? brandon
Who’s your least favorite member? hjfsasfsdfjlkjl not playing this game!!
What’s your favorite album? sam’s town 
What’s your least favorite album? i think hot fuss tbh 
What’s your all time fave song? read my mind 
What’s your favorite song from Hot Fuss?
 andy, you’re a star or on top!
What’s your favorite song from Sam’s Town? read my mind
What’s your favorite song from Sawdust? leave the bourbon on the shelf 
What’s your favorite song from Day and Age? a dustland fairytale
What’s your favorite song from Battle Born? miss atomic bomb
What’s your favorite cover? maybe romeo and juliet?
What’s your favorite live cover? bizzare love triangle but i also love when they do bad moon rising it’s just so fun 
What’s Your Favorite Lyrical Line? “the stars are blazing like rebel diamonds cut out of the sun when you read my mind” 
What’s Your Favorite (RED) Christmas EP song? a great big sled
What’s your favorite era on Brandon and why? i think day & age for looks, sam’s town for music, and battle born for live performance!
Clean shaved, scruffy beard, or mustache brandon? not gonna lie i love a lil scruff on him *100 emoji*
Las Vegas or United Kingdom? LAAAAS VEEEEGAAAAS
Have you seen The Killers live? no :/
If you could describe The Killers in one word which would it be? all i can think of is shauna’s answer to this lmao “how many people said neon”!! 

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We recorded this in the Bavarian forest during our last trip to Germany, check it out. 


so beanflowers tagged me to post 6 unpublished selfies from tumblr? and here are some of my favorites. thanks!!! 💞😌✨🌟🌺

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Destaque do It-newss

O It-newss lançou 5 vagas para destaque e irá escolher 4 tumblrs para ficar no destaque por uma semana, e somente 1 tumblr para ficar durante um mês.

Para participar siga as regras:

* Esteja nos seguindo aqui

* Reblog o post do destaque

* Mande em nossa ask “quero ser destaque”

Obs.: Será conferido todos os passos, e será descartado automaticamente quem não seguir todas as regras. O resultado sairá quando for escolhidos os 5. Boa sorte à todos.


Hi! So I was tagged by thequeenofhumboldtcounty midnightshowss beanflowers and geologicalchimichangas to post 6 selfies. Some people also added that they need to be selfies that haven’t been posted to tumblr before but I’m a thirsty ho and post all my published selfies here oops. Thanks for tagging me pals! ^_^

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