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Top six Woz moments :)

1. The little pez witch!!!1 dead

2. when willow throws herself on oz but he says no cus he wants her to really love him :’)

3. when willow tries to seduce him and her does the same thing again!!! god i love oz

4. how cute they were snuggling in bed in early season 4 :’) why god

5. when they finally do it!! so cute

6. the first time oz sees willow in her costume!!!!

7. when she waves to him in dopplegangland!

8. When she still wants to date him when she finds out he’s a werewolf!!


The last month has been straight blood, sweat, and tears for these costumes, but the first 2 are complete. These were commissioned for the theatre group of a children’s museum. I’m still finishing up Glinda, but she’s  not due for another two weeks. 

Everything was handmade by myself, except the Lion prosthetic, which was purchased from FX Warehouse.

Imagine waking up, going on Tumblr and finding the Freddie Mercury tag free of shit like ‘he woz bi cuz he put woman in dis lyrics’. Esp when the song is not written by Freddie. Or they have got the words completely fucking wrong.

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princess merida : disney’s brave ( i’ve had her since the movie released back in 2012 )

          ❝ WHOA! tha’ woz amazin’! how’d yeu dae tha’? woz it magick? bet it woz magick! can yeu teach me some o’ tha’?—-yeu know…back in mah kingdom a’m th’ best archer, an’ am nae tae shabby wit’ ae sword. beat mah father–an’ he’s th’ king!

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UHM if you're still doing these, drag my ass to hell!! sagittarius sun/mercury, virgo moon/mars, venus in scorpio 👀🖤🖤🖤

Yea boo no woz

U need to tone down the whole making fun of other people to the point of actually being really nasty thing like sarcasm is not funny to anyone honestly lets be real and it just irritates people instead of making them laugh so shut up also u cannot help it if people do things u dont want them to do like theres nothing u can do about it man so let it go or ur gonna have a bad time. also SABOTAGING PEOPLE ONLY SABOTAGES U BECAUSE UR THE ONE HOLDING ONTO ANGER calm down let it go and stop trying to ruin lives bc the only one ur ruining is ur own thank u for coming

Wherein Social Media Specialist Marya E. Gates (aka @oldfilmsflicker​) discusses her indifference to a canonical classic and why you should join us on April 8th at 8pm ET/5pm PT for a live tweet of THE WIZARD OF OZ (’39) and convert her.

This month on TCM we are celebrating silver screen legend Judy Garland. This Friday we will be showing arguably her most iconic film: The Wizard of Oz.

Released in 1939 - a year that is often considered one of the single greatest years in film history - WOZ has worked its way into the hearts of millions. Based on the novel by L. Frank Baum, there are many aspects of the film that are embedded in the American culture consciousness - from the ruby red slippers, to iconic lines like, “there’s no place like home,” “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!,” to the Wicked Witch of the West, to Garland’s masterful rendition of Over the Rainbow

So why don’t I share in the nostalgia? I love Judy Garland (give me weepies like The Clock and A Star Is Born any day!), I love musicals, and I love Technicolor.

But the film has yet to win me over. 

Every few years I watch it - usually with a group of people (in person or online) - in an attempt to “get it.” But when it’s over I still don’t love it. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. And I never feel the urge to revisit for enjoyment purposes, but rather to try to understand why it’s so beloved. 

With this is mind, I will be joining @tcmparty tomorrow night at 8pm ET/5pm PT as they live tweet, attempting to find the magic. For their live tweets, follow @TCM_Party. Follow me at @tcm and @oldfilmsflicker and feel free to send me your thoughts during moments you love so I can try to love them too!

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what did that "hump your fist" line from shades of blue mean?

so i’m not totally sure as i’m autistic and am generally bad with stuff like this but

the way i interpreted that part of the conversation was: woz didn’t give a shit at all about what stahl was saying so he changed the subject entirely because it wasn’t worth his time to respond to him. which was basically his way of saying “go fuck yourself” but since they can’t say fuck on network television they watered it down to “go hump your fist”

Fic: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

The first promptathon fic is here! I’ll be filling the prompts in the order I got them. You can still send them in!

Ages and ages ago, nevermore913 prompted: “So I’ve seen a few fics where Rumple steals Belle on/before her wedding day and it’s one of my favorite tropes but I’d love to see one where she stops his wedding and steals him. Bonus points if Cara and Ella are her accomplices.”

