wonderfall-  asked:

Hi!! Mind doing Sally+Posidon in 7&12 please?? :D

TWO pallets??? Can you do that? (Well I did anyways because that actually made my life so much easier. thankyouthankyouthankyou.) And look, I even added an incredibly ridiculously unbelievably cheesy background because of the dual pallets! (Also they worked so perfectly together) :D Anyways, here they are!



Hola hola my #Beautiful #Yogis. I was scrolling though my feed looking at my journey. Talk about a Flashback Friday! Here is one of my more epic falls. I would like to say I don’t injure myself anymore, but that’s not true. I only learned to practice in an open space. Now I dodge the furniture. 😜

I hope your Friday has been amazing! Stay #light and #awesome

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TV show recommendations for ASoUE fans trying to get through the series hiatus:

Pushing Daisies. Produced by Bryan Fuller but directed by ASoUE’s very own Barry Sonnenfeld, and it shows. It’s got pretty much the same aesthetic. (which I have taken to calling ‘bubblegum noir’) The humour is also very similar- it’s dry but also totally ridiculous. To a certain extent, all of Bryan Fuller’s shows (Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, and to a lesser degree, Hannibal) have the same kind of vibe, but Pushing Daisies has it more than any of the others, in my opinion.

Warehouse 13. If your favourite part of ASoUE is unpacking all of the geeky references, you will lose your goddamn mind for Warehouse 13. Every episode is packed with literary and historical allusions. It’s also steampunk as hell and involves a lot of secret organisation intrigue.

Grimm. Grimm is almost finished, so it’s probably a good time to start watching. It’s a great show, with a very darkly whimsical vibe, lots of moral ambiguity, and a really great, diverse cast of characters. Also, while it isn’t as heavily stylised as ASoUE or Pushing Daisies, the colouring on the show is gorgeous.

Feel free to add more if you have any.