“This is the first water sign of the zodiac and the Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon, endowing her with awesome intuition and imagination. She is deeply intuitive, and if she says she doesn’t feel right about someone, it pays to take notice. She won’t know the reason, but she will probably be proved right sooner or later. Similarly, her unerring instinct will tell her at once if someone is to be trusted. This is not about being judgmental - it’s about instincts and feelings”. (x)

Can you find Tim Cook and friends?

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Apple, and MacFormat’s own 300th issue, we’ve teamed up amazing illustrator Rod Hunt to bring you a real party piece to mark the date in style.

Can you find the Fab Four of the Apple world? Buried within this image are Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Steve Wozniak and Jony Ive. And we’ve thrown in a few hidden extras as well – can you find them all?

View the high resolution version here: http://bit.ly/wheres-tim and don’t forget to tweet us at @MacFormat to tell us how you’ve done!

Really different and not cliche solangelo fafiction!!!

By: thehiddenoracl-e

Length: 420 words (I’m not kidding I spent so long editing it to this exact word count.)


one sunny night at camp had blood neeks and will wos on a d8. they was overlooking the blueberry fiels.

they woz serenaded by the sound pf pan pipes as grover tries 2 get the blueberries to gro “chiron will cut my horns off he sed if we don’t have enuff blueberries 2 sell” he sed. he wasn’t  joking. chiron was savage as heck wen it came to these tings.

(woah grover has been in dis story way to long bak to neeks and will)

“the blueberries rly are beautiful” sed will flirtasiously, his platinum blond hair sparking sexily in the sunlite

“not as bootiful as tyson” sed the other raven haired mail

“whatttt????” will sed crying

i mean not as bootiful as you, sunshine….” said the ebony eyed boy. “u make me happier den i have ever been ever in ever, and i have forgotted all de bad thinggs, i gotten over my sisters death, i have miraculosssssly recover from PTSD and depression. clearly… all i need was a sunshine… u r my sunshine babbee”

"dats more like it"… will sed “good 2 know ur finally pulling ur hed out of ur ass and understood u have no reason to feell sad”

alllll of a sedden, gaia rises up from de earth and shoots will in de heart 20 times

“haha i got struck by gaias bullets,,, and by cupids arrow lol babe” will sed (get it bc he is in love with neeks)

will u r actually dying” neeks sed

“its ok” will sed, I’m a healer, i know CPR” will started 2 do CPR on himself.

but then neeks used shadows to heal will (idk how he does that, use ur imaginatiion)

but then neeks is dying because he used to much powers.

“its ok neeks I’m a healer i know CPR” will sed.

he did CPR on neeks but it didn’t work?????

oh no it didn’t work, u r dying” sed will a a single tear rolled down his cheek and hitting nico in the elbow

dats ok… neeks said at least i have my sunshine,,,

"no neeks,,, ur my sunshine” will sed

will started singing u r my sunshine

everyone in a 100 miles radius died (except for neeks idk why) bc wills singing was so horrible it caused there ears to explode,

wow,,, that woz so bootiful singing will” neeks sed “u should audition 4 american idol”

neeks died

and will said “k den lol” went on to become a furry and marry chrion

Rules: answer questions then tag 10 (lolwhat) people

woz tagged by @j-d0ge

How tol? 156cm / 5′’1

Hair colour and style? naturally blonde & light brown, long(????not rly for me) andddd yea

Eye colour? greenish grayish blueish 

Do you have braces? nope.

What is your fashion style? wth idek i dont rly wear anything than black, grey and white andd yea..t-shirts, sweaters, tank tops now and then. usually leggings or jeans of some sort. converse and stuff. not that cool.

When were you born? january 7, 2004 at 6:32 am at Vantaa.

Do you have siblings? yep, a big brother and a big sister. i fucking hate my sister tho so i dont even bother calling her sister

What kind of student are you? depends on the class and teacher. i dont really participate in class bc i have this strange fear of answering wrong and that gives me anxiety kill me but umm ye idk im good at some subjects and some not. i rly dont concentrate on anything. i get pretty good grades tho.

Fav subjects? english, physics/chemistry, arts, crafts. sometimes music.

What are your favourite TV shows? i dont watch tv shows :/

Favourite movies? sigh.

Favourite books? i dont read ??????except fanfic its kinda sad rly

Favourite pastimes? music, friends, movies, youtube, social media in general, drawing, reading and sometimes writing fanfic

Any regrets? sooo many jfc i do stupid shit when i get mad and i get mad really fast and easily.

Dream job? photographer (concert!!!!!!!nature, animals, human portraits) or id lov to work at a zoo or amusement park

Would you like to get married? probably ??i dont think ill find anybody but

Would you like to have kids someday? ….no


How many countries have you visited so far? only 2 bc my family doesnt rly travel

What’s the scariest dream you ever had? i dont remember dreams but i remember one (and it wasnt scary, just sad) and my dog got locked into some kinda room that was underground (but like it was a hole???) and they filled it up with water and she drowned….wtf

Do you have any enemies? Y-E to the Y-E-S

Do you have a relationship person? as in am i dating someone ??no

I tag:¨

everyone who reads this

fictiongivesmelife asked:

BtVS, of course :)

lowkey otp: Willow/Tara (idk I’m kinda highkey about all of the couples I ship)
highkey notp: It’s a tie between Buffy/Giles and Giles/Joyce. Buffy/Giles for obvious reasons and Giles/Joyce because I JUST DON’T LIKE JOYCE ENOUGH TO SHIP HER WITH ANY CHARACTER AT ALL.
[softly] don’t notp: Bangel, because even if I don’t ship it, you have to respect that they were each other’s first love and had a strong romantic connection.
highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice: I’ve never really been scared of saying a ship is my OTP even when it’s not a very popular choice (if you haven’t guessed from all the Calendiles love on my Tumblr) so I’ll just go with Woz
highkey otp and anyone on my tumblr knows it: …do I need to answer this? Or can I not stop myself from getting to answer Calendiles to a question? (damnit)


dreamt of Islamic woman and fantastic scene. yesterday dinned in a Islamic restaurant we haunted a lot and where I especially amazed by the hostess by her exotic beauty. in dawn dream I with the woman on a giant dam control unit and watching huge flow. I then on guestbook chose a heroic name as my name. then in a comic movies scene I chatted with female partner and experienced adventure. I again chose a historic name as my signature. I tried to blog but its too cold to open my pc right the moment after woke up. I napped again and in dream I wording details for blog in dawn time. when I actually started to blog on my chromebook half put on, most memories gone. last week busy with reinstall os on woz’s 2 pcs which lagging and likely infected. lots of data, esp. online games, await to restore before we enjoy the fruit of a cleaner system. one of my credit card issuer, ICBC, warned of possible lock down my salary card before I fully return its credit due. I reported danger of the scenario to my hometown relatives, ie. my elder brothers. they likely mobilized to try to help, but so far result unknown. I badly need ¥9000 inject to my bad debt to re-enable currency of my credits quota and living cost, while my relatives insisted disabled all my credit card forever, for they don’t want to respond with my debt, esp credit anymore. I love my credit card, my websites online. they engage me with workload and manageable. God dad, please allow me cultivate on my vested land. allow me grow vegetables in my backyard. I’m now in my prime light while aging makes daily work more definitive personally. rid me off anxiousness of living expense, focus me on building and expanding cyberspace reality under Holy affirmative. bring me sooner my Royal China for the better China Empire in 1109 years ahead. bring me my girls and offspring that’s vital for my destiny.