2017.02.22 💃💪 Jazzercise Flip Fusion

100% low impact. Luckily, flip fusion has much more in the way of strength training and less dancing, so it wasn’t too terrible on my foot, although it hurt, it still hurts. Gonna have to figure out something else to do for workouts other than walking on my off days. Either get another bike or swim or do strength training at home, I guess. 

Yoga kinda scares me, to be honest, not sure I want to be stretching those tendons in my foot or even up my calf.

Anyway, managed a decent workout, even with the foot.

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! New strength cycle, Day 4: power snatches. Oh, boy, these are technically difficult! 5 x 5 at 40 lbs, focusing on form rather than weight.

WOD, 5 rounds for time:
30 double unders (90 single unders)
15 push ups (with a black band)
10 pistols (to a bench)
Time: 13:42. My shoulders were toast at the end! 💪😬

The weather forecast is calling for very nice weather today. I might take a leisurely afternoon walk down the street for some bubble tea. ☀️

Lip color: Sephora Cream Lip Stain in African Violet

Summarizing the rollercoaster that was the previous session.

Me: Wait… this sounds familiar.

DM: What do you mean?

Me: Well… We’re in the arctic… Our communication is cut off… The research station has an unnatural monster inside, which is suspected to be one of us, and so in a mass panic we try to find out who’s the monster… and end up destroying the entire station in the process by blowing it up….

DM: And?

Me: I think we just reenacted The Thing…

The greatest kept secret to achievement is also the most obvious: immediate action.

I started my final weight loss journey in November 2010 just a couple of weeks before the start of the holiday season with all its gatherings and opportunities for stuffing my face.

I could have told myself to wait for the perfect time but I’d been waiting for the perfect time my whole life and it never showed up.

I didn’t know exactly what to eat so I could have waited to research the perfect diet or system. But I couldn’t find it so I just started with a small tweak: no sugar.

What was my secret? I focused on the three habits that would produce the greatest results. I wasn’t perfect but I was moving. Sometimes the journey is two step forwards and one step back but slow progress is still progress.

Waiting is almost never the right choice. Starting small almost always is.

What is one thing you can change today? Be like that snowball rolling down the hill that becomes an avalanche.

Start small. End strong. You’ve got this.


Another awesome account that more people should be following. The people that complain about lower back pain after squaring most likely perform the exercise with an overly arched lower back.

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One of the common faults I see during the start of the squat is excessive pelvic tilt (shown right.). The examples today (while a little exaggerated for the purpose of demonstration) show the difference between an optimal hip hinge & an exaggerated pelvic tilt.
When we start the squat, the hips engage but the low back must stay stable. If when engaging the glutes, you allow the pelvis to tip forward - the low back instantly loses stability & arches excessively.
This movement fault places harmful forces on the small structures of the low-back which can eventually lead to low back pain. An forward tipped pelvis can also make it easier for the knees to cave in during the squat!!
To fix this, think about bracing your core (as if someone is going to punch you) & THEN starting your squat. ———————————
To read more on how to improve your squat technique, check out the article linked in our bio!
Squat University is the ultimate guide to realizing the strength to which the body is capable of. The information within these pages are provided to empower you to become a master of your physical body. Through these teachings you will find what is required in order to rid yourself of pain, decrease risk for injury, and improve your strength and athletic performance.
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