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Jeremy is son of a lesbian couple. His Mom is the one that gave birth to him, a rather tomboyish artistic lady that works at home, and his Mama is a business lady and a workaholic. 

Jeremy sends letters occasionally to his Mom ever since he moved away for college, telling her about his school and when he started working at Freddy’s and stuff. Eventually, after he moved in with him, he started telling her about his growing fondness for Scott (Phone Guy) and she fully supports him. 

Just to kind of add this to the pile here

I know and acknowledge BC is a workaholic, but I always kind of thought he might pace himself better once kids were in the picture. 

Not to say he wouldn’t still work and travel and promote, just that he would try to spend more time in one place (ie. close to his ‘wife’/mother of his child, particularly for the next few years). 

Of course, I don’t know him, so I never pictured him as the type of guy who would leave his partner to basically a single parent while he went off and did his thing. 

I think he is going to be doing a lot of work in the uk, but… something about the awards show host gig kind of bugs me….. Thats what I’m talking about here.

Keeping you pinned

It didn’t take long for her to return to his side - scarcely five minutes had passed since the arrival of the wizards.

“I’m back,” Tenten announced. “You can return to being a workaholic now.”

Neji gave her a flat look. “At least working is a better expenditure of time than spying on one’s neighbors.”

“And how often do you see a flying horse, huh?” she retorted, promptly planting her bottom in his lap. A strangled sound emerged from his throat; she took the binoculars from the window sill, and examined the Dursleys’ house again. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

“What purpose does it serve to keep me anchored to this chair?” he muttered behind her.

- - - - 

New chapter is up.. yay:

The scariest art shit is the shit you can't teach

and can’t be taught.

For example, don’t romanticize workaholics, or workaholic tendencies. It’s not going to help you. It’s going to stress you out, and possibly make you less productive. You can’t just acquire someone’s work addiction. You think you want it, but consider about all the negativity and damage that addiction is built on. You think you’re the one person who can rock that shit.

Pro tip: no.

Quit romanticizing perfectionism; it’s not a tool you can turn on and off to make yourself a more skilled artist. It’s an extraordinarily negative habit of mind that makes you precious about your work. Preciousness means less productivity, and it means less growth. It means pointless stress. It means stagnation. “But my work isn’t good enough to stop picking over every detail-” it’s never gonna get good enough if you don’t move on. Move on.

For the love of god, just move forward.

I’ve lived that, in myself and in people I’ve loved. It’s shit. It just is. But it’s so appealing. It’s rose-colored shit, and it is impossible to convey the depths of its insidiousness. It must be experienced to be understood. That’s hard to watch. It’s even harder to watch, if you’ve been there.

Watching, unfortunately, is about all there is to be done. Watching and yelling at clouds.