Some thoughts on my dear Abigail L. Yates because she doesn’t get enough love: 

  • Erin was probably Abby’s first real friend and in between the time erin leaves and before Holtz arrives, Abby doesn’t really have friends. She tries but it never really works out bc either people don’t take her seriously or she deems the effort to conform too strenuous and she has work to do. 
  • Speaking of work, although she’s a workaholic, she does have a few outside interests; Abby adores mystery novels. It’s one of the few genres she can really get into. She gets a little tired of the random het romances thrown into some of them. (She’s elated when Patty introduces her to the lovely sub genre of lesbian mystery novels) 
  • Ghost from Our Past asserts that Abby loves 90s R&B and I’m convinced En Vogue is her favorite group (Salt N Pepa a close second). She loves to belt “Don’t Let Go” any time she can. Also she and Holtz love to lip sync “Shoop” by Salt N Pepa, a performance Patty and Erin always get a kick out of. 
  • Abby makes amazing mixtapes. 
  • Other than the X-Files, Abby doesn’t watch much tv though she is a fan of Star Trek Voyager (like any reasonable lesbian, she has a thing for Janeway), and crime procedurals. 
  • She hates romantic comedies and is thrilled when Patty saves her from having to suffer through them with Erin. She does however adore action movies. 
  • Abby may forget to take breaks while working but one thing she never forgets are birthdays. She’s not always the best gift giver but best believe she’s the first to wish you happy birthday and order takeout from your favorite restaurant (as soon as she’s reminded which one is your favorite).  
  • Her favorite dessert is pie. Literally just all kinds of pie.
  • Erin tries to drag Abby to yoga once but it’s not for her. Kickboxing on the other hand is something she takes to instantly. 
  • She’s so good at kickboxing in fact that she gets an offer to teach it. She takes great pleasure in the skinny judgmental women who whisper that she won’t be able to keep up under their breath before they realize she’s the teacher (then they’re the ones crawling toward the door cause her class kicked their asses.) 


I remember years ago starting this blog because there wasn’t one dedicated to the greatness that the show was, never did I think I would have put this much time into it but no regrets lol.

It has been crazy running this and it’s cool to see the guys have made been able to make their own ventures from this show . I’m proud of them and I thank you guys for following and sticking out for some lowkey lit content. Y'all real brajs and brajettes for life 💯

Cheers to the last season!