*world ends*

So, what can I say?
I feel very sad for the season to be over, because it’s been so emotional and amazing. I can’t describe how grateful I am, for all the times that I screamed, I cried and was over the moon for the competitions results. It’s something so unbelievably beautiful to have someone that gives you strenght, even when they’re far from you. I’m so moved right now, and I’m also so happy for this blog, creating it was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made, thanks to this I have known a lot of people that I can share my passion with and this is simply wonderful!
I will miss this so much, I really feel like part of a family now!
So congratulations to all the athletes, to Stefan for winning the Crystal Globe because he truly deserved it and obviously everyone on the podium, and also to team Poland because it’s just crazy how attached I am to this team even tough I’m not polish.. that’s so amazing! I love these guys so much.
I’m probably getting boring, so again, thank you everyone, I have no more words ♡


- the world ends with you fanzine -

Proud to show my full piece out for the ANOTHER DAY TWEWY fanzine! Missing the times where we could snack at Ramen Don in Dogenzaka! So happy to be apart of this zine with the other amazing 50+ artists! Congrats everyone and happy new year! 

at this point im just abusing the star brush