Wonderfalls - Unspoken agreement

This is hilarious…

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Indica fanfic's

Eu leio e já li muitas, então vou colocar algumas que lembro.

After Harmony

Behind Cameras;

A Garota Errada;


Be Your Everything;

Her Flowers;


My Errors;

Letters To Camila;

Stupid Wife;

The Red Bow;


Falling in Love For The Last Time;

My Fake Wife;

Acompanhante de Luxo;

Love Rentals;

A Melhor Amiga da Noiva;

A Garota do Ônibus;


The Broken Road;

It’s Never Easy;

Popcorn Love;

Bared to You;

Love Out Of The Question;

Blind Love;

Safe Harbor;

Fortune Cookie;

Secrets Of A Heart;


The Donor (Lauren G!P);

The Stripper

*Tem outras, mas como não lembro direito a história não vou colocar na lista pq já li umas bem ruins kkk. Podem me indicar fics também ^^

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1) Favorite holiday?
I think Christmas. I’m a Christmas person - I love the Christmas market smelling of gingerbread and sugar, the bells ringing, the snow, the food, the songs! I love Christmas carols, especially those old, gloomy ones (so if you know some from your country, send them to me). Unfortunately my family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas. We do have a dinner but no Christmas tree or gifts anymore.
2) Would you ever get a crazy haircut?
I shaved half my head already. I’m not prepared to do something like that again anytime soon but who knows? I just want to grow my hair now.
3) What movie/tv show universe would you like to live in?
I’d love to be part of Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls or even Hannibal. I might end up dead but whatever. 
4) How well do you handle rejection?
I don’t. I don’t think I was ever rejected not even from school or so. I’ve got that going for me.
5) Any weird phobias?
I’m not good with spiders. It’s not so bad anymore, it’s a few years since I fainted for the last time but I don’t want them anywhere close. I’m not fond of dentists either which is funny because I considered becoming one. I don’t think these are weird or uncommon though.
6) Any book you’d like to change the plot to?
I was rereading The Named from the Guardians of Time trilogy and there’s a few mistakes I would love to see set straight.
7) Any historical figure(s) you’d like to meet, were you given the opportunity to travel back in time?
I think we all know what I’m going to say. Anne Boleyn.
8) Any advice you give everybody else but you never follow?
Either “don’t worry about it” or “you want it? do something”.
9) Favorite midnight snack?
I don’t snack at night but I could do a bag of crisps anytime (vinegar and salt or Lays fromage especially).
10) If you had the chance to bring only one fictional character in real life, who would that be?
Arkarian from the Guardians of Time I think, or maybe Magdalene DeFoe from Repo! the Genetic Opera. Both are unfailingly kind people who deserved better. And I think Arkarian would try his best to make this world a better place, he’s ageless, wise and has a lot of experience. Handsome, too. 
11) French fries or mashed potatoes?
I don’t really like potatoes. I even hate boiled ones but I can live with baked or fried so I’m gonna go with french fries.

My questions:
1) Do you keep a diary?
2) What song or composition makes you feel at peace?
3) Do you prefer rainy or sunny days?
4) How often do you clean your room?
5) What book or film had the biggest impact on your life?
6) Do you get scared easily?
7) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?
8) Are you pursuing your dream?
9) Do you like spaghetti? (This seems quite random but I love it so much)
10) What’s your favourite quote?
11) What is your favourite flower?

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10 characters from 10 different fandoms you would defend no matter what

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1. Magdalene DeFoe from Repo! the Genetic Opera
2. Vanessa Ives from Penny Dreadful
3. Rochelle Thallimar from the Guardians of Time
4. Lucy Westenra from NBC’s Dracula
5. Gwaine from Merlin
6. Arkarian from the Guardians of Time
7. Hannibal Lecter from Hannibal Rising, Red Dragon, The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. Don’t look at me like that
8. Jaye Tyler from Wonderfalls
9. Ned the piemaker from Pushing Daisies
10. Abigail Hobbs from NBC’s Hannibal

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