I’m sorry you had to wait so very long for this but I hope you enjoy it sweetie!

Pairing: Rumbelle with a side of Spotted Dragon

As with all my AU work, Cara Mallory is Maleficent and Ella Furrier is Cruella.


It was going to be the wedding of the decade, according to the majority of the gossip press. Zelena Greene, heir to the lucrative WOZ Corp legal group, and Rum Gold, the city’s foremost human rights lawyer, were getting married after several years of speculation and rumour. There were several people of the opinion that this was a marriage of convenience orchestrated by Gold’s manipulative and incredibly greedy father Malcolm as a way to eventually merge the two businesses into one. It was no secret that Malcolm had never really given much thought to his son’s feelings on any given subject and no-one would be surprised if the rumours turned out to be true.

Belle sighed as she closed the glossy magazine’s double page spread covering the forthcoming nuptials. She’d fished it out of Ruby’s waste paper basket to take a peek at what the journalists had to say, but she wished she hadn’t. It was only prolonging the agony. She looked over her shoulder at the closed office door behind her. It was too cliché to actually occur in real life; the idea of the highly successful lawyer leaving his wife for his younger secretary just didn’t happen. And if there was one thing that Belle would not be, it was a homewrecker. Gold was constantly in the public eye not just because of his connections with Zelena and Malcolm but because of his career in his own right; and someone in his position simply could not afford a scandal to stain his name.

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Really different and not cliche solangelo fafiction!!!

By: thehiddenoracl-e

Length: 420 words (I’m not kidding I spent so long editing it to this exact word count.)


one sunny night at camp had blood neeks and will wos on a d8. they was overlooking the blueberry fiels.

they woz serenaded by the sound pf pan pipes as grover tries 2 get the blueberries to gro “chiron will cut my horns off he sed if we don’t have enuff blueberries 2 sell” he sed. he wasn’t  joking. chiron was savage as heck wen it came to these tings.

(woah grover has been in dis story way to long bak to neeks and will)

“the blueberries rly are beautiful” sed will flirtasiously, his platinum blond hair sparking sexily in the sunlite

“not as bootiful as tyson” sed the other raven haired mail

“whatttt????” will sed crying

i mean not as bootiful as you, sunshine….” said the ebony eyed boy. “u make me happier den i have ever been ever in ever, and i have forgotted all de bad thinggs, i gotten over my sisters death, i have miraculosssssly recover from PTSD and depression. clearly… all i need was a sunshine… u r my sunshine babbee”

"dats more like it"… will sed “good 2 know ur finally pulling ur hed out of ur ass and understood u have no reason to feell sad”

alllll of a sedden, gaia rises up from de earth and shoots will in de heart 20 times

“haha i got struck by gaias bullets,,, and by cupids arrow lol babe” will sed (get it bc he is in love with neeks)

will u r actually dying” neeks sed

“its ok” will sed, I’m a healer, i know CPR” will started 2 do CPR on himself.

but then neeks used shadows to heal will (idk how he does that, use ur imaginatiion)

but then neeks is dying because he used to much powers.

“its ok neeks I’m a healer i know CPR” will sed.

he did CPR on neeks but it didn’t work?????

oh no it didn’t work, u r dying” sed will a a single tear rolled down his cheek and hitting nico in the elbow

dats ok… neeks said at least i have my sunshine,,,

"no neeks,,, ur my sunshine” will sed

will started singing u r my sunshine

everyone in a 100 miles radius died (except for neeks idk why) bc wills singing was so horrible it caused there ears to explode,

wow,,, that woz so bootiful singing will” neeks sed “u should audition 4 american idol”

neeks died

and will said “k den lol” went on to become a furry and marry chrion

“Excuse me a moment, we need to discuss our team name.”

Ah yes, Thank you Cinder! This episode has been available for more than ten minutes, so I’m sure there are a few proposed team names floating around the fandom, but I want to see what I can think of. 

Cinder, Woz, Tirion, Hazel


The first one that jumps out at me is Team WTCH (Witch). Their boss is named Salem after all. 

TWCH (pronounced Torch) is another evocative one. If I really cheat with the pronunciation, CWHT could be read as Team Swift.

I don’t think anything is going to beat Team WTCH though.