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So a few days ago I found those lovely lowtop allstar shoes by @pixelsforce. But for me they do not have enough color variations.

Soo I decided to recolor them. And since I really, really, really, really … LOVE @wildlyminiaturesandwich ‘s color palettes I used them.

Download and Infos are under the cut. :)

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‘Wishbone and The Amazing Odyssey’

[*WM*] [PC / MAC] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [1996]

  • Scanned by The-Toy-Chest, via DeviantART
  • Wishbone is zapped into a virtual rendition of Homer’s epic poem, where he takes on the role of Odysseus. Help him as he faces off against great Greek myths, travels into the bowels of the underworld, and tries to get a duck off his ship.
  • My first point and click adventure game! They need to bring this GOG.

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i've been looking for widow/pharah content and kept coming back empty handed... then i found you and you are truly a godsend, thank you :')

Buckle up children

Fool’s Gold

Iron Pyrite or “Fool’s Gold”

by Saṃsāran

In the days of the California gold rush of the 19th century, the old-timers liked to tell the story of the newcomer to the gold fields who upon finding a beautiful sparkling gold colored stone was sure they had struck it rich only to find out that the shiny stone was pyrite and absolutely worthless. Real gold rarely comes in the shape of a bright shining nugget. When it is found it often takes an expert to identify it.

So it goes with enlightenment. 

If you seek enlightenment thinking that it is going to be a kind of mystical transforming experience, or for that matter, any kind of experience, you may find yourself surprised as you journey on the path. Enlightenment is not the end of the journey. It is only the beginning.

“All that glitters is not gold”

Wm. Shakespeare, “The Merchant of Venice”.

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Bayley will most likely get the same chances Charlotte and Sasha do, it's just not her time yet. But I'm willing to bet that at WM it'll be Bayley vs both those girls or one of those girls. Alicia, Dana and Summer will suffer the most from it.

prob tbh. but u right dana, alicia and summer gonna suffer and eventually emma when she come back next week prob.

I heard ya’ll like drunk Mercy 8)

Edit: Made some quick tweaks cause I completely forgot about Tracer’s accelerator
(Watermark-less version for my $1+ patreons! )

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