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Things that are 100% true about Willow in canon:

  • She’s a Lesbian
  • She Loved Oz

Human sexual and romantic attraction are complicated af, and both of those things can be true.

As always, you can do whatever you want in fanfic/fanworks tho.

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AppleDappleDudes Part 2: Apple I for the win!

Corey Cohen, the reigning expert on Apple I’s (aside from Steve Wozniak himself) brought not one but two authentic Apple I computers in for display.  In order to give visitors a hands-on approach, he also brought in a replica suitcase implementation complete with little black & white monitor.

Corey happens to have an early copy of the Apple I manual, which was photocopied from Wozniak’s hand-drawn master copy notes and instructions.  Seen here is a page about loading Integer BASIC, and another about cassette deck operation.  It’s incredibly informal, but shows the inner machinations of Woz’s mind when he was designing his first computer.

Oh, and then they let me hold one.  So that was cool.  Look at that beautiful white ceramic & gold MOS 6502. 


Steve Wozniak: “Access to a free internet should be an American principle”

  • When it comes to the Russia investigation, don’t focus on Trump; watch the FCC commissioner, because without a free and open internet, you might never see what’s really going on.
  • That’s the assessment of Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak. In an interview Thursday, “Woz” said Americans need to be aware of efforts by  Trump-appointed FCC commissioner, Ajit Pai, to roll back net neutrality.
  • “He wants to get rid of fairness and equality on the net,” Wozniak said.
  • Pai has begun walking the commission away from unequivocal support of an internet where companies cannot pay for favored access. Read more (6/19/17)

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The last month has been straight blood, sweat, and tears for these costumes, but the first 2 are complete. These were commissioned for the theatre group of a children’s museum. I’m still finishing up Glinda, but she’s  not due for another two weeks. 

Everything was handmade by myself, except the Lion prosthetic, which was purchased from FX Warehouse.