Patsy x Delia Headcanons

This is what happens when I spend too much time daydreaming in my car…. Please enjoy a few of my musings (more under the cut), I’d love to know what people think :)

  • Before Patsy’s father dies he gives Patsy her mother’s engagement ring, which he saved during the war. He tells her to give to the right person, when the time is right… 
    • “Preferably whoever you murmur about in your sleep, you obviously care about them immensely Patience and if I learned anything in my life it is that you cannot let the people you cherish go even a day without being reminding them”
  • Because Patsy in no way desires to take over her father’s business after he dies she inherits its stock and holdings, so much so she wouldn’t have to work another day in her life but…

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anonymous asked:

Curious question but what would Daddy Newt do if I have been surviving on coffee, minimal sleep (I fall asleep on the couch, desk, floor, basically anywhere) and am a stressed workaholic? (thank gods killer week is going to end soon)

(Duuuude! Been there done that…still do that. It sucks and I wish you all the luck and please try and sleep more lol)

“Daddy would be very disappointed, my darling. If there ever is a reason to lose sleep…it should only be because of me.”