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Who else thinks fueled by ram3n should do a conspiracy video about this blog actually being gerard way????


Wot. Just because you guys have facts that support the theory that I’m gerard, does not mean I’m gerard.


Anzeti smiles at her giggle and clasps her hand with his. “Good ta meet yeh, Fene’fi. Ah be Anzeti.” His blue eyes glance over her quickly. “Eh, hopin’ yeh don’ mind me askin’, but wot tribe yeh be hailin’ from, sistah? Ain’ seen too maneh wit’ yeh fur color, Ah be honest.”

“ mmmmm, dunno… Nevah been wit’ a tribe, ah.. but me friend Natessi brought me to da darkspear  tribe.  but….i dunno where i came from. might be mixed wit somethin, i dunno. “  She’d shrugged her shoulders, knowing what clan she was originally from and where she’d even come from in the first place was something that shed never had the privilege of knowing.  “ not many trolls be this shade a pink yea?”  and there came back that devious little grin again.  liking that she was a bit unique in something other then her small size. 

Now that Unchained is up I can work on the first epilogue to WOT! I’ve a bit of a busy week ahead: I have to stop the school where I’m gonna take some Microsoft Office classes to beef up my skills on Monday and take that paperwork to the Job Center. Then I have an interview! Hopefully, I’ll be able to start classes soon, as early as Tuesday! Then I have another interview later in the week (day to be determined). All this alongside flailing and dissecting the episode.

All I ask is that you all bear with me; I’m getting there! :D