1093. There are lots of Wonka candies at Honeydukes- mainly because Wonka himself was a student at Hogwarts once. A Hufflepuff, he was a very talented and creative student, particularly when it came to potions. They always came out absurdly sweet, though, no matter what.
Rest in Peace Wonka- July(?) 2014-July 2, 2017

Wonka passed away about a week ago. He lived an extremely long and healthy life for a rat, but declined extremely quickly about 2 weeks before his death. He was around 3 years old though,so I couldn’t ask for more out of him. 

He was quite a large and squishy rat, and was a perfect boy after his neuter. He loved food, treats and cuddling with his friends. Although he liked his girlfriends, he spent most of his time cuddling with his male buddies, AJ and Neville. 

It’s hard to describe why he was such a good rat. He was a sweet and pretty boy that liked people, always kept himself healthy, and was good to his fellow rats. Always a perfect rat to have in your cage. He was also around for a super long time. You tell yourself they won’t always be around, but when they live healthy for a very long time, you kind of just accept their presence as always being there. It’s a weird thing that happens to me from time to time. 

I am sure I will have more rats similar in personality to Wonka and I can’t wait for that day. He was just a joy and pleasure to be around. I’ll miss his sweet face for sure. 

Rest in peace squishy boy