The Fosters (“Girl Code”)
Mariana and Jesus compete in the First Robotics Southern California Regionals, and Lena grows concerned when Mariana gets too competitive under the stress.

The Fosters (“New York”)
Brandon travels to New York City for his Julliard audition and meets a girl who forces him to take a hard look at his relationship with Cortney.

The Fosters (“Collateral Damage”)
Callie and the family set up a “Justice for Jack” booth at a music festival in an effort to stop Justine’s foster care bill, but Callie’s persistence in reopening Kyle’s murder case lands her in a dangerous situation. (x)

I still check in my head and think ‘Would Richey like this?’ Sometimes I know he wouldn’t and sometimes I know he would. My writing style is so much more straightforward and literal - Richey’s lyrics were so intellectualised, I didn’t understand some of them myself. I used to come up with a title and chorus and he’d come up with the verse; we’d say pretentious things to each other like 'We want to put Rumblefish to music and make it sound like the Jesus And Mary Chain’.
—  Nicky Wire, TOP magazine, 1998

Jack did as he was told… by Jamie Heiden