Cannabist calendar: 50-plus things to do in March 2015

March 1: Adam Devine.  Comedian and actor Adam Devine of Comedy Central’s show “Workaholics” and movie “Pitch Perfect” performs two standup shows. 6:30 and 10:30pm.  $25 in advance, $27.50 day of show. The Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder. Click here for details

March 1: Boulder Comedy Show. Weekly showcase featuring comedians from across the country. $3. 7 p.m. Bohemian Biergarten, 2017 13th St., Boulder. Click here for details

March 1: Lionversary. The Lazy Lion is celebrating its second anniversary. Gasmask slabs dropped every hour. Free. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Lazy Lion, 2502 E. Bijou St., Colorado Springs. Click here for details

March 2: Bellinis Beer Bong Bingo.  A singles mixer. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and play bong bingo with Jeffrey Peterson, the 420 Comic. Gift bags for all attendees. 7 p.m.. $40. Must RSVP in advance to get location info. Click here for details

March 2: Sexpot Comedy Open Mic Comedy Night. Sexpot Comedy presents open mic stand-up on Monday nights. Hosted by Jeff M. Albright. Free. 8 p.m. Goosetown Tavern, 3242 E. Colfax Ave., Denver. Click here for details

March 3: Kara Smokey Karaoke Club.  Cannabis karaoke hosted by Hoss-Style. $5. 8 p.m.-midnight. Speak Easy Vape Lounge, 2508 E. Bijou St., Colorado Springs. Click here for details

March 4: Too Much Fun. The Fine Gentleman’s Club, with comedians Chris Charpentier, Nathan Lund, Sam Tallent and Bobby Crane bringing comedic talent every Wednesday. Free. 10:30 p.m. Deerpile, 206 E. 13th St., Denver. Click here for details

March 5: Cool Shit: A Comedy Show. Comedy show  every Thursday night produced by Zach Reinert, Andrew Bueno and Ian Douglas Terry features stand-up, sketch and video elements. Free. 9 p.m.  3 Kings Tavern Basement (Phoenix Lounge), 60 S. Broadway, Denver. Click here for details

March 5: First Thursday Reggae Night. Organic education night with information and music by opener DJ Bloodpreshah and Rebel Rockers HiFi. See dancers, artists and local vendors, try carefully concocted cocktails.   Free. 6-10 p.m. Grow Big Supply, 4501 Wynkoop St., Denver. Click here for details.

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The work day

I think the corporate work day should be 6 hours instead of 9 hours. It’s not like 6 hours is a wimpy amount of time to spend applying yourself and working hard. I think everyone would be more productive, and much happier. Except for the workaholics. But they could work through the night from home if they choose. That would just have to be up to them!

(No one actually asked me, but I am *so* bored tonight. So starting now, I will provide the pleasure *cough* for giving some insight how I perceive my favorite ships. Buckle up, it is a wild and very random ride. Starting with Kurtbastian!

Who’s the cuddler: Kurt.

Who makes the bed: Kurt

Who wakes up first: Mmh, this is hard. I think both are workaholics, very ambitious and have a lot of drive. So I do believe both sleep less than the ordinary human being (aka: me).

Who has the weird taste in music: Bas. I bet he is the dork who sings the cheesiest songs during karaoke and actually is sincere about it all.

Who is more protective: Both of them, no question asked. They are one of those couples where they are allowed to complain about the other, but save the random person who tries to join the conversation to shit talk Bas/Kurt (no matter if that person may even have valid points). The gates to hell literally get opened. Their friends and co-workers all learnt that very quickly.

Who sings in the shower: Mmh, I actually think Bas. Because he sings just for fun. I see Kurt as someone who takes his singing more seriously and likes to put some actual effort into it.

Who cries during movies: Kurt. He tries to deny it, but sometimes he is a hopeless romantic.

Who spends the most while out shopping: Ha, easy: Kurt. Even though I see Bas spending eons on the most generic clothes. Which obviously infuriates Kurt.

Who kisses more roughly: Mmh…

Who is more dominate: Okay, one of the main reasons I ship them so hard, because both have such dominant personalities. They should be a disaster, but they make it work. My strongest headcannon about those two: they really work on their relationship and people sincerely underestimate their dedication and love for one another. At the beginning both are way too emotional and intentionally hurtful during fights, that it nearly destroys the relationship. They both realized it and then made a decision: break up or make it work! Both are also pragmatic people and very, very rationale. They both knew they would have found new partners eventually. They are not sappy and necessarily believe in “The One”. But they also know both of them are compatible and what they have, it is special. So when they decided to make it work, it was after long conversations and the realization they *really* want to be together. To the outsiders they look like a very snarky couple. However both know their limits. Both know how far they can go. Both have a very sarcastic sense of humor, so what might sound harsh to other people, it is deeply amusing to Kurtbastian. Both have dominating personalities which most certainly translates into their sex life. But instead of fighting it, they embrace it. And every now and then, one of them needs to be taken care of and the other one happily obliges.

 Gosh, I could write for *hours* about my headcannons.

My rating of the ship from 1-10: 10 (“Funnily I really don’t have a lot of them on my dash. Probably because the fandom is actually so small and the *best* FF’s are unfinished *cough*Dontyouremember*cough*. But gosh, my passion and love for those two knows no bounds. Never, ever underestimate how much I ship those two and how easily I replace all the Glee canon non-sense with my personal Kurtbastian headcanons).

i feel really guilty. my older sister isn’t the easiest person to be friends with, and like she doesn’t have many friends. she is more a workaholic and idk - she’s very picky. anyway - i’m the opposite. i’m relaxed and i have quite a range of friends. and they always invite me out for lunch and so on and usually i decline because idk, i feel guilty for my sister??? tomorrow my friends invited to this festival thing and my sister wants to go to - but she said she’ll walk around by herself and i can go with my friends, and i feel bad for my friends because i’ve declined them so often but i don’t want to leave my sister by herself even though she says its ok. argh.