Flat Mates with Hank McCoy - M/R

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  • Hank puts an ad in the local newspaper for a flat mate wanted.
  • When you arrive and he opens the door to you cant believe how cute he is

  • You kinda definitely hit the jackpot in answering this ad!!

  • Even though you’re just fat mates you can’t get over how easy it is to make him blush

  • Low-key flirting with him at every opportunity

  • Hank leaving notes for you on the fridge with those alphabet magnets because he’s always at work

  • Walking into the kitchen in the morning and seeing the word ‘milk’ and ‘bread’ etc. spelled out on the fridge for you to pick up at the shops

  • Re arranging them with little complaints for him ‘like your tie today’ ‘have a nice day’ 

  • Walking around the flat in just your undershirt and boxers when Hank isn’t home

  • Hank coming back early from work and being (pleasantly) surprised to see you in such a state

  • Hank stuttering and blushing madly trying not to make eye contact with you as you ask him how his day was

  • Making dinner for Hank and making sure he eats it (sometimes he forgets to eat if he’s been working night and day)

  • Hank loves your cooking and always tries to re pay you for it with him cooking breakfast

  • He burns everything but at least he tries

  • Sitting together on Sunday mornings and eating breakfast together

  • Hank trying to make conversation about what’s in the newspapers

  • You changing the subject and actually getting a proper conversation out of him

  • You never fully outright flirt with him and ask him out for fear that he actually doesn’t like you and all that blushing was just a natural reaction and never meant anything

  • Hank never asking about the flirting or flirting back because he never thought someone let alone someone like you could actually like him

  • Neither of you actually going there and saying anything but you both like each other a little more that flat mates

Last of all she threw her cloak across her shoulders. It was a real mummer’s cloak, purple wool lined in red silk, with a hood to keep the rain off, and three secret pockets too. She’d hid some coins in one of those, an iron key in another, a blade in the last. A real blade, not a fruit knife like the one on her hip, but it did not belong to Mercy, no more than her other treasures did. The fruit knife belonged to Mercy.

June Goals

▪️ Lose 5lbs

▪️ Do 10,000 + steps 2x a week

▪️ Drink no soda

▪️ Eat no chocolate

▪️ Go for 1 outside run

▪️ Do the belly blitz workout dvd 5x each week

▪️ Stick to calorie goal of 1250