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Joe Bonamassa concert: 4/24/15

EPIC. Seriously incredible. Going to a concert is a rare event for me, and I’m not exactly rich so it was a cultural investment. But I saw Joe was gonna be in town and I thought, I’m not gonna get a chance to see him for heaven knows how long. Worth every cent. Joe is the kindest, most professional, gifted, workaholic person ever. He and his band were quote: “so fucking grateful” for the hospitality they received in Minnesota. That man did not stop playing for a freaking hour before he stopped for a 2.5 minute chat to introduce the band and say thank you and then it was back to shredding like the badass he is. He hit the highest note on the guitar I swear, not to mention slide and tuning tricks. Unbelievable. He’s superhuman. Best night ever!

wayloonpark asked:

"What happened!?"

[ Why couldn’t I get a happy one? >:C ]

1 - Bruised and beaten up

Upon answering his door; Evans half expected it to be his brother waiting for him on the other side. Probably with something else to bitch about. Though, luckily for him, it was in fact Waylon. 

Oh right. He hadn’t really contacted the freckled man for a few days. Probably worried him somewhat. Evans didn’t want Waylon to see him, not like this. The over sized sweater and baggy pants hid the marks rather well. Though the bruises around his neck and jawline were rather obvious, causing Evans to tug his hoodie up somewhat.

“Waylon…?” He murmured, casting tired eyes down slightly. Of course he was happy to see the other man. But not right now… not when everything was still rather fresh.

“Um…” Evans paused, wondering what he should say at this point. “I.. uh… sorry I haven’t… really spoken to you recently…” The blond looked beyond awkward now; wringing his hands together and shifting about on the spot.

hajimehhinata asked:

hinata?? :o

MY LOVE !!!!!

Sexuality Headcanon: same as naegi, actually. panromantic demisexual
Gender Headcanon: trans guy 100%
A ship I have with said character: ohhhh my god. almost everyone. hinasondam is my ultimate fave tho, next is hinadai
A BROTP I have with said character: also everyone
A NOTP I have with said character: ?? i dont even think i have one holy shit. does anyone ship junko with hinata… OH WAIT. matsuda/hinata is a Thing so yeah that
A random headcanon: I HAVE SO MANY… how about his parents were workaholics and were the type to give him money for whatever he needed but brushed him aside emotionally, which only fed his feelings of inadequacy and is how he underwent the kamukura project so easily & w/o question B)  
General Opinion over said character: ONE OF MY FAVES… I LOVE H