Part 2 of Lee Pace’s Q&A at Internet Week New York by lady-of-misrule:

“I attended the Halt and Catch Fire Q&A with Lee Pace at the Internet Week NY 2015 conference.

I was straining to hear him several times because of the really bad sound, echoes and loud ambient noise. He’s soft spoken and his voice is low even though he projects well. It seemed like the microphones were actually just amplifying the echoes and ambient noises of the attendees outside. The venue itself was like an echoing hall. The “theaters” were just partitioned-off areas. Given the actual cost of an HQ pass for one day, I believe they should have done better to deal with this problem. All the panels were like this.

*Please note, these are clips only.

Lee mentions that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak did a panel with them in Austin for the first season of Halt & Catch Fire and said that Woz told them their show was just like it was back in those days. High praise!”


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Silicon Valley Characters and the Quotes That Most Define Them IMO
  • richard:let's just think different. not think different. that's apple.
  • big head:i just wanted to work with computers and get paid for it, not end up fighting with my roommates over percentage points.
  • erlich:i may not be steve jobs, but you are steve wozniak and no woz should have to go in a room like that alone.
  • jared:do you want erlich on the board? because if you do, then i'll support you.
  • dinesh:i feel bad about what i said earlier about big head being dead. that's not who i am.
  • gilfoyle:i agree with dinesh. except for the part about being sorry.

Inherent in the sense that this has been a part of our political culture since the founding. Lockian liberalism denies basic rights to slaves because of the perpetuation that anyone who was a slave was not rational because they didn’t have property. The time of the American founding, states moved away from indentured servitude and more of African population slavery, so the idea of slaves not being rational extended out to black people not being rational.
Locke also goes out to say that while women were more rational than children or slaves, they still weren’t smart or productive enough to be granted the SAME rights as man
Also, while being a country of religious “tolerance” and ambiguity, the U.S. used a basis of Christianity to devise morals and limit excessive individualism (individualism being a big enemy of Christianity, see the Renaissance, Enlightenment, Transcendentalists, etc.). Partnered with individualism was sexuality gender awakening, realizing people weren’t black and white in sex or gender. Thus, during these individualism eras, queer life would flourish a little more. However, Christian traditions impose the idea that being queer is sexual deviance and sin.

So while these discriminatory behaviors are learned individually, its inherent in our society. Which is why people learn these behaviors on such a massive scale.