Faye Leach-for smallsimmer's apocalypse challenge!

Age: 22

Sexuality: Pan

Bio: Slightly cynical and a whole lot of sarcastic Faye’s gotten through the apocalypse so far by showing off her amazing tree climbing skills her complete badassery. She prefers to stay high up and record everything she sees (with a little embellishing of her skills of course) that way everyone will know how cool she was before she died.

traits: ambitious,charismatic,loves the outdoors,perceptive and workaholic


evryday: Hoodie/Pants*/shoes

sleepwear: shirt

*just slap some black pants on her or smth bc I don’t remember what jeans she has on :/

Download-sorry friends it’s private for smalls unless Faye dies

Just a little surprise (Closed)

Sebastian was dreadfully bored after finishing the housework and it would be some time before William got home. The other had been so busy lately that they’d hardly had any time together, let alone any time for sex. Such a workaholic, it was almost impossible to tear him away from his work. However Sebastian always appreciated a challenge.

To everyone else they appeared to be a perfectly average couple. Sebastian was the house husband and William was straight laced upper management. However behind closed doors everything changed. They had a very interesting sex life. 

So Sebastian put on his black leather stripper boots and posed with his best whip. He took a picture and sent to his lover with the caption.

"Come home soon and you can call me Sir for the rest of the night."

qwq/ some beautiful adoptables that were drawn by @Nimble-Mod!

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1) Workaholic Mare

2) Gingerale Mare (Mine. qwq I kept her I’m sorry.)

3) Pegasus Foal!  (Can be either gender. :D )

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Adam DeVine​ with the help of Adam Ray​ and Dino Archie​ delivered a night of hilarious comedy to The Commodore Ballroom​ in #Vancouver. It was serious #TightButtHole

Check out our photos —>  http://concertaddicts.com/media/photos/adam-devine-adam-ray-dino-archie-commodore-ballroom-march-3rd-2015

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